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2013 Deepavali Date Confusion: 2 or 3 November?

January 8th, 2013
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There seems to be a confusion over Deepavali 2013 date. Do a search in Google and nearly every result show Deepavali is on 3rd November 2013 (Sunday), including our next door neighbor Singapore  (

Refer Wiki as well:

However the calendar released by Bahagian Kabinet of Prime Minister’s Department lists 2 November as Deepavali (link here:

2013 Public Holidays Malaysia

[click to see larger view]

I’ve just sent feedback to Bahagian Kabinet to ask them to check since Deepavali supposed to be on 3rd. Hope to get reply from them. As far as I know, the festival date is consulted with KL Mariamman Temple Devasthanam, so wonder how they ended up with different date than rest of the world

Deepavali being a religious festival, is calculated based on astronomy. If you check the Hindu panchangam, it falls on ammavasai (no moon day), which is on 3rd of November this year.

Hope things can be clarified immediately as this involves religious festival and public holiday, where people will make plans for celebration and travel. Especially when Deepavali falls on Sunday because Monday becomes public holiday! 🙂

Christmas Deco vs Deepavali Deco

December 14th, 2012
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 Its wonderful to see grand Christmas decorations at our various shopping malls. It attracts people from all walks of life to take photos and enjoy the decorations. What more with school holidays and year end sales to attract more crowd. One can easily spend a whole day in shopping malls without noticing the time flying.

Unfortunately, the same doesn’t happen during Deepavali. If the management of these malls have the similar thinking as for Christmas, then surely they can do similar wonders that attract crowds from various background. Usually, some measily “kolam” is done, and that’s about it. Come on, a very famous and important religious festival only represented by “kolam”?

Not forgetting, we also have plenty of tourists from India (about 700k in 2011), not including Indian diaspora countries. You can put some effort to attract them to your mall as well.

Yeah, these are business entities and they have their own business objectives, i.e. bottom lines to worry about.  But if there’s not Christmas deco, you think November/December sales will drop? No tourists will visit malls? So, what’s the logic for such elaborate decoration, and comparatively zilch for Deepavali?

Read the article below on Christmas decorations. Do you think only Christians appreciate them or that only Christians will shop during this time? No right?  Probably if you allocate about quarter of the budget from Christmas deco for Deepavali deco, can do quite a lot. You can even initiate collaboration with various IPTs for their students to help with decorations and displaying some creative stuff.

Or are you waiting for government to provide some incentives? Maybe there should some enforced ruling to ensure shopping malls also participate in nation building?

It all boils down to mentality. Yeah, you can say “its just some deco stuff, we have other more critical things to focus on la for the community”. Well, marginalisation starts in such small matters, is my opinion.


<b>Taking flight:</b> Santa’s sleigh is placed in front of Suria KLCC Lake Symphony fountain.

Taking flight: Santa’s sleigh is placed in front of Suria KLCC Lake Symphony fountain.

THE time of the year has arrived for shopping centres to go all out to usher Christmas and New Year.

Quick trips to the malls will surely get you get in the mood for Santa Claus, shiny baubles, reindeers and gifts.

Aside from giant Christmas trees decorated with colourful trinkets , most malls go the extra mile by creating eye-popping themed surroundings.

Step into “Santa’s North Park” at Berjaya Times Square where shoppers are greeted with large toy soldiers, which lined up the gantry to a 40ft Christmas tree.

The main tree is flanked by clusters of smaller trees decorated with ornaments, pine cones, berries and figs.

Shoppers can also explore the Lower Ground concourse area, done up to reflect Santa’s lush sanctuary and its magical creatures.

Meanwhile, shoppers can “watch” Santa and his elves at work in Suria KLCC.

Its decor shows Santa checking a long list of wishes with a help of a machine with exposed cogs and mechanical works.

<b>Super trumpeteers:</b> Large angels set to usher Christmas at Starhill Gallery.
Super trumpeteers: Large angels set to usher Christmas at Starhill Gallery.

There is also an impressive sleigh with reindeers in front of the KLCC Lake Symphony fountain while Frosty the Snowman stand guard at the Ampang Entrance and Rudolph the Reindeer is at the Park Entrance.

Mid Valley Megamall’s “All I Want for Christmas” theme saw its Centre Court transformed into a country-like atmosphere where a log cabin furnished with wreaths, a fire pit and surrounded by Christmas trees.

Patrons can also take pictures by a wooden barn complete with a watermill, hand-carved bird houses and a 40ft Christmas tree.

Over at Bangsar Village, shoppers have a glimpse into the past as mock Victorian shopfronts are constructed at the concourse area to commemorate Charles Dickens’ 200th birthday.

