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MIUP attempts satire

September 5th, 2010
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I guess word of the month is satire and MIUP is not about to give it a skip 🙂

On a serious note, if they are serious, should try to seek associate membership in UMNO. Might have to sacrifice something, but hey, if its worth it, why not?

The Malaysian Indian United Party (MIUP) hopes its application to become one of the component parties in Barisan Nasional will be approved.

MIUP president Datuk S. Nallakaruppan said it was the desire of any political party that supports Barisan’s aspiration to be officially accepted into the coalition.

He felt there was hope that MIUP’s application would be considered following the admission of the Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress (Kimma) as an associate member of Umno recently.

“The decision reflects Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak wanting to see more friends who are not Umno members, support Barisan,” he said in a statement.

Najib, who is also Umno president, last Friday announced the party’s supreme council had decided to accept Kimma’s membership application.

Following this, Kimma has observer status at Umno’s general assemblies and division meetings but cannot be involved in the party’s internal matters.

MIUP had applied for direct membership last year and was still awaiting a decision.

Lucky Folks in Kg Baru

June 20th, 2010
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Just a week ago, FT Minister Nong Chik said the land owners in Kg Baru have agreed in general to his proposal. But this was disputed by a group called MAS (Kampung Baru Malay Agricultural Settlement Administrative Board) who said no such agreement have been made. Now, Selangor’s MB Khalid is trying to put a leg in, by offering to meet the land owners with an alternative plan for development of Kg Baru.

Obviously, Minister Nong Chik is unhappy, but legally, can anyone stop someone from proposing plans? Ultimately the land owners have to decide themselves on how to proceed to develop the area.

I consider the alternative proposals, be it from Pakatan Rakyat’s Khalid or anyone else, a good thing. Having option will ensure competition to provide the best. Now, the FT Ministry mostly likely have to up the tempo and offer better plan. The land owners are kings now, and hopefully they will decide well.

This should be a lesson learnt for the voters and citizens. Know our rights, make sure we are valued by both sides, always look for alternatives, bargain hard, and decide wisely.

Federal Territories Minister Raja Datuk Nong Chik Zainal Abidin today told the Selangor mentri besar not to disrupt Putrajaya’s plan to redevelop Kampung Baru.

Raja Nong Chik alleged that Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim previously did not show any interest in Kampung Baru when leading the government fund management firm, PNB.

“I was shocked when Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim said he wants to meet Kampung Baru residents,” said Raja Nong Chik at the launch of Lembah Pantai branch of the Malay rights group Perkasa here.

“I can only tell him one thing, mind you own business. There are a lot of problems in Selangor that he can look into,” he said.

He said Khalid’s sudden interest in Kampung Baru could be caused by PKR’s lack of popularity among the Malay community.

“Today because PKR does not enjoy the support of the Malays, he is pretending to be interested in Kampung Baru,” said Raja Nong Chik.

“There is no other reason but to cause disunity among the Malays in Kuala Lumpur,” he added.

Earlier today Khalid had said that he would meet with Kampung Baru residents in July to present the state government’s plans for the residents of the 110-year old Malay settlement.

He said the plan was drawn up 15 to 20 years ago upon the request of the federal government.

Although in Kuala Lumpur, Khalid had said that Selangor has administrative obligations to Kampung Baru.

He had pointed out that before Kuala Lumpur was made a Federal Territory, the Selangor Development Corporation (PKNS) was the entity responsible for developing Kampung Baru and the law stipulates that managerial rights still remain with the Selangor mentri besar.

Raja Nong Chik however dismissed Khalid’s claim on the power of the Selangor mentri besar over Kampung Baru.

“He was just speaking on historical aspect. If you want to talk about history, Selangor should still be under the control of Malacca,” he said.

On the claims by Kampung Baru Malay Agricultural Settlement Administrative Board (MAS) that the body must give an agreement before the development can proceed, Raja Nong Chik said the matter is up to the individual land owners.

“Legally they don’t have the right but we do not want to push anybody out of the negotiation,” he told reporters.

“Legally it is the right of the landowners. MAS cannot do anything, even the government cannot do anything,” said Raja Nong Chik.

He said he had met all the stakeholders involved in the redevelopment proposal including MAS adding that the final decision rest with the landowners and beneficiaries.

“We do not expect 100 per cent to agree one way or another. It can be a long process,” said Raja Nong Chik.

15 year old shot dead by police

April 27th, 2010
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Firstly, I’m curious on why a 15 year old is outside his home at 2am. Nowadays I notice its easy to find youngsters loitering around outside their homes after 10pm. Some hang out in groups, cycling around aimlessly while others hang out at mamak shops, burger stalls, 7-11 etc.  I think first thing that concerned citizens and enforcement officers should do is to ensure people age below 18 are in their respective homes after certain time (like 10pm for example).  This can drastically reduced the possibility of “being in the wrong place at the wrong time” or mixing with bad hats. I really wonder what can be so important until a underage person can be outside his or her house at late night. Yeah, call me old-fashioned/cruel/ignorant or whatever, but this is what I feel.

The deceased mother’s comments:

“I know my son. He is not as they report in the newspapers. I know who my son was,” insisted Norsiah Mohamad, 60.

Secondly, notice the different version of the shooting.

Police have their version:

Speaking to the press yesterday, Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar (right) was reported as having said the police chased Aminulrasyid after chancing upon him and the other suspect “in suspicious circumstances”.

Rather than slowing down after being told to stop their car, the teenager sped up. The police then shot at a tyre of the Iswara, said Khalid.

After the car stopped, he added, one of the suspects exited the vehicle and escaped on foot.

The driver of the vehicle suddenly reversed the car and tried to ram into the police personnel – who had by then been joined by officers from another patrol unit.

“Surprised by the action of the suspect and (trying) to defend himself, the police officer shot in the direction of the suspect in the car,” said Khalid.

The suspect died on the way to the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital in Klang due to the injury sustained, added the police chief.

A long machete was found in the Iswara by police personnel, Khalid said.

The “witness” version:

According to the police report lodged by a witness involved in the incident, he and Aminulrasyid were returning home in the latter’s Proton Iswara from a restaurant in Section 7.

After overtaking a police MPV, they were chased, then shot at by the police until the car was forced to the side of the road.

“I went out of the car to surrender. One of the police personnel kicked me from behind, while others punched and kicked me.

“I struggled and was able to escape from the police, then went straight home,” said the witness in his police report.

There’s a problem with both versions in terms of credibility. The police version may be thought of trying to protect themselves, as is with the witness who was in the car. So, forensic evidence need to be used to determine the truth.

Interestingly, the boy was shot in the head it seems, and conveniently, there was a weapon in the car. I wonder if toxicology reports of  the victim, witness and the policemen involved will reveal anything.

Thirdly, I’m amazed at the speed some quarters offer support to the family. Never really seen it in other cases involving you-know-who. Both Selangor state government and Selangor UMNO are trying to out do each other. I guess its about votes. In this case, people are actually proactive to set up special panel, wanting to bring up issue in Cabinet meeting, discuss in state exco meeting, meet up with Selangor police chief, and offering legal aid.

I also wonder if Hindraf or HRP will take up this case as well.

Ibrahim Ali says give no aid for Chinese

April 26th, 2010
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I’m not sure what he had consumed recently, but this statement should be seeing him under ISA or at least charged for some sort of crime. But knowing Bolehland, he and some other monkeys get to say whatever they like. It will be considered as “voicing their displeasure” or some other nonsense according to the twisted logic of some politicians.  Just imagine other groups doing the same, and you can see the swift attack.

