suspension of MIC youth leader is to prevent others from complaining

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I think something is fundamentally wrong here. If a member makes a false accusation, then you punish the member for that. You don’t punish a member for just making a report. If you are not in the wrong, why are you so worried about the “unnecessary investigation”? Let justice take its course and then if ROS finds you are in the clear, you can prove to everyone that the member who made the complaint was mischievous or had some hidden agenda.

So, what is ROS’s findings? Already 5 months. Don’t tell me MACC need to visit ROS now.

Anyway, the guy says will appeal. Probably they’ll reduce it to 6 months or 3 months.

The MIC disciplinary committee had no choice but to take disciplinary action against its national Youth secretary C. Sivarraajh to prevent other members from making similar complaints to the Registrar of Societies, its chairman Tan Sri K.S. Nijhar said.

“If the disciplinary committee had not acted on this, next time another member will go to the ROS to make another complaint of a similar nature and subject the MIC to another unnecessary investigation,” he said.

Sivarraajh was slapped with a one-year suspension effective Tuesday for alleging that the party had acted against the constitution by readmitting sacked members.

He had reported to the ROS in April on the admission of the members, including three who were sacked for launching a movement to oust the then-president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu.

The three members are Central Working Committee (CWC) members K.P. Samy, G. Kumar Amaan and Deputy Youth leader V. Mugilan.



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