Meanwhile, Bangsar Village II has an unusual Christmas tree, which is made of a combination of life-sized Victorian streetlamps and 7,000 pieces of used newspaper rolled into cones to form five gigantic wreaths with giant baubles suspended from its roof.

<b>Sparkly:</b> The Gardens Mall puts up a white Christmas decoration with themed "Crystal Paradise".
Sparkly: The Gardens Mall puts up a white Christmas decoration with themed “Crystal Paradise”.

Inspired by medieval castles, Sungei Wang Plaza’s “The Big Band Christmas” is set to thrill shoppers with a castle where toy soldiers stand guard on balconies.

At the bottom of the stage is a fountain decorated with red poinsettia flowers while gold ribbons and Christmas trees embellished with ornaments and lights are also placed at the stage with a blizzard spray on each door to create a Christmas dream castle for shoppers.

At The Gardens Mall, shoppers can expect a white Christmas where trees made of glass are placed along the Ground Floor with sparkly chandeliers and ornaments hanging above them.

Lastly, angels take centrestage at Starhill Gallery where 29 three-metre tall angels are displayed inside the mall and at its entrance.

The decor is complemented by 1,000 decorative stars and 5,000 box fairy lights, which will be up until Jan 3, 2013.

It is indeed a season of love and joy as shoppers will find themselves immerse in the delightful mood of Christmas at the malls.


Lucky Draw for Himpunan Merdeka at Stadium Bukit Jalil

August 30th, 2012
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Don’t miss this chance, can get a car or even flight ticket to London if you are lucky!

[click the image for larger view]

Sejumlah RM1 juta hadiah cabutan bertuah ditawarkan kepada pengunjung yang hadir ke Himpunan 55 Tahun Merdeka: Janji Ditepati di Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil, Jumaat ini.

Ketua Setiausaha Kementerian Penerangan, Komunikasi dan Kebudayaan, Datuk Seri Kamarudin Siaraf (gambar) berkata, hadiah tersebut disediakan bagi menyemarakkan lagi suasana sambutan ulang tahun kemerdekaan tahun ini, selain menarik lebih ramai pengunjung.

“Sebanyak satu juta kad cabutan bertuah telah disediakan dan diedarkan kepada orang ramai di sekitar Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor.

“Para pengunjung yang belum mendapatkan kad tersebut boleh memperolehnya di pintu-pintu masuk stadium pada hari berkenaan,” katanya pada sidang akhbar Cabutan Bertuah 55 Tahun Merdeka: Janji Ditepati di Kompleks Sultan Abdul Samad, di sini hari ini.

Menurut Kamarudin, hadiah-hadiah tersebut adalah sumbangan beberapa syarikat korporat di negara ini yang berbesar hati untuk berbuat demikian sempena bulan kemerdekaan.

“Antara hadiah menarik yang ditawarkan termasuklah sebuah kereta Proton Preve dan Chevrolet Cruze, tiket penerbangan, empat buah motosikal, 10 basikal Fixie serta puluhan gajet seperti iPhone, iPad, Macbook, dan BlackBerry.

“Orang ramai hanya perlu mengisi nama dan nombor telefon pada kad cabutan tersebut dan memasukkan keratan ke dalam kotak-kotak yang disediakan di semua pintu masuk stadium berkenaan,” katanya.

Menurutnya, kad cabutan tersebut adalah serampang dua mata kerana ia bukan sekadar untuk cabutan bertuah tetapi turut mengandungi ucapan hari raya daripada Perdana Menteri dan Timbalannya untuk semua pengunjung.

55th Merdeka Celebration Logo

July 26th, 2012
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UPDATE 30/7/2012:  government says the official logo is the 1Malaysia logo and all others are promotional materials:

The move was announced by Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim earlier this morning over Twitter.

“To quell some misunderstanding we only hv 1Malaydia (sic) as logo for Merdeka n Hari Msia. There will be several promo  hihglights till th big day,” he said on his Twitter account, @DrRaisYatim.

“Tahun ini seperti tahun lalu tiada logo rasmi melainkan logo 1Malaysia. Cuma temanya ialah 55 Tahun Merdeka Janji ditepati. (This year as in past years there is no official logo save the 1Malaysia logo. Only the theme is 55 Years of Indepence Promises fulfilled.)

“Bahan hiasan (artwork) kini hanya paparan selingan bukan logo rasmi. Ada bbp bahan promo menjelang Hari Merdeka 31 Ogos dan Hari Malaysia. (The current artwork is only a variation of the illustration and not the official logo. There are several promotional items in the run-up to Independence Day on August 31 and Malaysia Day),” he added.


