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Hindu student in Perlis college converted

September 20th, 2011
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I wonder which college this is. Not many colleges/uni in Perlis. There’s UniMaP, Kolej Matrikulasi, Kolej Antarabangsa Teknologi dan Profesional, and Kolej Komuniti Arau, among others.

Its easy to say the student is a major (above 18) and able to make own decision. However, I think also need to look at the surrounding environment and the influence of the people around her. Its easy to claim that no force was used, but on the other hand, how was the influence? Was the girl given a chance to verify with her elders? Did she check with her religious authorities or leaders?

Even though she is a major, I think since she is under the care of the parents/guardian as she is still studying, this conversion should be challenged and revoked. Also, those responsible should be investigated and punished accordingly

The student herself may have lacked proper religious knowledge, mainly due to lack of support from family and community. Also since authorities are not helpful nor supportive enough, the community is left to fend for themselves to teach religion to their children (imagine if had religious class in school). To add to this, she took up silat, which could have been another additional influence for her.

Even in universities, there’s a lack of support for other religions, with administrators claiming that they have done enough by providing bus service to temples or vegetarian food on certain days or by organising Ponggal and Deepavali events.

Another thing, this can constitute abuse of power or responsibility, since the lecturers are in a position of influence and authority over the student. Their action will cast a mark on the integrity and professionalism of the institution. Furthermore, if indeed the rules were broken, then its a criminal act.

I remember that ex-PM mentioned the rules on conversion will be revised and some changes were propsed, but it seems the Rulers Council rejected it. While the issue is being dilly-dallied, more cases like this will occur.

The crux of the problem is whether the relevant parties were informed or not. Why need to create problem the family and cause misery for them?

Seorang pelajar kolej beragama Hindu, yang didakwa ‘dipaksa’ memeluk Islam Julai lalu oleh pensyarahnya telah mengambil langkah itu secara sukarela tanpa sebarang unsur paksaan daripada mana-mana pihak, kata Jabatan Agama Islam Perlis (Jaips).

Ketua Penolong Pengarah Dakwah Jaips, Kesumawati Kassim memberitahu The Malaysia Insider, pihaknya tidak berhadapan dengan sebarang masalah untuk mendaftarkan pelajar itu kerana dia telah memenuhi syarat-syarat menganut Islam mengikut kemahuannya.

Pelajar itu memeluk Islam Julai lalu dan berbula ketika Ramadan lalu.

Kesumawati berkata, dia hadir di Jaips bersama tiga saksi iaitu dua pensyarah dan isteri seorang pensyarahnya bagi mendaftarkan pengislaman secara sah.

Dalam satu kenyataan Khamis lalu, Persatuan Agama Hindu (MHS) mendakwa seorang pelajar perempuan sebuah kolej di Perlis telah ditukar agama sebagai Muslim tanpa keizinan ibu bapanya dan tindakan itu bertentangan dengan peraturan.

Ibu pelajar itu juga, menurutnya, telah membuat laporan polis terhadap insiden tersebut.

Gadis itu difahamkan telah membuat laporan polis menyatakan pengislamannya bebas daripada sebarang paksaan.

Mengulas mengenai dakwaan bahawa Jaips turut mengambil kesempatan terhadap golongan bukan Islam yang miskin, Kesumawati berkata, tidak timbul isu pihaknya berbuat demikian, sebaliknya golongan saudara baru terbabit sendiri hadir di pejabatnya menyatakan mahu memeluk Islam.

Sebaliknya kata beliau, pihaknya lebih kepada membantu dan membimbing mereka dalam mendapatkan kefahaman sebenar tentang Islam.

“Pihak Pertubuhan Kebajikan Islam Malaysia turut bekerjasama dengan Jaips bagi membantu saudara baru ini mendalami Islam dengan menyediakan kelas Fardu Ain dan kemudahan penginapan bagi menjamin keselamatan mereka,” katanya.

“Namun begitu, terpulang kepada individu terbabit sama ada mahu memanfaatkannya atau tidak. Kami hanya boleh membantu, bukan memaksa,” tegasnya lagi.

Dalam satu kenyataan Khamis lalu, Presiden MHS RS Mohan Shan berkata, siasatan pihaknya juga menunjukkan tiga pensyarah kolej di negeri itu terlibat dalam kerja menukar agama pelajar terbabit dan beberapa kakitangan Jaips sendiri tidak mematuhi peraturan dalam soal tersebut.

