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Flag it and poof, its gone!

January 31st, 2009
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I got the news about a blog insulting Malaysian Indians from Selian who emailed me and others at 7.21pm yesterday. I checked out the blog and immediately flagged it for Blogspot to take action. Later, news about it was in Facebook – posted by Kavilan in his blog.

The blog had 6 posting – all in one day – with sole purpose of creating anger among the Indian community. The author also seemed unhappy with Malaysiakini for publishing many reports related to the Indians.

Some screenshot of the blog, courtesy of Selian (only small images as the contents are likely to elicit emotional response):








I met Kavilan at Mindsblog meeting today noon, and according to him the blog was removed by Blogspot at 1.30am. The proof below:


However, it did not stop Putera MIC folks from lodging a police report:

Putera MIC today lodged a police report over the existence of a blog, claiming that it contained entries that incited hatred against the Indian community.

Its information chief A. Premnath said the “Pendekar Tanahair” blog, run by a blogger using the pseudonym “Pendekar Ramlee”, also contained derogatory postings against the community.

He said that while it was not wrong to write about what a blogger felt about certain issues, it should not be to the extent of stoking anger among the multiracial society.

“We are all Malaysians irrespective of our races. Let us not incite hatred among us,” he told reporters after lodging the report at the Petaling Jaya district police headquarters here.

NST also quoted the police:

Petaling Jaya OCPD ACP Arjunaidi Mohamed, when contacted, confirmed that the police had received the report and that the police would carry out investigations.

Putera MIC chief P Kamalananthan and information chief Premnath commented in the Star:

Putera MIC information chief A. Premnath said he was alerted to the existence of the site by other bloggers and the party’s online monitoring committee on Friday. A complaint was sent to the overseas host asking it to remove the site.

“These types of messages can provoke anger among Indians and if left unchecked can disrupt our country’s unity.

“The person responsible is a coward who is hiding behind the name of a warrior,” said Putera MIC coordinator P. Kamalanathan.

He urged other bloggers to flag down the blog so the host would remove it soon before it posts more damaging messages against the community.

Better late than never. Well done to Putera MIC for their response.

As for Pendekar-whatshisname, the person should not be honored with any kind of comments or opinions. He/she shall not get the satisfaction nor the results he/she expected.

I think the bloggers showed tremendous maturity in not responding to the instigator. Instead, many flagged the blog, alerting Blogger and subsequently removing the blog. It is possible the said blogger will set up another one, but I’m sure we all know what to do – Flag it, and poof its gone!

Perak creates blogger secretariat

November 28th, 2008
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While Pahang offered pensioners jobs as bloggers, Perak is creating a bloggers “secretariat” to “help online writers spread information on state policies to the masses”. The secretariat will be chaired by MB’s press secretary and will help disseminate information to the bloggers.

Well, it will certainly make it easy for blogger and anyone else if statistics, press release, contact information etc are provided online. But the question of blogger alliance, validity of the data/info, etc. will arise. Bloggers have to work harder to verify the reports released by the secretariat.

Why not just make use of the state government website to upload information. Let everyone access, not only for bloggers. At the moment, I’m having accessing Perak government website most of the time. Perhaps the state government can look into that as well.

Bloggers Buff 2008

November 23rd, 2008
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I was running late (isn’t that becoming a recurring theme of late?) for the Blogger Buff event today. Was in two minds on taking public transport. Since it was already 8.25am when I left home, decided to drive. Took me 40 mins via KL-Putrajaya highway to reach PWTC. Guess what – the place was full of people! They have Stamford’s convocation, GoMobile 2008 expo, Batik Fashion show, and a career guidance programme.

I was a bit lost in PWTC and asked the guards where’s the venue that Tun Mahathir will be attending. Guess what? those guards were blur! I got suspicious. Don’t tell me security is that lax until guards don’t know ex-Prime Minister is coming? Something’s not right here…..

Managed to find the venue and got myself registered. Said hi to Amutha, Novinthen and Mahendran. Met Puvanan and Kavilan as well. Then came the bad news. Mahathir not coming. He flew to Syria (???) yesterday. Hmm…how can this happen?

And guess who was the replacement? Syed Hamid Albar!!! I couldn’t stop smiling at this point 🙂

The crowd grew steadily till about 80% full. Syed Hamid came in at 10.20 or so I think. It was quite a late notice and he had to come all the way from Kota Tinggi this morning. With the formalities done by the emcee (Sarah), we got to hear Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar deliver his keynote address.

He spoke about many things – importance of bloggers, the need to be responsible, creating an ethics code, and so on. I had a feeling that he didn’t really understand or meant what he spoke. It sounded a bit unnatural for me. He read parts of his text and added some of his own points, but still didn’t really gel. You can read parts of it at The Star.

The Q & A session started off with a Putera MIC fella asking about ISA detention and the status of Hindraf 5. The minister gave an elaborate answer on how ISA works, and the possible ways for a detainee to be released. According to him, those detained under Section 8 will be facing a panel of 3 people after 3 months, and subsequently every 6 months. This panel will evaluate if a detainee is fit to be reintroduced into the community. He stressed that ISA is mainly for prevention. Then, there were questions on the MSC Bill of Guarantees and the arrest of the Sin Chew journalist. The Q & A time was limited thus not many questions were asked. For me, there were few points mentioned by the minister which is contentious or inaccurate. It was then time for tea break. Syed Hamid left after that, and so did about 15 % of the crowd. I met a participant from last year’s Blogger Buff –Dayah. She has completed her studies and is planning to further study. Wish she will succeed.

The next session was a dialogue kind of thing with Datuk Ahmad Talib (Pahit Manis) as moderator. Ahirudin Attan (Rocky Bru) and organising chairman P Kamalanathan were the panelists. Here the focus was on bloggers ethics, responsible blogging, role of bloggers, comparison between print media and Internet, citizen media, selective presecution etc. Again there were some inaccurate points mentioned.

I think the participants were not so interested in the sociopolitical angle so far. Some of the Indian participants perhaps were more interested, but I’m not sure about the rest.

So, it was a welcome relief for some when the third session started. Josh Lim of Advertlets provided some tips on blogging and the need to have the passion for blogging. Tim from Empower Lives also spruced up the environment a bit with his simple but meaningful game.

Lunch break was at 1.45pm (self-funded) and continued with another dialogue session at 2.30pm. It was moderated by Felicia Wong. The participants were Dr Sunny (Big Boys Oven), Jason (Jason Mumbles), Ka Ling (Ling) and Gina (Mini-Bites). Each were involved in different types of interest, nothing remotely sociopolitical. All four were asked questions on why they blogged, what they blogged about, how long they’ve been blogging and so on. Their shared their opinions on blogging about work/office (definite no no) and about politic (all of the seem to be averse to politics!). They tend to stick to “safe” things. Hmmm…takde oomph la. Where got fun 🙂 I guess for them, sociopolitics means saying something that may offend the authorities. Why want to go asking for trouble. Better keep the mouth shut. All four spoke about the need to have passion and interest. The money part is secondary.

The session ended at about 5.30pm, after which there were some photo session.

I was surprised that the crowd was less than last year. Probably the topics did not interest bloggers. Things like law, ethics, unity, accountability etc. doesn’t affect the non-sociopolitical bloggers much. The crowd was quite mixed – newbies, blogger hopefuls, experienced bloggers- all were there. Not sure how much each of them benefited. As for me, I think about 50 percent beneficial.

Some photos I took:

By the way, where’s the lucky draw prizes? 🙂

Bloggers Buff 2008

November 19th, 2008
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I’m going. Managed to clear my schedule. I attended the 2007 event and found it to be quite beneficial. Now it has been “upgraded” to PWTC level. 🙂

Mahathir is coming, so this is a good chance to ask him some questions especially on his blog. There’s also a session on legal issues. Hopefully will be beneficial.

Here’s Novinthen, Mr Kamalanathan, and Amutha posing in the newspaper:

FORMER Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad will be the guest of honour at the bloggers conference called Bloggers Buff 2008 on Saturday at Putra World Trade Centre.

Mahathir, who is also a blogger, will be delivering the keynote address entitled Unity and Accountability in Blogging.

The event will be a conference-cum-networking event where established speakers will share their experiences.