Embarrassment for the ministry and minister.


The collection of pictures below is quite interesting. Never knew a logo can be quite, well… exhaustive.

I guess we can be (un)creative and come up with such logo that don’t actually look like one 🙂

Definition of logo (wikipedia): A logo is a graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. Logos are either purely graphic (symbols/icons) or are composed of the name of the organization (a logotype or wordmark).

image source:

If you read the article above, the logo is being mocked by some section of the design industry.

And we haven’t gone into the theme yet…

The logo’s explanation:

bendera Merupakan simbol negara Malaysia yang dicintai yang mempamerkan pencapaian cemerlang negara sejak merdeka. Merupakan kebanggaan setiap rakyat Malaysia kerana namanya kini terserlah di persada dunia.
bendera Melambangkan Kedaulatan Institusi Raja Berpelembagaan dan kedaulatan Negara yang telah dipertahankan sejak 55 Tahun.
bendera Melambangkan perpaduan utuh masyarakat Malaysia yang berusaha mencapai kemajuan (Maju) dan kemakmuran (Makmur) negara sejak dari awal kemerdekaan dicapai.
bendera Melambangkan keunikan, liku-liku serta cabaran yang dihadapi oleh para pejuang dan pemimpin negara dalam memperjuang dan mempertahankan kemerdekaan serta kedaulatan negara.
bendera Melambangkan kesungguhan dan komitmen kerajaan dalam menunaikan janji kepada rakyat untuk membawa kemakmuran, kemajuan, kehidupan dan peluang ekonomi yang terbaik.
bendera Mencerminkan rakyat Malaysia yang saling bersatu padu, bekerjasama, bermuafakat, berdikari, berfikir dan menghayati satu visi untuk membina satu Negara Bangsa.




I think can remove the flag (redundant) and the word “merdeka” (understood la, kan independence day celebration!). And some of the fonts are soooo…Microsoft Word! So, leaves you with the 1, “janji ditepati” and number 55.

Selangor State Govt Chinese New Year Dinner on Thaipusam Eve

February 2nd, 2012
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This is being compared with last year’s Parliament sitting on Deepavali eve by MIC and MIC-friendly folks.

The Parliament sitting was cancelled by Cabinet after some noise were made by various groups (and DAP reps sent a memo), as it was considered a disrespectful and insensitive move.  Read about it below:

This time, its Selangor state government which is organising its Chinese New Year Dinner on 6th February (6pm till 11.30pm) at Rawang, which is on the eve of Thaipusam.  Refer here:

The difference between the two events are clear:

– one is an official “serious” event, the other is a official celebratory dinner.

– One involves all elected reps, govt staff and media, while other involves elected reps in Selangor and also includes public in addition.

– One is covering whole nation (imagine MP Bagan Serai balik kampung after parliament sitting) while the other is covering Selangor state. Probably the number of Hindus involved is very small (even the Selangor state EXCO don’t have Hindus).

– Deepavali eve is important as most Hindus will travel back to hometown. Thaipusam is not necessarily celebrated at hometown as some Hindus make pilgrimage to certain temples while other take opportunity to visit different temples for the celebration. Also, not all temples have chariot procession on the eve.

– Parliament sitting is usually arranged at beginning of the year. The dinner, was probably arranged few weeks ago.

– Deepavali came midweek, thus many other people will be working. Thaipusam this time around is on the end of a long weekend holiday (4 days if Saturday is off day), thus most people would have already made plans to travel elsewhere if they intend to celebrate Thaipusam.  The dinner may not be of consequence to them.

– Note that the last day of CNY would be on 6th February, thus the state could have organised the dinner on 23rd Jan, 24th Jan, 28th Jan, 29th Jan, or 4th Feb (maybe 4 is not lucky number?). 5th is Prophet’s birthday, so that’s definitely a no-no.  Those who are fasting (like for 10 or 30 days) would not be attending, so its likely that whichever day the dinner is organised, you’ll see lesser Hindus.


– both fall on the eve of a religious event.

– both are organised by governments.

– both are considered insensitive due to proximity to religious festival.

For me, even though the function is a non-compulsory “fun” event, the organisers could have chosen another day to do it, as perception of public is important. It would seem like the CNY dinner did not take into consideration participation of Hindus as majority Hindus are not expected to attend. Maybe its just targeted at the Chinese community.

Again, this maybe due to the lack of sensitivities among the officers in state government. Being from the majority race, probably they lack proper exposure to cultures and religious beliefs of others.  None may have thought of asking a fellow Hindu colleague/friend about the suitability of the date.