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The press statement on MHS website:


The Malaysia Hindu Sangam is deeply concerned that many statements have been made in the media of the proposed meeting with the protestors from the people of Section 23 and the Hindu Sangam without it being notified. It was only this morning that we were notified by a Special Officer of the Minister. No specific time and venue was mentioned.

We appreciate the efforts of the Minister of Internal Security Dato Seri Hishamuddin Bin Tun Hussein  to solve the issue which has been on for about 25 years – each time the temple has been the victim of unfair  treatment and continued humiliation.

The Malaysia Hindu Sangam welcomes the call by His Royal Highness the Sultan of Selangor urging the Menteri  Besar of Selangor to solve the matter quickly. We are confident that the Sultan of Selangor will see that justice is done to all his subjects. As  this is a State matter the Selangor Menteri Besar should meet the Hindu Sangam and Temple leaders immediately.

Therefore, we including the Section 19 temple leaders are willing to cooperate with both the Federal and State Governments to solve the issue by negotiation. In the meantime we are hoping that the Prime Minister, will meet us soon to resolve the long pending issues. We realize that this 25 year old issue cannot be resolved in one day. We know that patience, understanding and feeling of harmony are the only path towards success.

RS.Mohan Shan

The following appeared in Malaysiakini:

The Hindu Sangam is willing to meet residents of Shah Alam’s Section 23 but not the protestors to thrash out matters surrounding the relocation of a 150-year-old temple to their neighbourhood. A. Vaithilingam, advisor to the religion’s national umbrella body said this after an hour-long meeting at the secretariat today with state exco Dr Xavier Jeyakumar and the menteri besar’s political secretary Nik Nazi Nik Ahmad over the ‘cow head’ protest as well as the temple relocation.

We don’t mind meeting any (one), but not to go and meet the protesters, especially the ones who have insulted the religion (by) carrying the cow’s head.

And seeing the picture of them sitting next to the (Home) minister (Hishammuddin Hussein) was indeed shocking,” said Vaithilingam (right), adding that he is, however, “happy that the minister said the police will be taking action”.

Though the minister has said that the police will take action against them, he cannot see himself shaking hands with the protestors. “They have not even apologised and said anything different.

Directly or indirectly they touched on a racial and religious issue. “The cow is a sacred animal for us and they have insulted us,” said Vithilingam, a former president of the organisation.

He demanded an apology from the protestors but was quick to add “that does not mean action should not be taken against them.”

Meanwhile, the president S Mohan urged the Hindus to remain calm.“But as a minority, we still need to be respected and should be given a place of worship,” he said.

Sangam never consulted

According to Vaithilingam, the Section 23 residents have never discussed or raised objection to the temple relocation with the Sangam yet some of them went to the state secretariat to protest.

“Although it is a democratic right to protest, we do not want them to insult other religions,” he said.

He also reiterated that some of the residents did not meet them but met another body with a similar sounding name.

The organisation, said Vaithilingam, is called ‘Hindu Sevai Sangam’ and is a social services body, not a national organistion.

“It is also a religious-based body and registered about five years ago…and they are affiliated members of the Hindu Sangam”, he said, adding that he has no problem with them meeting the residents in the first place.

He also said that they are happy with today’s meeting with Pakatan Rakyat leaders today, describing it as “a beginning of something”.

But the final decision (on the temple relocation) has to be in hands of the state government and the temple. “We’ll just try to smoothen things out,” said Vaithilingam.

Need to clarify that Vaithilingam is former president of the MHS, and seems to be the advisor to the Sangam at the moment.


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