Drugs, Creativity and Performance

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I was thinking about this after hearing a singer died recently (Amy Winehouse). Never heard of her until her death.  It seems she was quite popular with own brand of music and song writing.

Anyway, that made me think about recent deaths involving those in entertainment industry, sports, fashion, arts, etc. Those industries that involve “creativity” and performance/stamina. We read of sportsmen (and women) taking performance-enhancing substances (be it steroid or grandma’s secret potion) and getting banned from competitive sports. We read of fashionistas, actors, performers checking into rehab centers or making a nuisance of themselves. Well, if not for their fame, they will be just like any other drug addict/user.

Even in ancient times, it seems that some of the mystics took certain substances that allow them to focus/meditate/connect with “higher’ level of intelligence. Not sure how true this is.

Which makes me wonder, does those drugs make a person more creative or perform better? Thus if there’s no drugs or performance-enhancing substances, the “creativity” would have been lower? They would have been just another regular Joe?

Can creativity or trying to perform better justify the use of drugs (note: not related to any higher education institution in particular)? Or is it just a lifestyle or ‘occupational hazard” for those in these industries? Similarly, can we accept students taking drugs for this reason? Can these drugs be legalised? Or should humans rely on their natural capability without any enhancing products?

For your reading, a list of drug related deaths:



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