Well, this is what the trouble-maker said according to Malaysian Insider:

“Amat wajar kerajaan tangguh dulu apa jua peruntukan dan kelulusan kepada masyarakat kaum Cina, terutama desakan-desakan MCA dan Gerakan kerana jelas masyarakat Cina di Hulu Selangor serta India tidak menyokong BN.

Mereka langsung tidak hargai apa yang diberi oleh kerajaan BN walaupun kerajaan BN terpaksa mengguris hati orang Melayu dan Bumiputera,” kata Ibrahim yang juga Ahli Parlimen Bebas Pasir Mas mengulas keputusan malam tadi yang memihak BN tetapi majoriti cuma 1,725 undi.

Walaupun analisis menunjukkan sokongan pengundi Cina masih belum memihak kepada BN tetapi ia menerima peningkatan undi komuniti India hampir 10 peratus.

BN meletakkan sasaran majoriti 6,000 undi.

Dalam kenyataan kepada The Malaysian Insider awal minggu lalu Ibrahim sendiri meletakkan majoriti 3,000 kepada BN tetapi Khamis lalu menurunkannya kepada 1,500 undi.

Kata beliau, apa saja yang kaum Cina minta kerajaan sedia berikan tetapi mereka tidak berterima kasih.

“BN kena ambil hati orang Melayu yang tetap setia pada BN.

“Oleh itu dasar afirmatif untuk memperkasakan kaum Melayu dan Bumiputera mesti diterus dan dilaksanakan dengan tegas,” kata beliau dengan merujuk kepada Model Ekonomi Baru yang sedang dirangka.

Malam tadi, Setiausaha Agung BN, Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor berkata walaupun menang dengan majoriti 1,725, tetapi pengundi Cina didapati tidak menyokong BN, bukan sahaja dalam pilihan raya kecil itu tetapi juga semasa pilihan raya umum 2008.

“Kita perlu melihat di mana silap kita. Saya akan berjumpa dengan parti-parti komponen untuk membincangkan perkara ini, tetapi kita gembira kerana pengundi India kembali menyokong BN. Begitu juga dengan pengundi Melayu.

“Kita hilang kerusi pada pilihan raya 2008 dengan majoriti kecil 198 undi tetapi kini mengekalkan kembali kerusi dengan majoriti yang lebih besar. Ini menunjukkan rakyat menyambut baik konsep yang diutarakan pucuk pimpinan seperti gagasan 1Malaysia dan Model Ekonomi Baru,” katanya.

Presiden MCA, Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek pula berkata, MCA memerlukan anjakan paradigma bagi mendekati masyarakat Cina yang dilihat tidak begitu memberi perhatian kepada soal kehendak dan keperluan asas.

Ibrahim berkata kemenangan BN membuktikan rakyat mahu ketenangan dan kesetabilan politik.

“Ia juga bukti rakyat menerima kepimpinan Datuk Seri Najib (Razak) sebagai perdana menteri. Ia juga membuktikan politik perkauman ditolak rakyat.

Cuma pengundi kaum Cina nampaknya tidak berterima kasih pada kerajaan BN. Jelas pengaruh MCA dan Gerakan ditolak masyarakat Cina.

Pelbagai tuntutan kaum Cina, kerajaan layan, tapi balasannya tidak seberapa,” katanya.

Katanya, usaha pihak tertentu untuk memburukkan nama Perkasa dalam pilihan raya Hulu Selangor juga tidak memberi kesan.

In English, it means something like this:

Malay rights group Perkasa wants the Barisan Nasional (BN) government to review election pledges made in Chinese areas in Hulu Selangor because of the community’s poor support for the coalition.

Its president Datuk Ibrahim Ali (picture)said despite BN’s success in winning the semi-rural seat from PKR, the Chinese voters had largely chosen to back the federal opposition.

“It is necessary for the government to delay any allocation and approval of projects for the Chinese community,” said Ibrahim in a statement responding to the by-election result.

