Endhiran movie release on 30 September in Malaysia

September 21st, 2010 by poobalan | View blog reactions Leave a reply »
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The most awaited movie in Tamildom, Endhiran is being released worldwide on October 1 2010. However, today, I heard on the radio that it will be released on 30th September in Malaysia.

Jackson Heights theatre in New York sold the entire first week shows tickets within 10 MINUTES!!! I guess that’s some sort of record as well.

Worried about getting a ticket? Well, why not take part in this contest:

MyTamilChannel is organising a contest and the prize is 2 tickets for the movie per person (maximum 5 winners)! Read about it (simple contest: just join their FB page and write why you want to watch the movie on their wall) here.

According to Gvishnu, Indiaglitz is organising a contest too. Read about it here.

BTW, GSC website is down as of now (2pm). Didn’t see the movie in TGV and MBO  listing, so I guess on GSC is showing Endhiran.



  1. Raaja says:

    The movie will be released in GSC, they just waiting for the ticket price from the distributor… According to lotus five star Endhiran will be released in 80 cinemas nationwide.

  2. nesboy says:

    wow 80 theaters which are the theaters…..and hw many gsc n tgv will secreen endhiran

  3. Praveen says:

    I will be in malaysia for 3 days from 13th october to 15th october. i need to book ticket for endhiran. how to book the ticket in kualalumpur?

    • poobalan says:


      you can book from GSC cinemas at http://www.gsc.com.my (and even pay online). However, the reservation and payment for Endhiran has not begun as of today. Probably tomorrow or Thursday. You can also do phone booking, but usually its for 1 week advance only.

  4. zeema says:

    thy did not write any info abt the movie… why?

  5. zeema says:

    wen will thy show the timing… and when can v buy o book the ticket?

  6. poobalan says:

    I have no idea. maybe the GSC haven’t secured the rights to show the movie yet. sometimes its a last minute thing because their focus is not Tamil movies.

  7. poobalan says:

    rather than waiting for GSC, you can try the Big Cinemas. can go and buy tickets, if you are really desperate to catch the movie soon. if not, just wait till a week or two until the crowd lessens and you can watch the movie in peace 🙂

  8. Vijay says:

    Hi, I checked at GSC counter today. Ticket reservation/sale will only start on Friday after receiving the movie reels

  9. Praveen says:

    thx poobalan,
    as iam totaly new to malaysia can u tell me is this GSC is nearby Royal chulan hotel where i will be attending the conference

    • poobalan says:

      hi praveen, GSC has lots of cinemas through out the country. if you are around raja chulan, then you can consider watching in Berjaya Times Square (its in Bukit Bintang area and along Monorail route) or at Pavillion KL (also in Bukit Bintang area). You can easily find out from the hotel front desk once you are here.

  10. NESBOY says:

    10 tgv is showing the movie 2 cathay is showing plus 3 mbo n all big cinema n lotus theater are showing the movie ..BUT WHY NO NEW FRM GSC CINEMAS WIC GSC THEATER ENDHIRAN IS COMING?????