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World’s Largest International Debating Championship

February 21st, 2014
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When you read the title above, what comes to your mind? Let me guess: People from all over the world take part in some sort of debating competition?

How about:  “world’s largest high school International Debating Championship”?

Now, it would seem like this debate competition is for high school students from all over the world.

Reading this info:

“For the first time ever Limkokwing University of Creative Technology will play host to the world’s biggest high school debating championship with the inaugural of International Debating Championship that will take place from the 20th to the 23rd of February 2014, at the University’s Cyberjaya campus.

With over 200 teams participating from all over Malaysia, this challenge is an open competition where schools from the various parts of Malaysia are invited to participate and compete in front of the international panel of adjudication.” [I set some of the terms to be bold]


Wait a minuted! 200 teams from…. all over Malaysia….is a biggest international event? Oh…the “international” is for the judges, not participants.

Is this what we call “pakar kelentong”? Marketing gimmick at its best. Ethics and integrity…”what is that”?

If you want to know about largest/biggest debate competitions among nations, refer: or where more than 40 nations take part.

or how about this one: which has more than 600 teams participating?

I wonder if China or India would have similar competitions which will be sized accordingly or even bigger with the local participants they can gather. Having hundreds of thousands of schools means sure got lot of participants.

Maybe should rename competition to “World’s Largest N0t-so-International Debating Championship hosted by LimKokWing University for Malaysians Secondary Schools With An International Panel of Judges under the Patronage of YBhg Tan Sri Dato Dr Lim Kok Wing”. Then it would be accurate.

Yeah its a good effort, noble intention and I truly support such events, but but but, please reduce the tahap kelentong la, even though its like second nature to you. Or do some proper research to back your “biggest”, “largest” etc claims.

Note: I know that education is a business, and competition is tough. Plenty of hanky panky happens in these IPTS, but some are worse than others.

MCA says new housing estates should reserve land for all types of schools

February 17th, 2014
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A call which is very long overdue (or maybe repeated often silently), but in many ways – worthless.  It will be a miracle if land is allocated for such schools in new housing areas or made part of condition for developers to develop housing projects, due to economic, social and political reasons. It goes against the national education policy it seems to build more vernacular schools. Flimsy reasons are given, when asked about secondary vernacular school, such as “increase enrollment in primary school first” [coming up in next blog post].

I think any housing development project must allocate land for primary and secondary schools [if can allocate land for private or international schools, don’t tell me can’t do it for national type schools!!!], places of worship (at least 5 different religion/denominations), community hall, nursery/kindergarten, daycare center, police beat, sports field,  one or two row of shoplots, among others.

As I said, all these noise is from the proverbial empty vessels. We all know the power lies in whose hands.

MCA has called on the government to reserve land for all types of schools, including vernacular schools, at new housing estates.

MCA president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the education department must be proactive in its planning for schools.

“The education officers must identify the locations and reserve the land for Chinese schools before the people ask for it,” he said after visiting the newly opened SJKC Kheng Chee, which has been relocated from Pahang in the morning.

Liow added that currently there are only reserved lands for the national schools.

He said MCA would continue to monitor the implementation of the Education Blueprint to ensure the continuous development of Chinese education since the government had recognised it as part of the mainstream education system.


useful websites for kids

December 4th, 2013
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The following slides are the ones displayed during the Vizuthugal interview session last week. Reproduced here for reference since it has many urls and was displayed briefly only.

Hope it helps parents to set some activities for their kids during school holidays.

There are many more websites for educational purposes, so do explore.

Still working on getting a copy of the interview session. Hope can put it on youtube soon.


Website for Kids - Slide1

Website for Kids – Slide1


Website for Kids - Slide2

Website for Kids – Slide2


Website for Kids - Slide3

Website for Kids – Slide3


Website for Kids - Slide4

Website for Kids – Slide4



12th International Tamil Internet Conference

August 14th, 2013
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Anyone interested to attend? It starts tomorrow and ends on 18th August. Venue: Universiti Malaya.

Their official website:


SJKT St Joseph to go online for new school campaign

June 14th, 2013
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Looks like the school board has decided not to waste time waiting. As for me, I had informed Deputy Minister P Kamalanathan, and according to him “Have been informed sir @mpoobalan am waiting for more details and will seek clarification as well.” (ref here).

Hopefully the school’s predicament does not become another disaster for MOE and MIC.


Giving way: St Joseph was built in 1924 on wooden stilts. Today, it still stands on the same wooden stilts.

Giving way: St Joseph was built in 1924 on wooden stilts. Today, it still stands on the same wooden stilts.

THE board of governors of an 89-year-old Tamil primary girls school in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur will start an online campaign to push the government to build the promised new school.

SJK (T) St Joseph’s board of governors chairman Alice Fatimah said as a start, they would initiate a petition and obtain signatures from parents of children studying in the school as well as the public.

“We will also set up a Facebook page to create awareness on the campaign,’’ Alice said.

She expected that things would get moving after the school’s Sports Day on June 15.

“We will call for a meeting with the board to discuss details and mobilise the parents,’’ she added.

Alice said the board felt that relying on politicians alone to resolve the issue was not enough.

There isn’t enough space for proper storage, not even for school files.
There isn’t enough space for proper storage, not even for school files.

“We have had many politicians visit the school each time the matter was highlighted in the press, but nothing ever got done,’’ she said.

In January during the distribution of RM100 school assistance by then Deputy Federal Territories Minister Datuk M. Saravanan, parents had requested for a new building with proper facilities.

Following this, Saravanan announced the Government had allocated three acres of land in the Batu Muda people’s housing project (PPR) where the school would be relocated to.

He said the land belonged to the Education Ministry, and that it was ideal because it could accommodate a football field too.

Alice said there had been no news since.

Meanwhile, the Batu MIC division and its youth wing leaders have pledged to offer assistance and support for the online campaign.

Batu MIC division chairman Ramanathan Chinnu and youth chief D.R. Pala Kumaran have expressed their willingness to help the school board initiate the online campaign.

“This is a problem that involves the community and concerns the future of our children,’’ Pala said.

“I will push the authorities to speed up the procedures to secure the land promised to the school,” added Ramanathan.

St Joseph was built in 1924 on wooden stilts. Today, it still stands on the same wooden stilts. The school does not have a canteen, field, library, science lab or computer room.

Its pupils sit under trees during recess and have been doing their sports activities by the roadside.

In January, StarMetro reported that the owner of the land had asked the school to relocate.

The partially-aided school has five classrooms, 135 pupils and 15 teachers.