Ibrahim added that the government should also ignore all the demands made by BN members, MCA and Gerakan, as the Chinese of Hulu Selangor had rejected the ruling coalition.

They show no appreciation to BN government’s efforts, even though the BN government had to hurt the feelings of the Malays and the natives,” said Ibrahim.

All their demands are fulfilled by the government but they do not know how to be grateful,” he added.

Ibrahim, an independent MP, had actively campaigned for BN during the campaign.

His Perkasa is fighting for affirmative action policies favouring Malays to be retained permanently.

In the by-election which saw BN’s P. Kamalanathan defeating former Law Minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim by 1,725 votes, the ruling coalition lost badly in Chinese dominated polling districts.

During the final campaigning days for the Hulu Selangor by-election Datuk Seri Najib Razak promised an allocation of RM3 million for a Chinese school near in new village.

The BN chairman also promised RM90,000 for the Ulu Yam Kwang Tung cemetery and more allocations for Hokkien and muhibbah associations in the area.

However the support level from the Chinese voters was reduced from about 35 per cent in Election 2008 to less than 30 per cent yesterday.

BN’s victory was guaranteed by strong support from the Malay-dominated Felda settlements and villagers in rural Hulu Selangor.

Ibrahim said the outcome showed that the pro-Malay affirmative action policies should be maintained.

“BN must now keep the Malay happy as they have been loyal to BN. Therefore the affirmative action policies to strengthen the Malays and the natives must be maintained and implemented thoroughly,” he said.

This is what the useless paper mentions:

Dalam pada itu Ibrahim berkata, pilihan raya kali ini juga memperlihatkan penolakan kaum Cina terhadap kerajaan.

‘‘Walaupun kerajaan telah memberi layanan kepada mereka, balasan yang diterima masih tidak seberapa.

‘‘Mereka masih belum berterima kasih kepada kerajaan BN dan ini jelas membuktikan bahawa pengaruh MCA dan Gerakan terus ditolak oleh masyarakat Cina,” katanya.

See??? Nothing at all about the issue of recalling back the aid. Another confirmation of the paper that is not even worth to be used in toilets.

What will newly elected YB Kamalanathan say about his buddy Ibrahim now since this affects his constituency directly? cannot say “no comments” or “i’ll answer later” any more” 🙂

At least this time, MCA did say something in reply:

He explained, “when you try to buy them at the last minute, telling them to vote for BN and they will get rewarded, some of them feel insulted.

It is like treating them like beggars. The Chinese will be your long term friend if you be fair and treat them well. But, they will turn away from you if not.

“It is not that they don’t like Najib, they adore Najib, but they do not support these few BN leaders who are ‘extremists’ like Ibrahim Ali.”

Sadly, he said, some of the BN leadership are emulating Ibrahim’s racist stance.

There are those who keep saying that Malays are first and the Chinese should be grateful,” he added. This is not the way to win the Chinese over,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, Dong Jiao Zhong committee member Chow Siew Hon stressed that the money used for the allocations belongs to the government and not to any political party.

“The money ultimately belongs to the rakyat. We are all entitled to it. Nobody can say that you cannot get the funds just because you don’t support BN.

“The vote is your personal choice, whoever you want to support. I strongly disagree with that gentleman (Ibrahim),” said Chow.

MCA state assemblyperson for Kuala Kubu Baru Wong Koon Mun refused to comment on the issue of allocations but hit out at Ibrahim, saying that he is a “rotten apple” and a “party to the effort to topple BN.”

BN Secretary General’s response:

Barisan Nasional (BN) secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said today that the government will not neglect the Chinese voters in Hulu Selangor.

“We cannot take back the allocations for the Chinese. There are also Chinese who voted for BN in the by-election,” he explained when asked if the government would heed the suggestion of Perkasa chairman Ibrahim Ali.

The independent MP had suggested that the Chinese voters in Hulu Selangor should be punished by the government for not fully supporting MIC candidate P Kamalananthan.

