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MIC to help IPTA applicants

July 13th, 2012
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So, congrats to those who secured a place in IPTA. As mentioned in the article below, give it a try. Don’t reject the place given to you.

The national MIC Youth Higher Education Bureau has called on Indian students to accept places in public institutions of higher learning (IPTA) and not reject them on grounds that it is inconvenient.

Its chairman Mahaganapathy Dass said that every year, about 250 Indian students failed to report to their IPTA, citing factors like distance, travelling expenses and suitable courses as part of their reasons for rejecting the offers.

“Despite being accepted, some students opted out because they were unwilling to study outstation or have no means to make the journey to their IPTA,” he said, adding that the bureau would be helping as many as 60 students from low-income backgrounds in covering their travel expenses to their respective universities this year.

Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UTM) economics student Vinodh Elamkovam said he found himself in the same dilemma when he received his acceptance letter in 2009.

The Alor Setar native, who lives with his uncle and grandmother, said he was reluctant to leave his family and had never been to Terengganu before.

“Moving far away and changing my lifestyle weighed heavily on my mind,” he said.

He finally decided to take up the offer after an uncle advised him not to give up on the opportunity.

Vinodh urged Indian students who had been offered places not to reject them for reasons like inconvenience.


Moving on, if you have secured a place, MIC Higher Education Bureau is trying to help out the students from low income families with some travel expenses.

If you didn’t get a place in IPTA, contact them to help you with the appeal process:

Applicants may call the bureau’s helpline at 03-4043 1111, send an email to or fax them at 03-4043 6100.

Applicants sending appeals by fax must include a copy of their STPM transcripts, appeal letter and their IPTA application letter.

You can also check their FB at


400 seats in AIMST for foundation, not matriculation!

June 22nd, 2012
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Alamak, what’s a difference it makes! Earlier MIC President said its 400 matriculation seats. Yesterday it become foundation seats.

IPTS foundation and government matriculation is two different things la.  One is free, the other one is not. MIC says can apply PTPTN loan, MIED, Tan Sri Manikavasagam loan etc. From saying they will work out the funding, now become loan. Where got same la.

Rather than waste time doing foundation and waste time sourcing funds, why not get the 400 seats in matriculation? Push a bit la. Play some drama.  If can get 1000 seats extra, sure can push another 400 more.  This is Malaysia la, semua boleh. 1Malaysia!, 1Malaysia1, 1Malaysia! Errr.. sorak 3 kali cukup ka?

In my opinion: If don’t know what you are talking about, better don’t announce it. Let other people who understand the issue announce it.



Footnote: Does it really need the president of a political party to give out free bus pass  sponsored by bus company to 70 primary school students? This is like division level program. Why not give chance to local leaders to handle? I think better to focus on other things.

Temple being demolished in Kepong

June 21st, 2012
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Yup, in KL which under federal government. And this pisses off Deputy FT Minister Dato Saravanan. Because now they (MIC) can’t say no temple demolished under BN since PM Najib took over. Yup, its that serious.

Yup. (Just wanted to make it three  “yup”s).

Interestingly, a directive was issued saying temple issues in FT was to be referred to Deputy Minister, but wonder why it was not adhered to this time. Looks like not only in PR-managed states have this problem.

And according to article below, the land has been gazetted to be used for non-Muslim religious purpose. So, what gives?

DEPUTY Federal Territories Ministry Datuk M. Saravanan was incensed by the demolition of the Maha Veppan Kaliamman temple in Kepong early yesterday morning.

Saravanan said he was made to “feel like a fool” negotiating with the group of government officers despite being in charge of non-Islamic religious land issues in the Federal Territory after a directive was sent out two years ago.

“The FT Land and Minerals Department went on with the demolition despite the directive that no temples should be demolished without prior discussion with me, Federal Territories Minister Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin and FT Secretary-General Datuk Ahmad Phesal Talib,” he said.

Taking control: Saravanan discussing the temple demolition issue with some of the devotees.

When he was informed about the demolition process that morning, he contacted the FT Land deparment director Hashim Ismail.

Saravanan said he had asked for the demolition process to be postponed until he could discuss the issue with Nong Chik but Hashim said he could not do anything.

Temple priest Periasamy Batumalai said 40 devotees tried to stop some 50 officers from DBKL and the police force from demolishing the temple.

Roads leading to the temple wereclosed off and devotees were barred from entering despite pleading with the officers.

According to the temple’s laywer Datin Anit Kaur Randhawa, the temple was not issued any order to vacate.

The officials used the notice from the Land and Minerals Department dated June 19, 2012 and the bulldozers moved in the very next day at 9am, barely 20 minutes after pasting the unsigned notice on the two gates of the temple.

“The DBKL officers and the police came at 8.30am and pasted the notice on the temple before proceeding to demolish it within 20 minutes. They only managed to tear down the fence surrounding the temple as the devotees formed a human barricade to halt the proceedings,” she said.

The demolition was later stopped by Saravanan who arrived at 10am.

