The Hindu Places of Worship Database Project

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Its about time! We hear all kinds of figures being bandied about, and no one is really sure how many  Hindu temples there are in the country. When I checked the site earlier today, there’s 1749 temples recorded.

The Hindu Places of Worship Database Project

AUM. After 52 years of Independence, the actual number of Hindu places of worship (temples, shrines, etc) in Malaysia are not known. Different groups, from politicians to NGOs, offer different figures ranging from 10,000 to 20,000; researchers from State governments, MIC, MHS and other NGOs have undertaken data-collection projects at various times for this purpose, but there is still no composite available.

Without availability of such data, it has proven difficult to develop strategies on the future of Hindu places of worship in Malaysia, especially on matters related to the defending against demolitions of Hindu places of worship.

As such, the Temple Committee of the Malaysia Hindu Sangam (MHS), as the committee under the national Hindu body that coordinates the interests and activities of temples in the context of looking out for the needs of Hindus in Malaysia has now initiated a community-based nationwide project to collect data on Hindu places of worship in the country.

To develop a truly comprehensive database, we invite ALL Hindus in Malaysia, (including NGOs) to participate in this initiative ? all one would have to do is to visit this website: and complete a survey online after interviewing the person in charge at the temple that is to be included in the database. We believe that a web-based platform will be able to achieve what previous initiatives could not, particularly so due to the renewed strength many of us have gained from recent events.

This is how we seek your assistance, if you wish to volunteer :

1.      Volunteer intending to complete the survey goes to the website and places the cursor on the Temple Database tab.

2.      Placing the cursor on the tab releases a drop-down menu, from which the volunteer is to select Registration Form ? Hardcopy.

3.      This should bring the volunteer to a page where the form is available for download. Following the instructions on the page, the volunteer can download the form, print it, and visit the temple at the appropriate time to interview the person-in-charge. Considering the value of this project, it would be both practical and understandable to request a little verification on the spot for some of the information requested.

4.      Upon getting the complete details, the volunteer can then return to the computer and select the Registration Form ? Online option to key in the details online immediately. The volunteer may wish to download and read the Guide to Completing the Form before doing so.

5.      Once these details are keyed in, please give us 3 -5 working days before checking the Approved Temples Listing to confirm whether the record keyed in has accepted by the system. Get back to the website again.

6. Or you can mail us with a little information of nearby temple like Temple name & Address or contact number; so that we can contact them to get more information. Kindly mail to

We thank you once again for your kindness, support and participation. AUM.


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