“It is a stepping stone to get Malaysian bloggers from various genres to come together to open up their minds towards different aspects of blogging and to comment on issues that affect bloggers in the country,’’ Putera MIC national coordinator P. Kamalanathan said.

GoMobile is sponsoring the conference, which is being organised by MI Fest Management. Traxx FM is the official radio station for the event.

The one-day event is endorsed by Empower Lives, All Blogs and Malaysian Indian Bloggers (MIB) and supported by Putera MIC.

The conference will be held from 9am to 7pm.

The first session will be themed Blogging Realities and deals with current issues like ethics, law, money-making and technology.

The second session, on the other hand, is targeted at young bloggers.

Kamalanathan said bloggers could choose to attend both sessions at RM60 while the morning session was priced at RM50 and the afternoon session was at RM20.

The registration form is available at the official blog for the event –

This event is opened to about 100 Malaysian bloggers for each session on a first-come, first-served basis.

Call Tim Fernandez (012-601 1126), Felicia Wong (012-530 2682), K. Novinthen (016-557 4227) or R. Amutha (017-639 3631) for further details.

Police attack at Bersih rally anniversary

November 10th, 2008
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Well, if up to 10pm there were no news, and we can see the anniversary did not attract many people, explosive news came out after midnight. While the NST did not report on police intimidation and attacks at all, The Star mentioned it in a very very light manner. As usual, the blogs are full of anger of action of the police. I provide some links below and also MK’s article. Another MK staff arrested as well. Total of 24 peopel arrested.

What is more stunning is that views of some eye witnesses that imply police were targetting some of the Indians (who may be wearing orange or Bersih t-shirt). Probably want to link HINDRAF to the gathering and make it an illegal one (it is illegal since no permit).

Also, the police seemed to pissed off with the public singing Negaraku. That’s what some wrote.

Read more at blogs below:


ADUN Lau Weng San

MP Tony Pua

Surviving KL Life Reuben Chua

A Litter Taffer (Melvin Mah)

Dead Alien X

Anil Netto (live)


Anil Netto (more eyewitness)

And MK article:

Riot police today dispersed about 300 people who had gathered at the Petaling Jaya Civic Centre.

The police moved into the crowd just as they were singing the national anthem and getting ready to leave. Before that they have heard short speeches from several politicians.

The crowd had walked over to the PJ Civic Centre shortly after 9.30pm after they had been originally dispersed from the Padang Timur, about a kilometre away, where they had gathered to take part in a candlelight vigil.

Just as the crowd started re-gathering at the Civic Centre, a team of anti-riot squad and a water cannon truck had arrived.

Shortly afterwards the police started dispersing the crowd using their shields.

In the ensuing melee, police arrested PJ Utara member of parliament and DAP leader Tony Pua, Kampung Tunku state representative Lau Weng San and 22 others. Also arrested was Malaysiakini videographer Shukri Mohamad.

“I was shooting the water cannon truck when a policeman told me to stop that. He ordered me to hand over the camera and tape. I turned and walked away when I was arrested,” Shukri said when contacted.

Eyewitnesses said that Pua was physically manhandled and thrown into a waiting Black Maria. The police were also seen chasing the crowd into an Indian restaurant located opposite the Civic Centre.

Those arrested have been taken to the PJ police station. A small group of people have gathered outside in support of those arrested under the watchful eyes of a team of police anti-riot squad.

Candlelight vigil called off

Earlier, at about 9.35pm, a candlelight vigil organised by polls reform group Bersih was hampered by police insistence on the gathered crowd to disperse.

The vigil was to have started at 9.30pm at Padang Timur opposite Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya.

However, the police had started blocking the roads leading to the venue as early as 7pm.

And as the scheduled 9.30pm approached, the police urged the gathered crowd in the field to disperse.

The crowd had then moved into the nearby Amcorp mall, engaged in a ?wait-and-see’ game with the police.

Among those in the crowd were recently court-released ISA detainee Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Selangor exco member Ronnie Liu and DAP leaders Lau Weng San and Pua.

At about 9.30pm, the organisers told the crowd to disperse so as to avoid any trouble with the police.

Some of the people then decided to hold a mini-procession from the field to the PJ Civic Centre, about a kilometre away.