Tengku (left) added that as BN is a multiracial party, they need to help the rakyat irrespective of their race or religion.

He then brought up Kelantan which is ruled by PAS.

“We give Kelantan a lot of money for its development even though BN is not the state government.”

Nevertheless, the Putrajaya MP said that Umno will work closely with MCA to understand why the Chinese voters are not supportive of BN and how they can overcome this problem.

“I believe that if we conduct a post mortem (on the Hulu Selangor by-election) we can get answers on how to regain the Chinese votes,” he told reporters in a press conference at the Umno headquarters.

He added that it is important for all the component parties to work together towards finding the root cause and not penalise MCA.

“We cannot punish a member of our component party if they don’t perform. What we can do now is to analyse what happened and what can be done to improve things,” he continued.

I like to quote Wong Chun Wai’s tweet:

Ibrahim Ali wants govt to ignore demands by MCA n Gerakan. Maybe he shd find out who r the largest tax payers in Msia.

Hulu Selangor by-election analysis

April 25th, 2010
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Just as I thought from the beginning, BN wins back this seat with 1,725 majority, overturning a 198 vote deficit in GE 2008 (1725+198 = 1923 swing). The official count is BN  24,997 votes against PKR 23,272.

The voter turnout was higher than in GE 2008 as well, a total of 48,935 voters out of the total 64,500 voters or 75.87 per cent have cast their ballots compared to about 75.24% (47,622 voters; 1466 spoilt votes) in GE 2008. There’s an increase of 1,313 voters with about 731 spoilt votes. [note: a report says 1003 new voters. Need to update this article once details are confirmed]

Let’s look at the results first. The majority is much less than the KPI set by DPM Muhyiddin (6000 votes) and less than the 3000 votes predicted by Ibrahim Ali (yeah, that fella!). It is nearly 9 times the majority of the previous election result (198 vs 1725). However its about 3.5% of the total votes only, so not exactly a significant majority. However, as some may point out, it can be an endorsement of PM Najib’s leadership since he called it a referendum of his leadership.

Most interestingly, 37.5% of the winning votes came from postal voters! Yup, BN got 767 while PKR got 120 (spoilt votes 89).

Postal votes: 647

new votes (compared to GE 2008): (1313-731[spoilt vote]) = 582

= 1,229

Effectively, there’s only a difference of 496 (1725-1229) votes + 198 vote swinging back, which is 694 votes.   So, I’ll say its still a dicey win for BN, and in a way, Pakatan has done quick OK to reduce the loss. However, a win is still a win and BN will do well to work on this victory in Sibu and future elections.

Pakatan failed to get the intended results from the Chinese and Indian community to offset the expected loss of votes in Malay areas.

PKR’s Fuziah’s views:

“According to our figures, the voter turnout in the Felda areas were a little less than 70 per cent. The Chinese that came out to vote were only about 75 per cent and for the Indian voters, the turnout in the estates were lower than those in the towns. For the Malays, only about 70 per cent turned out,” said Fuziah.

Let’s look at some of the stream results provided by Malaysiakini:

… BN has won big in Malay-majority areas, especially the Felda settlements. While PKR has won the Chinese-majority areas, but its margin of victory in these areas is not big enough to compensate its loss in the Malay-majority area.

… PKR has won all Chinese-majority areas, while at the same time losing allMalay-majority areas.

According the ‘saluran’ results, young voters have voted overwhelmingly for Pakatan.

In addition, it appears that Indian voters have generally return to BN’s fold.

Early results show PKR winning two-thirds of the votes in Chinese-majority areas, below the 85 percent which DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang has wanted. According to Lim, PKR will need to win that much to win.

Most of the Chinese-majority areas have been counted, with PKR leading by 1,226 votes. About 30 percent of the votes counted.

6.37pm: On-the-spot analysis

According to early results, PKR is leading by a wide margin in Chinese areas and by a slight margin in mixed areas and is trailing behind BN in Malay areas.

