3 years of PR in Kedah

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Some comments by Kedah MIC leader on 3 years of PR rule in Kedah below. Can also add the promise to make Thaipusam a public holiday.


… Meanwhile, the Indian community has joined the fray to condemn the Pakatan government for “doing nothing for the people”.

Kedah MIC liaison chief S Ananthan said there have been no policies for Indians and that his party has been organising several programmes, such as e-Daftar, where stateless people are issued birth certificates, MyKad and citizenship certificates.

Ananthan said Pakatan had promised a full grant for Tamil schools and freehold land for temples, but “nothing has happened”.

“The Pakatan government does not provide funds for Indians but through the federal government, MIC obtained RM353,000 for 25 temples in Kedah last year,” he said.

In Lunas, where he is a BN coordinator, Ananthan has obtained RM1,000 each for needy individuals and about RM300-500 a month for the physically challenged from the federal government’s welfare fund.

“We got zero support from the (Pakatan) state government. In the next general election, 75 percent of the Indians are expected to return to BN,” he claimed.

He said BN and MIC had organised meetings with the grassroots and its leaders, branches and divisions, on a daily basis to address their problems.

“The crowd is large… there are indeed many PKR members, especially those from Paya Besar and Padang Serai, who are waiting to join us,” he added.

However, the only obstacle stopping MIC from obtaining more support from Kedahans may be the ‘Interlok’ issue, Ananthan said.

This is the controversial novel that is a Malay literature text for Form Five students.

“(Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister) Muhyiddin Yassin must resolve the issue soon; it may not be a big issue but it’s a sensitive one,” Ananthan added.

“BN must also resolve its internal problems to do well in the next election.”

source: http://malaysiakini.com/news/158008



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  1. Devan says:

    Indians in malaysia are so backward and poor . Mainly due to the so-called representative….MIC being just a lap-dog of UMNO, just following its orders.
    What did MIC do for the Indians for 53 years?????
    And now they are complaining ???
    Do you MIC members know how MUCH your ex- President and Son’s assets are?????
    Check first before you split in the air……..