RM10 million renovation for Klang Perumal temple

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I used to visit this temple few times a years years ago. Its a small temple and gets overcrowded easily during festive seasons. And its quite well known among locals and foreigners.

While I can understand the logic of using granite stones, the amount being spent stumped me. RM10 million can do wonders to our Tamil  schools, sponsor students for further education, or even pay for surgeries faced by patients who can’t afford the bills, like this case of two siblings who need about RM40,000. I would have been happy to hear if the organisers/donors also allocated a million or two for a good cause, and there are plenty of those causes around.

Some times we need to take a step back and consider if there’s a better way of doing things, or is it a necessity to spend for what we intend to spend for.

Now, if I had RM10 million, it would have all gone to education purpose. Different people have different views and priorities 🙂

KLANG: Known worldwide as the “Thirupati Venkateswara temple” of Southeast Asia, the newly-rebuilt Sri Sundararaja Peru mal temple will be the first all-granite, hand-carved one of its kind in Malaysia.

Devoted to the worship of Lord Vishnu, the Hindu temple has enlisted the efforts of 50 stone carvers and their families in Kanchipuram, 60km from Chennai, India, to craft the all-granite temple, costing RM10mil.

One of a kind: Anandakrishnan showing the granite brick that will be used for the stone laying ceremony at the temple in Klang today. Behind him is the gopuram, the only remaining part of the old temple.

The Tirupathi Venkateswara temple in Thirupati, South India is reportedly the richest and most visited place of worship in the world with about 50,000 to 100,000 pilgrims daily.

Temple president S. Ananda krishnan, who initiated the idea to rebuild the temple using granite, said work had began last year and would be completed in 2014.

“Stone blocks from Sirudamoor Hill, some 20km from Kanchipuram will be carved. No machines will be used so as not to disturb the living energy in the granite.

“It is believed that Vishnu is in everything and using granite would cause the vibrations of the mantras to resonate at a higher level,” he said, adding that the granite structure follows the precise design formulas defined by southern Indian temple builders thousands of years ago.

He added that the Sri Sundararaja Perumal temple would be 15m high including a dome and copper crown.The first shipment of seven, 40ft containers of pillars weighing at least three tonnes will be brought in soon for assembling, he said.

R. Selvanathan, the chief executive officer of the Chennai-based Sri Vaidyanatha Sthapati Associates – an architect, sculptor and building firm – said the all-granite temple project was a rarity even in India when granite has yielded to concrete and steel.

Philanthropist P. Thiagarajan and Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk S.K. Devamany will attend the foundation laying ceremony of the temple at 7am today.



  1. vj says:

    I have never heard any Chinese temple or mosque renovated for RM10 mill before. Malaysian Indians truly boleh. Complaining about lack of fund for Tamil schools, no lands, no scholarship, hardcore poor but we can afford to spend millions for just renovation.

  2. Balagopallan Nambiar says:

    Pls kindly visit the Temple and find out what the temple is doing to the commuity. I cant list out as they hv done many to the homes, students, schools around Klang, down p’ments to some NGOs to buy own building, underpriviledged, several value added services too. Pls do visit and get infos with proof. The needs of people fm various communities are at all times there and there are Good donors, NGOs, Govt, etc are doing too at all times. Will the needs of such people come to an ed if the Granite Temple’s wor is stopped??? Pls, let them do their job and dont simply find fault on all aspects, People who find only fault wl never do anything to the community. They are juz watch dogs to bark at only.

    • Ruby85 says:

      Balagopallan Nambiar……I 100% agree with ur comments. the temple even gt the ISO award for all of its welfare services. Its d first temple in the world to get such an award.

  3. Temple Visitor says:

    People are donating money at temple so that it will be used for the temple and not for community service. If the money was given to students or the poor, it would be a misuse of funds. Do not complain how the money is spent. As you said it can be crowded during festive season, hence a renovation is definitely necessary. I would like to congratulate the management for this amazing feat. Keep it up, at least the money is not misused!

  4. Raj says:

    MP: Edited.

    hi all,the president of this temple wanted a self esteem position instead of being a part of this temple..If u visit the website of this temple,u can hardly see the Perumal deity and always this * face appears…and note that if there is any notice published in the newspapers,u can see that his name is there rather than the whole commitee as of he is doing every single thing in the temple.This is the only temple whose president is looking for self esteem.He talks big but does he know that without the cooperation from his commiteemhe is nothing…anf foremost he is nothing to Lord Perumal,Its like entering to big short’s palace than into a divine temple as even his priest and staffs are *…

  5. public says:

    if a management runs well, it shows the leader is capable..wish the temple management best of luck and hopefully to publish the accurate amount without any swindling cases.. most of foremost Baghawan Maha Vishnu Dev is watching all this…

  6. indraj says:

    Why the if,try to collect 10 million ,then do the talking.Dont simply give unwanted statements.You are doing a good job,carry on with it.

  7. Tania says:

    @ Raj ,

    You sound like you have some vendetta against the President or whatsoever. If you think that someone else can do a better job or even youself , why don’t you come forward give some ideas . The president is not seeking for some self esteem cos i think the president confident execute his job. No doubt the president will DEFINITELY need the committee support as his backbone to execute his job ( common sense says right) .No one is perfect .

    I don’t understand what’s wrong if the temple spends 10 million for renovation – i dont understand the big ho ha about it. Why should the money spent for only EDUCATION ?? So the temple should not be renovated at all ?? Have you been to Tirupathi India ? I am sure they would have millions n millions for the renovation.

    FYI the temple does CSR job.

  8. Perumal says:

    Im goin to address this complaint by poobalan from a different point of view. Mr Poobalan, u r obviously a highly intelligent and gifted person. What makes you think that a temple provides no EDUCATION. Hv you spent time, besides ur mind mastery programs, to read up on a structure of a Hindu temple? Do you know why a temple was built initially and its correspondece with the human body and chakras? Do you know that it contains the teaching on how to enhance the human capabilities and health? And if spending 10million of granites would ensure that EDUCATION is passed on another 5000 years, why not. FYI, the Malays and Chinese of spend more than that to renovate their modern technology mosques, temples and pagodas. Maybe thats why they live a better life than us because they are willing to spend for God.

    Do you realise that many Indian parents rather spend money on other unnecessary things than paying for their children’s education? You give them free education, they find faults with it. You charge them 5 ringgit, they say it is too expensive. Ive personally worked with Indian children whose parents cares two hoots about what happens to their kids in school. It is the mentality that needs changing, till then even 100million wont help. Last year i donated 8k to a local tamil school to revamp their computer room but till now they dont carry out any computer classes and a few times they did, the parents couldnt find time on saturdays to send their children for the class. If you hv a meeting and tell the parents about it, they will tell you not to tell them what to do with their kids.

    Now addressing ur lamentation over the extravagance of building this temple over educating children, im reminded just a few weeks back, my cousin, a citizen of Australia now was complaining about how people are willing to donate to the temple but not willing to donate for an effort to rescue child sex workers. It is a subjective question.

    While 20 years ago, in my short sighted youth i too, like him, would hv ranted and raved, now i see the wisdom of donating to a temple.

    The main issue here is FAITH, which is underated these days as more and more humans are delusional about the issue of control of their lives. Ive seen God’s grace work its miracles in my life. It is often easy to undermine the higher powers in the stresses of modern world. God gifted us beauty and abundance, our ancient ancestors knew how to appreciate it and live in harmony. Along came modernisation, and we found our concrete walls, processed chickens and a pathetic education system which only purpose is to enslave and program our children into being followers of systems set up by our invaders from other parts of the world. The Africans, Aborigines, Native American, Indian and other natives who were living a peaceful, harmonious life within them and nature were torn off their natural habitat and dumped into a so called modern world that destroyed the natural human spirit. Today the same fellas who introduced the systems are trying to escape it by pursuing the so called ‘back to basic’ life. And here we are arguing that our children should be put back into the same destructive system, mind you even my cousins with 10As in SPM got no scholarship in this blindly prejudiced country. So you know what Mr Poobalan, i rather put my money in the temple, and pray with all my heart, God changes the minds of the ignoramuses out there who are obstructing the natural evolution of man into better humans and open the hearts of the prejudiced, hypocrites and humanely blind to respect nature’s laws and really set up an education system that would allow for the blossoming of children’s natural creativity and capacity for unconditional love and became real wholesome individuals who contribute to the betterment of the world instead programmed uniformed robots who hv to swallow unnecessary subjects like languages, moral, history and stuff which is a total waste of time. We have tried but we hv not succeeded in removing ignorance from the hearts of man, but I pray and I know, that God or the equavalent, we all know there are higher forces in this existence is able to do that. If i hv to spend 10million to build a granite temple that would last another 5000 years for my future generations to appreciate, then i would and hv you looked up on the science of our temple structure, it has the secrets to enhancing our human abilities. That itself is the highest EDUCATION we can offer our beneficiaries.