For PKR to win, it needs to win big in Chinese and mixed areas to cover its expected loss in Malay areas.

6.34pm: Unofficial results

Kg Baru Cina KKB (Chinese area), saluran 2 – PKR 203, BN 77
Kg Baru Cina KKB (Chinese area), saluran 4 – PKR 256, BN 73
Kg Baru Cina KKB (Chinese area), saluran 1 – PKR 207, BN 56

Unofficial – PKR 666, BN 206

6.29pm: Unofficial results (PKR 2,972, BN 2,259)

Bandar Kuala Kubu Bahru (mixed area), saluran 1 – PKR 135, BN 82
Bandar Kuala Kubu Bahru (mixed area), saluran 2 – PKR 272, BN 212
Bandar Kuala Kubu Bahru (mixed area), saluran 3 – PKR 490, BN 205

Unofficial – PKR 897, BN 499

6.23pm: Unofficial results

Kg Baru Batang Kali (Chinese area), saluran 1- PKR 220, BN 58
Hulu Yam Barat (mixed area), saluran 1 – PKR 205, BN 184
Ampang Pecah (Malay area), saluran 5 – PKR 148, BN 216
Hulu Yam Barat (mixed area), saluran 1 – PKR 224, BN 168
Kg Gumut (Malay area), saluran 1 – PKR 104, BN 172 

Unofficial – PKR 901, BN 798

6.18pm: Unofficial results

Kg Sungai Tengi Selatan (Malay Felda), saluran 1 – PKR 62, BN 176
Kuala Kalumpang (mixed area), saluran 1 – PKR 98, BN 128
Kg Baru Rasa (Chinese area), saluran 1 – PKR 301, BN 75
Kg Bahru Kerling (Chinese area), saluran 1 – PKR 268, BN 122 

Unofficial – PKR 729, BN 501

6.13pm: Unofficial results

Kuala Kalumpang, saluran 1 – PKR 98, BN 128
Ulu Yam Barat, saluran 1 – PKR 171, BN 94
Kg Bharu Kerling, saluran 1 – PKR 172, BN 83
Pertak Bukit Fraser – PKR 22, BN 15
Pertak, saluran 2 – PKR 18, BN 98
Ampang Pecah, saluran 1 – PKR 105, BN 155

Unofficial – PKR 491, BN 445

As mentioned above, the support from non–Malays was not enough to offset the lesser support from Malay community.

OK, the reason for the results can be various factors, some of which I list below. I’m sure the political experts will do a more detailed analysis later.

– change of voter polling station (causing confusion)

– goodies from BN for FELDA, Chinese community, and Indian community (calculated to be nearly RM60 million worth in total. UPDATE: one Chinese newspaper says its RM167 million!)

– goodies from PR for the local communities (not enough?)

– postal voters (37.5% of the majority comes from here!)

– BN candidate approach versus Pakatan candidate approach

– Personal attack on Pakatan candidate which affected Muslim votes

– Lack of support from PAS from start

– Impact of PM Najib’s 1Malaysia

– lack of interest in “national issues” by voters

– better BN election machinery to handle rural area

– Personal visit by PM Najib

– Kg Buah Pala residents campaign

– Hindraf non-support

– MAIKA news and Samy Vellu’s departure in 14 months

– string of defections in Pakatan Rakyat camp in Perak, Kelantan, Selangor etc.

I wondered earlier if having another Indian MP in the Dewan Rakyat will bring any difference to the Indian community. Would Kamalanathan highlight community problems, something which all the other MPs failed to do in last 2 years? I don’t think so. He will be governed by the BN system and have “work” the system. Hopefully more issues can be solved with the additional MIC man.

Well, congrats to Mr Kamalanathan, hopefully God gives him the wisdom to do the right things and serve his constituency to best of his ability. As for Zaid Ibrahim, better luck next time.

On to Sibu then! 🙂