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Deepavali Photowalk in Tengku Kelana Klang

October 31st, 2010
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Attended Lolgraphy’s Deepavali Photowalk on Saturday morning. Was a bit late, but those guys started late too :-). This time, it was an all-guys team consisting of Selian, Kavilan, Raaja, Saravanan and Puvanan.

Had breakfast at the bak kut teh shop near the end of the bridge before joining up with them near the flower stalls in Tengku Kelana.

Since its was a cloudy morning, there were less crowd and the not enough color around. Ended up taking more shots of the blue mosque and the mosque across the river.

We spent about 2 hours only so, not much pics.

Hulu Selangor visit

June 21st, 2010
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Hulu Selangor came under the limelight recently due to the by-election. If I’m not mistaken its the biggest district in Selangor, yet its among the most laid back in terms of living style, and with among the lowest population among the districts. Its also my father’s hometown.

The trip was initiated by fellow blogger and photographer Amutha. Newly minted MP, YB P.Kamalanathan invited the photographers and bloggers down to Hulu Selangor for a walkabout. 6 people turned up, including yours truly. The others were Amutha, Then, Puvanan, Parimala and Selian. We left Puchong at 9.15am and reached Kuala Kubu Bahru around 11.15am (Yeah, it took that long due to GPS that asked to take a different exit along PLUS highway). You can exit at Rawang, or use the old road via Batu Caves.

We met up with Kamalanathan who was in a sports attire. He had some senamrobik event in the morning. Had a chat on issues in Hulu Selangor, his election campaign, MIC and other stuff. Had a good breakfast as well.

From Trip to Hulu Selangor
From Trip to Hulu Selangor

After about one hour, we left for our first destination, the Sg Selangor Dam, along the way to Fraser Hill. We reached the dam (its about 4km from KKB town) at 12.35pm. There’s a visitor center for public to learn more about the dam. Took some pictures of the dam (but the fences blocked a clear view). The office closes at lunch time, so we took more pictures on the grounds. Some a steady stream of visitors but rarely more than 20 people at a time. Most come to take picture or have a snack there (you have to bring your meal, no shops here!).

From Trip to Hulu Selangor

We spent about two hours there, until 2.30pm. Puvanan and Selian had to leave due to another appointment, so we decided to move on. On the way out from the dam, the rest of decided to visit the Orang Asli settlement nearby, called Kg Gerachi Jaya. The road was a bit steep and narrow. Took us about 10 minutes to reach the village. To our surprise, the houses were newly built and looked very comfortable.

From Trip to Hulu Selangor

Along the way down from the village, we took some photos of the dam (opposite side from earlier location).

From Trip to Hulu Selangor

We went back for a quick lunch at Indian Village restaurant (they close by 4pm, that shows you how laid back the place is!) and also had cendol and ABC at a nearby stall.

From Trip to Hulu Selangor

We ended up taking the federal road back to KL, and along the way, passed by my father’s hometown, Ulu Yam Bahru. Took some pictures at the picnic site there.

By the time we reached Batu dam, it was already 6pm. There were few families there. We stopped to take some photos and continued on our way back to Puchong.

From Trip to Hulu Selangor

We spent a lot of time on the road since the district is big. There are lot of scenic places in Hulu Selangor, and eco-tourism can be developed to provide employment and revenue for the folks. However, as with other similar projects, the concern is that over-development will cause the tranquility and beauty of the place to be disturbed.

Mindsblog Putrajaya Photoshoot

May 2nd, 2009
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Today was Mindsblog‘s photography outing. This time, it was held at Putrajaya. We started at 11.30am and walk around Dataran Putra, Accountant’s Office building, and Seri Wawasan bridge.

Total of 9 people took part – Then, Selian, Amutha, Rames, Raja, Mala, Murali, Vishnu and I.

It was a tiring day due to the heat, but we had a good time taking snaps of practically anything and everything 🙂

Youngster rely on Internet more

April 12th, 2009
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This doesn’t really surprise many of us. We have seen the impact of Internet in highlighting social issues,elections, e-commerce, and even crime. The survey by Synovate had the following to report:

– about 45 percent of the Malaysian youth interviewed in the survey said they planned to use the Internet more than other media.

– young Malaysians were active bloggers with close to half (48 percent) spending a portion of their time blogging.

– a total of 21 percent of Malaysian youngsters create and update their blogs regularly and this figure is expected to rise

– young Malaysians aged eight to 24 spend an average of 1.2 hours a day on email, one hour and thirty-six minutes a day as part of online communities, two hours and 48 minutes on instant messaging and two hours and 36 minutes on other Internet activities.

“Young Malaysians are definitely turning to the Internet more for their information and entertainment needs and it’s not surprising that the Internet is slowly becoming the medium of choice,” said managing director of Synovate in Malaysia, Steve Murphy.

The survey covers 12 markets across Asia, including Japan and Vietnam for the first time. Besides Malaysia, the other markets were China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, South Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

Sampah Masyarakat cleans up Batu Caves

February 12th, 2009
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The group of volunteers under “Sampah Masyarakat” got together on Monday, the day after Thaipusam to help clean up the area. The initiative mooted by Shyam via email and Facebook saw abotu 30 volunteers sacrificing their holiday. Unfortunately, I was unable to join in on that day 🙁

Fellow blogger, Puvanan was caught on camera doing his bit. I think few other MindsBlog members also took part:

Puvanan at Batu Caves clean up by Sampah Masyarakat

No easy task: N.Puvanan, 24, (left) and Khairunisa filling up bags with rubbish.

THE Thaipusam celebration at the Batu Caves Temple in Selayang drew a big crowd and as such rubbish was found strewn about. To help clear this, a group of volunteers clad in white T-shirts took charge.

The group of volunteers, who call themselves Sampah Masyarakat, came armed with brooms, shovels and plastic bags and were kept busy from 7am on Monday.

Subscription manager M. Shyam Priah, 35, took the initiative to form the group by sending a global message through the social network Facebook to all her friends requesting for assistance for a massive gotong-royong.

It is Shyam’s way of creating awareness on cleanliness.

“We had about 30 volunteers in the morning and more by noon.

“We have divided the area to three zones from the main gate to the stairs. It is not just about cleaning up because nothing will come out of it.

“We are doing a study on how many times the bins gets filled and how long it takes to see how much rubbish people discard. We want to see if there are enough rubbish bins around the temple.

Big pile: Volunteers R. Rajendran, 42, and Dr Al Wee, 49, helping to clean up the coconut offerings at Batu Caves

“We want to create an awareness at a different level because when the attitude changes, it will last.

“I am glad to see that we have many Malay and Chinese volunteers who came to help in the clean-up,” she said.

Shyam said the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS), Alam Flora and temple committee members were also there to help them.

Student Ming Sing, 24, from Petaling Jaya left her home at 5.30am to volunteer her services in the clean-up.

“This will help create awareness on how we can save the earth.

“It is very surprising to see how people can throw rubbish indiscriminately,” she said.

Project manager Khairunisa Kamaruzaman, 30, decided to join in the good cause after hearing about it from friends.

“I have never been to Batu Caves before. I think this project should continue for other festivals as well. We should focus on reactive measures instead of just using preventive measures,” she said.