Hindu Sabha in Buntong rejects multi religion crematorium plan

September 27th, 2011 by poobalan | View blog reactions Leave a reply »
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It seems there are some conflicting views on this. One view is that the Sabha is a caretaker of the land and is not authorised to handover the cemetery land to state authorities. Secondly, questions arise why a public crematorium for all is to be utilised on land belonging to the Hindu community. The land was gazetted to be used for Hindu cemetery,  it seems.

Another view is that its the responsibility of the state government to identify a suitable location and not take the land from one community for this purpose.

I think that if its common good, there there’s no harm in allowing the other faiths to use the crematorium. Unless of course it is prohibited in Hinduism to have such public multi-faith crematoriums in the cemetery. It can even be used as a source of minimal income to maintain the cemetery.

If the crematorium is going to take up part of the land (0.2ha), then proper compensation should be provided to the Sabha.

Or the Sabha should come up with an alternative plan to make use of the land for the benefit of the community.

The Hindu Devastana Paripalana Sabha, the administrators of Ipoh’s largest Hindu cemetery, unanimously rejected the state’s proposal to build a multi-religious crematorium at its extraordinary general meeting.

Malaysia Nanban reported that Sabha chairman M. Dhamodaran said they would inform the state government of the EGM’s decision and would make concrete proposals for the construction of the new Hindu crematorium.

Perak executive councillor in charge of non-Islamic affairs Dr Mah Hang Soon, in a letter, had directed the Sabha to surrender 0.2ha of the land to the state for it to build a modern crematorium for use by all non-Muslim communities.

source: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2011/9/21/nation/9537546&sec=nation



  1. parthiben says:

    Well, I’m agreeable to Sabha’s decision to not allow multi-religous crematorium to be build at the site gazetted for Hindus. We Hindus are always taken for a ride, and don’t they have other lands to be gazetted for this.

    • poobalan says:

      one friend told me that the cemetery is in a state of neglect all this while, meaning the Sabha did not take good care of it.

      But i think, not taking good care of the land can only invite some sort of fine from local council. the state should not order part of the land to be surrendered.

      Your comment?