Jaips berkata hanya dua pensyarah menguruskan kes pelajar berkenaan dengan dibantu isteri salah seorang pensyarah terbabit.

“Pensyarah-pensyarah dan pegawai jabatan agama terbabit juga mendakwa mereka tidak menyedari kewujudan peraturan sedemikian,” kata Mohan.

Justeru, Mohan berkata, perkembangan itu menunjukkan sikap tidak bertanggungjawab ahli akademik sedangkan mereka seharusnya menjaga kepentingan agama, budaya dan sosial pelajar masing-masing demi memastikan perpaduan, keamanan dan keharmonian di kalangan golongan pelajar terpelihara.

Sehubungan itu kata beliau, persatuan tersebut memandang serius kejadian itu dan akan membawa perkara berkenaan ke perhatian Menteri Pengajian Tinggi dan juga Perdana Menteri dalam waktu terdekat.

Mengulas lanjut kenyataan Jaips, Mohan yang turut dihubungi The Malaysian Insider berkata, pihaknya terkilan dengan tindakan pensyarah-pensyarah terbabit dan menjadi tanda tanya seolah-olah mereka mempengaruhi pemikiran gadis tersebut untuk memeluk Islam.

Katanya, pihaknya tidak kisah jika pelajar berkenaan memeluk Islam tetapi pendekatan yang digunakan oleh mereka menjadi persoalan.

Kata Mohan, pelajar berkenaan telah dibawa ke rumah pensyarah pada 1 dan 15 Julai lalu dalam usaha mengislamkannya.

Selain itu, tindakan mereka membawa pelajar terbabit dari institut pengajiannya dan kemudian ke Jaips turut dipersoalkan Mohan.

Ini kerana perkembangan itu tidak dimaklumkan kepada pihak pengurusan institut terbabit dan ibu bapa.

“Tindakan pensyarah-pensyarah ini seakan-akan menggalakkan pelajar lain turut dipengaruhi mereka,” katanya lagi.

Tambah beliau, kerajaan seharusnya mengambil tindakan tatatertib terhadap ketiga-tiga mereka yang terlibat, dua pensyarah dan seorang isteri kepada pensyarah terbabit.

Menurut Mohan lagi, silibus kokurikulum silat yang diambil pelajar berkenaan di institut tersebut turut mempengaruhinya memandangkan dia merupakan pelajar bukan Islam tunggal mengikutinya.


The earlier article which MHS exposed the issue:

The Malaysia Hindu Sangam (MHS) has decried the alleged involvement of staff from a local college in Perlis together with officials of the state Islamic affairs department (JAIP) in the conversion of an Indian student to Islam.

In a statement issued yesterday, MHS president RS Mohan Shah expressed shock that three lecturers of the college had a hand in the conversion of the female student, when they should have been focused on their students’ “development of knowledge, skills and talent”.

“It is disappointing, therefore, to note that these staff members getting involved in religious conversion of students when they should, in fact, safeguard the religious, cultural and social interests of their students to ensure unity, peace and harmony among students in these multiracial institutions of higher education,” said Mohan Shah.

According to Mohan, the lecturers and JAIP officials failed to “follow the rules.” When confronted on the matter, the lecturers concerned said “they were not aware of the rules”, he added.

“MHS takes a serious view of this incident and will bring this matter to the attention of the minister of higher education and also to the prime minister for necessary action,” he said Mohan Shah.


ex-MIED CEO Chitrakala freed

September 13th, 2011
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This is an interesting case indeed! After the case was initiated last year (around May), we get this result. The accused has provided proof that the money was returned (among others), and the prosecution says go no other evidence to offer. So, case closed, accused free.

What do you make of it?

For me, it seems that (i) the money was taken wrongfully, and returning it deemed the case irrelevant, (ii) some sort of deal was arranged with the parties involved and all this was just a misunderstanding or attempt to get back at certain quarters, or (iii) the prosecution had a very weak case and returning the money broke their case.

Whatever it is, seems very weird.

Former chief executive officer of Maju Institute for Education Development (MIED), P. Chithirakala, has been acquitted and discharged of three charges of cheating involving RM4mil.

Sessions Judge Che Mohamad Zulkifly Jusoh reached the decision after allowing DPP Kevin Morais’ application to withdraw the case against Chithirakala, 40.

