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Father of Hindu Youth passes away

October 27th, 2011
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My experience with HYO is way back nearly two decades ago, when I attended their computer class at Port Klang branch while waiting for SPM results. After that, I’ve seen them at some of the religious festivals at temples, but never been involved in their programs.

One of the founders of HYO passed away yesterday. Condolences to his family. Read about the late Mr Vijayaratnam here.

Malaysian Hindu Youth Organisation (HYO) founder, Vijayaratnam Saravanamuthu, passed away Wednesday at the Gleneagles Hospital here from respiratory complications.

He was 77.

Vijayaratnam, fondly referred to as the “Father of the Hindu Youth”, founded HYO in 1949 and had contributed immensely to its growth, which has some 90 branches nationwide now.

During his lifetime, Vijayaratnam had organised many Hindu Youth conventions in various parts of the country and he was elected the first secretary-general of the Malaysian Youth Council in 1962.

HYO in a statement said Vijayaratnam leaves behind a wife Pushpavathy Chinniah and two sons, Datuk Vijay Eswaran, 51, and Vijaya Vicknesh, 49.


Kedah Exco says have helped Malaysian Indian community

September 6th, 2011
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Same excuse: “cleaning up the mess of 50 years can’t be done in 3 years”. I think some of the mess can be cleared in short time, provided got willpower. It will be good for the state government to come out with its report card to show what difference has been made. Mere RM229k for 58 school is nothing to shout about as it works out to barely RM4k per school. No difference from RMK plans which allocate pittance to Tamil schools. You can say that this is something new and previous government hadn’t gave anything but “giving something is better than nothing” won’t work anymore because the other party can give something more than the “something” you are giving.  You have to move fast and come out with better plans and execution.

Wonder what is the status of the land allocation for schools. Last 3 years, don’t tell me can’t even get land for any of the 49 partially-aided schools? Hope can enlighten us on this matter.

Noticed it covers the standard stuff: school, temple, cemetery, NGOs.

A Pakatan Rakyat state assemblyman has dismissed allegations by certain quarters, including a few Indian-based NGOs, that the Kedah state government had not done much for the Indians there.

According to Bukit Selambau assemblyman S Manikumar, the state government had done its best to help the community bearing in mind its ‘limited resources’

“It’s unfair to expect Pakatan to clean up all the mess left by the Barisan Nasional in more than 50 years within three years.

“But we are trying our best to help the Indian community in the state with the limited state resources (that we have).

“We are not getting the amount of allocation that other BN ruled states get from the federal government,” said Manikumar who also heads the state’s tourism, Indians affairs and human resources portfolio.

Citing Tamil schools and temples as examples, he said the Pakatan-led state government had done far more for the state’s Indian community than MIC.

“Talking on Tamil schools, there are 58 Tamil schools in Kedah and only nine are under the fully-aided category (which means they receive full financial grants from the federal government).

“The rest 49 Tamil schools are partially-aided schools where the money given by the Education Ministry is only for the purposes of school activities and not for the upgrading of the school infrastructures.

“This year the state government allocated RM229, 000 to be disbursed to all of the 58 Tamil schools.

“The amount each school received varied depending on the needs of the particular schools,” he said.

Tamil schools and NGOs

Manikumar claimed that such disbursements to all Tamil schools had never occured during BN’s rule in the state.

According to him, in the past money came only during election campaigns when MIC will request ad-hoc allocations for certain Tamil schools and that there was no proper structure to the disbursements.

“But under Pakatan government, the allocation for Tamil schools are included officially under the state yearly budget,” he said.

He also slammed Indian-based NGOs who complained of receiving nothing from the state government.

He said unlike the BN regime which cared less for proper allocation strucure, the Pakatan state government insisted on paperworks and proper documentations.

“We had given RM7, 000 last year and RM20, 000 this year to Kedah branch of Malaysia Hindu Sangam (MHS) to carry out activities that are related to the community. The activities were to weed out social ills among Indians.

“We can’t entertain every single NGO that come without proper paperworks or documentations to back their claims.

“I proposed to the state government to approve the request by MHS based on the documentation evidence of their programmes and activities.