The temple was initially located at the Jalan Kuching roundabout before moving to its current site in 2011.

The land in Kepong had been gazetted as religious land and set aside for non-Muslims.

“When I called Nong Chik, he said he was unaware of the demolition. I am surprised at the arrogance of the officers. They seemed to be in a rush to demolish the temple,” he said.

He added that the small plot of land was useful for the temple.

Anit Kaur said letters of support were sent to the Prime Minister’s Department on May 31 last year to apply for the land.

MIC Taman Fadason branch chairman K. Jayaraman said the demolition move was disrespectful.

Non-governmental body, the New Indian Welfare and Charity Malaysia, will donate RM2,000 to put up a barricade and secure the temple.



400 matriculation places at AIMST?

June 19th, 2012
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This news came as a surprise. As we all know, matriculation students study at matriculation centers. I didn’t know AIMST was selected as one. Thing are still hazy as to what this “matriculation” means.  Is it the same as the government one? Same syllabus, duration, exams and grading? More importantly, can the students apply to IPTA just like other matriculation students? Why is MIC looking for sponsors if its same program? Aren’t matriculation programs sponsored by government? Or is it case of “looks like it, sounds like it, but not it”?  What does it mean by “the matriculation programme at AIMST will carry the same value as the matriculation programme at the government colleges”.  Don’t play with words and provide more details please.

Already tweeted MIC President asking about the above yesterday, but no response till today.


MIC president Datuk Seri G. Palanivel said another 400 matriculation seats will be available for qualified Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia school leavers from the Indian community at the Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology (AIMST) for the 2012/2013 programme.

He said MIC together with AIMST will find sponsors to fund students selected to undergo the matriculation programme at the private university.

AIMST was established by the Maju Institute of Educational Development (MIED), the educational arm of the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC).

“These 400 seats are offered at a private university (AIMST) while 1,500 are offered at the government colleges.

“However, those 400 students who are qualified to study at AIMST, need not worry about funding because MIC and AIMST officials are now looking for sponsors or funds to fund their matriculation programmes,” he said in a statement Saturday.

Palanivel, who is also a Minister at the Prime Minister’s Department, said that the matriculation programme at AIMST will carry the same value as the matriculation programme at the government colleges.

To date, the Ministry of Education had received 3,000 applications for the 2012-2013 matriculation programme but only 1,500 accepted.

So far, 750 Indian students with SPM have been offered matriculation programmes at the government colleges and the rest of the vacancies will be filled within this month, said Palanivel.

He explained that, once all the seats are filled, the Ministry of Education will send their name lists to MIC for record purposes.

Planivel had previously asked for 1,000 extra seats on top of the existing 500 seats during the MIC general assembly last year


3000 Indian students applied for matriculation

June 18th, 2012
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According to MI President, about 3000 students applied for matriculation (contrary to popular belief that not many Indian students apply) and 750 places have been taken up.  So, it won’t be difficult to pick 1500 students, right? I mean if you can pick students with 4As from the other race, there’s no excuse to do the same here, right? Have a quota la – 20% top students (300 seats), 60% average students (900 seats), and 20% weak students (300 seats) like you do for the other race.  So easy maa, I’ve even calculated the number of seats for you. I can even volunteer to help pick students 🙂

BTW, those that didn’t get a place can make an appeal and don’t forget to send a copy to MIC (and also MIETA – Arivu Ananthan – 012-3993710 or Elangovan Annamalai – 017-7081946)

More than 3,000 Indian students have applied for matriculation courses in government colleges, said MIC president Datuk Seri G. Palanivel.

Palanivel, who is also Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, said the 1,500 seats allocated for Indians would be filled by the end of the month.

“Generally, only 500 seats are allocated for Indians, but Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has acceded to MIC’s request for an additional 1,000 seats,” he said yesterday.

Palanivel said Indian students with excellent results but failed to obtain places in colleges could appeal to the Education Ministry and forward a copy to MIC.


According to MIC President as well, the full list of students will be released by MOE by end of June. Refer video below:

I strongly suggest that the list contains name, school, location (to identify rural/urban) and the student’s qualifications.  If not, MIC will get another round of bashing for not being transparent, practising nepotism, or unable to get MOE cooperation etc. Either way it looks bad on MIC if they not able to deliver what the PM pledged because community expectation is high now. We want to know details and not just be told off with some token answers.  And MIC being self-appointed guardian of Indian community have a hard time living up to the new expectations.

Which brings me to another issue – should we have a Indian deputy Education Minister?

 Footnote: MIC says will ask for more place next year. My question: why not ask to streamline STPM/Matriculation first. Saves lots of headache and cost, and provide a level/just/fair platform for all.

The MIC will request that the quota of Indian students in government matriculation colleges be increased next year, its president Datuk Seri G. Palanivel said today.

He said the number of Indian students in matriculation colleges nationwide has increased from 500 to 1,500 for the 2012/2013 session.

“This year we will ask for additional (quota) for next year,”