Morais said the accused had submitted three letters of representation to the Attorney-General stating several material facts.

“Among the facts was that the accused had returned the RM4mil, which formed the basis of the three charges against her, to MIED Capital Sdn Bhd.

“After considering the representation, the Attorney-General agreed to withdraw all charges against the accused,” he added.

“In relation to this, the prosecution offers no evidence against the accused on the charges,” he said.

On May 11 last year, Chithirakala pleaded not guilty to cheating former MIC secretary-general Tan Sri M.Mahalingam , who was a director and signatory of MIED Sdn Bhd (the educational arm of MIC), by deceiving him into signing two cheques worth RM4 million in total. BERNAMA.


SJKT Effingham land issue crops up again

September 9th, 2011
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This issue was first raised in September 2008, and 3 years down the lane, it pops up. Interestingly, this time its being raised by a member from the offending party itself.

From what I understand, the land taken by MIC has been developed as a commercial plot, so I’m not sure how this will turnout. Maybe like the Bakun dam case – “the land under question is already under water, so how to return it back” answer given by the court. Delay long enough and your case becomes invalid.

Anyway, this guy says got “solid proof” but didn’t show it. Hope the proof can stay “solid” after this.


A local MIC leader today asked the party to return a piece of land that he said was originally alienated for a Tamil school.

V Thiagarajan, who heads the Taman Mujur MIC branch, said party president G Palanivel should “do the right thing” by ensuring that the Effingham Tamil School get back the three acres of prime land.

The school is located in Bandar Utama, Damansara. The accusation about the land grab first surfaced in 2009, with former students and residents of the area claiming that the developer of Bandar Utama had set aside six acres for the school in 1999.

They said the late K Sivalingam, an MIC leader and an executive councillor in the then BN-led state government, decided that only three acres should be given to the school and the rest to the party.

There was also an allegation of mismanagement of RM300,000 in developer contributions to the school. MIC was accused of trying to channel the money to its Maju Institute of Education Development (MIED) although the developer disagreed.

MIC has claimed that there was an error in the description of the proprietor in the land title and that the party is the rightful owner of the three acres.

Currently, the school has 600 pupils, but the number is expected to increase steadily.

Thiagarajan told FMT he had “solid evidence” that all six acres belonged to the school.

“I plead with Palanivel to use his veto power to give back the land to the school,” he said.

“I have all the evidence to show clearly that the land MIC claims as its own should be part of school.”




Video of Robbery at Restoran Subur Section 15 Shah Alam

September 7th, 2011
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I think I’ve passed by this place few times.  Robbers target the laptops and cash register. At 4am it was towards sahur time for the Muslim folks.

So, should we ban motorbikes that travel in a group? Or have more roadblocks? Or allow people/businesses to own firearms? Have alarm linked to police station? Don’t eat in mamak shops (or other exposed restaurants?)? Don’t carry laptops/valuables? Don’t go out after dark? Get more policemen to patrol? How to prevent this crime?

Drugs, Creativity and Performance

September 7th, 2011
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I was thinking about this after hearing a singer died recently (Amy Winehouse). Never heard of her until her death.  It seems she was quite popular with own brand of music and song writing.

Anyway, that made me think about recent deaths involving those in entertainment industry, sports, fashion, arts, etc. Those industries that involve “creativity” and performance/stamina. We read of sportsmen (and women) taking performance-enhancing substances (be it steroid or grandma’s secret potion) and getting banned from competitive sports. We read of fashionistas, actors, performers checking into rehab centers or making a nuisance of themselves. Well, if not for their fame, they will be just like any other drug addict/user.

Even in ancient times, it seems that some of the mystics took certain substances that allow them to focus/meditate/connect with “higher’ level of intelligence. Not sure how true this is.

Which makes me wonder, does those drugs make a person more creative or perform better? Thus if there’s no drugs or performance-enhancing substances, the “creativity” would have been lower? They would have been just another regular Joe?

Can creativity or trying to perform better justify the use of drugs (note: not related to any higher education institution in particular)? Or is it just a lifestyle or ‘occupational hazard” for those in these industries? Similarly, can we accept students taking drugs for this reason? Can these drugs be legalised? Or should humans rely on their natural capability without any enhancing products?

For your reading, a list of drug related deaths: