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160k duit kopi

November 26th, 2008
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I was surprised to hear that Immigration Department is back to normal. Just talk to the agents and runners who deal with the officers. From what I heard, one guy even received Rm160k cash! People are desperate for money and willing to do anything to get some cash. Since the systems are computerised, those with access can do wonders provided there are “incentives”.

*NOTE that the above is heard from conversation. There is not documented proof whatsoever.  The persons mentioned will obviously deny any such information. I only hope that ACA continuously monitor the officers involved in processing and approval of permits.

A foreign worker sends back the amount a poor family earns

October 22nd, 2008
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On average, foreign workers send back RM720 per month, the total being Rm9.12 billion up to June 2008. According to Deputy PM Najib, its expected to reach RM18.1 billion by year end. The number of foreign workers up to July 31 is 2.1 million (which in Bolehland means it can easily be double of that!).

Imagine a foreigner sending back RM720 per month (yeah, I know, on AVERAGE). If his/her cost of living is about RM500, that would mean a take-home pay of RM1200. I doubt this includes expatriates as they are in different category.

Do you know that RM720 is the newly revised household income value criteria used by Welfare Department to provide welfare assistance in Peninsular Malaysia?

The Government empathises with the difficulties faced by the lower income group, arising from the higher cost of living. In this regard, the Government has raised the eligibility criteria for welfare assistance under the Welfare Department, from a monthly household income of RM400 to RM720 for Peninsular Malaysia, RM830 for Sarawak and RM960 for Sabah. With this increase, the number of eligible recipients is expected to double from 54,000 households to 110,000. This includes an increase in the number of eligible senior citizens from 14,000 to 40,000. For this purpose, an additional RM500 million is allocated.

– From PM’s Budget 2009 Speech (here).

Obviously for a foreign worker, there are less “side” expenses. Most things are free – provided by the employers.

What do you make out of this – the amount a foreign workers sends home is same as the amount a poor family earns (following Welfare Department criteria)?

plans to streamline construction and demolition of places of worship

April 25th, 2008
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It doesn’t make any sense to build a mosque where there aren’t many Muslims, or a house of worship in the middle of nowhere

Strong comments indeed. We have seen places of worship located next to unhygenic facilities. But is what the minister said applicable? Religion is something personal. For some religion, place of worship can be a small as a corner in a wall. It will need a lot of maneuvering to convince relocation and positioning of place of worships. » Read more: plans to streamline construction and demolition of places of worship

Train your own priest la!

April 20th, 2008
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It is easy to say “train local people”. But the task is not easy as said because the infrastructure is not in place and red tapes causes many headache to start such programmes formally. The Sikhs would have to fund such training programs on their own.

Secondly, the local trained priest need to paid more, but it would provide savings in terms of importing foreigners. A bit of investment is needed to reduce reliance on foreigners. Who would want to work for nothing less than RM2000 nowadays especially for a highly skilled job and in view of ever increasing cost of living? Of course if one feels a natural calling to serve God, it would be a different story. » Read more: Train your own priest la!

cabinet approves permit renewal for temple related workers

April 15th, 2008
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Well, after a bit of drama and veiled threats and linking to Sikh community  by Samy Vellu, the cabinet has kind of given some sort of agreement. Sounds long-winded right? It depends on what category of work is involved, and does not cover bringing new workers. And it needs further discussion before things can become clear. Now, MIC can use this opportunity to ask for allocation to train local people to be experts in the lacking areas. Perhaps can start new courses in local institutes or send for oversea training. » Read more: cabinet approves permit renewal for temple related workers