    So we understand that you want to change the life of this kids, your heart is in the right place as in many of us who realise it but we are now faced with barriers of the human minds, and for me in i hv to spend 10 million to help remove that first , i willing would. So is your heart open to it, Poobalan?

    • poobalan says:

      Dear Perumal,

      To clarifiy, I didn’t say ” temple provides no EDUCATION.” 🙂

      as i DID say, everyone have their own views and priorities. If i had 10 mil, i would spend it for other purposes. If you have it and want to spend it to remove the barrier of human minds, so be it. 🙂

    • Ruby85 says:

      Wow…! Such a good, worthwhile brief explanation Mr.Perumal. Its like even the Lord Perumal Himself giving clarification over this issue! I really appreciate it! Its of course His grace which initiated those every single words frm u,sir. All over, if v c the temple as just a building, d 10 million would b seemed too much to be donated for its renovation. But if v c the temple as our Supreme Personalities Absolute Residing Place, 10 million is nothing at all……….our indian communities are spending their money too much in alcoholism,cigarettes and other improper activities besides their daily expenses…..this even happens in the family who are earning below the average income. sometimes they even dun have money to buy food but they are willing to buy 2 or 3 bottles of alcohol daily. Hw dis could b possible? If v people take out money for good purposes like temple renovation n other devotional activities, there must b some group who will give bad comments, but if the same indians if taking out money for stupid purposes like for alcohol, cigarettes n all the other useless things that even could nvr contribute a single goodness to our society thn there surely nobody will comment. why such thing is just happening in our indian community? why form the beginning its just the good thing they’re using to compare (instead for temple v should donate it to the education, blah blah blah…)rather than all other bad things like what i’ve mentioned justnow (alcohol, ciggarette,etc…)?

  9. Perumal says:

    And one more question, MR Poobalan, who do you think gv you your mind skills and high intelligence? THe education system or God?

  10. Einstein says:

    tsk, tsk, Poobalan, expected a knowledge based argument form an intellect like u instead an emotional based one. Do you know why granite is used in temple statues? It is a highly dense material and absorbs and generates energies well. When we donate to them, there is a scientific reason, it is exchange of energy. In our energy based world, it is about give and take. When you donate, u pass on ur energy and ur thoughts, and temple being an accumulation of energy from millions and a vortex that is created in the higher energy existence by way of prayers, chanting and kumbabhishegams, it would only seek to multiply the positive energy from all. Millions are spent by all walks of religions in their sacred places because they hv seen the result of it. So close ur eye, dig deep and try to see the scientific viewpoint of building temples.

    • poobalan says:

      thank you for the enlightment Einstein. hope you can share the source of the scientific information as well.

      forgot to add. imagine the learning process here. if ididn’t write this article, i won’t be learning new things. Thank God.

  11. Radha says:

    the education system itself is so vague with the current issues. so lets stick with the temple

  12. Benjamin Anthony says:

    MP: edited the foul and offensive language.

    I am really pissed with the comments from the b***** at isma, the useless ngo. I just foresee that they might come by the trmple to stage protest. If they ever do that, the indians should just h*** them n c** them to pieces there n then. Indians should not take this lying down. H*** them to pieces!!! Teach these b****** a lesson.