“MHS itself is an established NGO and was founded in 1928,” explained Manikumar, who is also the PKR’s central leadership council member.

Temple and cemetry

He also pointed out that the Kedah state government had granted a land title to the 100-year-old Sri Mahamariamman Temple at Jalan Bakar Bata in Alor Setar.

“The temple was granted a land title last year and the temple land has been gazetted under National Land Code.

“Also this year the state government approved and allocated five acres of land for a cemetry for the Hindu community in Langkawi.

“During BN’s ruling for more than 50 years MIC never took the initiative to get the land title for the temple or a Hindu cemetery in Langkawi.

“But we have done it in less than three years,” Manikumar told FMT.


Future of Indian Malaysians forum by MIBA

August 29th, 2011
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The Malaysian Indian Business Association (Miba) will be organising a forum here on Sept 11.

Titled “Future of Indian Malaysians – Towards the 13th general election”, the forum would feature Indian political leaders from Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat as well as activists, community and business leaders.

In a statement, Miba president P Sivakumar said the last general election witnessed an erosion of support for BN.

“After 11 general elections of solid block support to BN, a majority of Indians voted opposition candidates as reflected in the current representation in Parliament and state assemblies.

“However, since 2008 and after 16 by-elections there are some indications of a change with regard to the return of Indians back to BN due to the community’s confidence in Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s leadership style and inclusive approach.

“The battle for the Indian vote is at hand and therefore this forum seeks to provide an opportunity for an intellectual discussion to ascertain the current status of events.

“This forum is a meeting of minds and we hope that all parties will take the opportunity to use this forum to debate their views, challenges, hurdles and future possibilities,” he added.

Sivakumar said this is the time for stock taking to compare what was promised, with what was delivered, between what was part of the election manifesto in 2008 and the track record in terms of delivery and public confidence.

“We acknowledge that the Indian community is a very diverse political community. We believe all groups irrespective of the political divide are committed towards seeing the advancement of the Indian community in the context of socio-economic development of all Malaysians.

“The forum provides a platform for politicians and aspiring politicians to share their dreams and hope for the community in the context of what they have promised and delivered,” he added.

Registration fee is RM100. The forum would be held at the Menara PKNS here. For further information, contact Miba’s office at 03-7859 1670, fax:03-7859 1864.


Malaysian Saiva Religious Council launch

August 16th, 2011
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Hopefully they can work with Hindu Sangam and other existing organisations, and not splinter the community further. Can focus on reducing conversion cases, help to poor community and also classes in temples/schools.

PRESENTLY, many questions are being raised by Hindu devotees related to Hindu Saiva philosophy and practices. There is also a lack of understanding as well as confusion over the rituals practised.

In view of this, president of Malaysian Saiva Religious Council Dr. A. Nagappan said the council has been formed to serve the Hindu community .

“The aim of the council is strictly educational and its objectives are to widen knowledge of Hindu Saiva philosophy and to clarify as well as reform practises,” he said.

This is in line with the need for new awareness for the present times. The newly registered council will be holding classes and forums based on a structured and scheduled curriculum.

The esteemed Seervalarseer Sivapprakasa Thesiga Para­ma­achariyar, the 23rd Guruma­hasannithanam of Thiruvaava­duthurai Aatheenam will officially inaugurate the council on Aug 14 at the Sithi Vinayagar Temple Hall, Petaling Jaya.

Membership is RM10 and annual fee is RM30. All Hindus are welcome to attend and seek knowledge and understanding of their religion. Breakfast and lunch will be served

For more details, call A. Anbarasan at 019- 3795 198.


1Hindu 1Ringgit campaign by Hindu Sangam

August 12th, 2011
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This is a new initiative by Hindu Sangam. The details are available at their website:

Basically they aim to collect RM1 per Hindu per month (or total of RM12 per year). Target is 30% of the estimated 1.75 million Hindus in Malaysia. The donations will be used to fund projects and activities under their Hindu Renaissance Action Plan (HRAP).

Of course it goes without saying that transparency on the donations collected must be enforced.

Interested? You can donate to their CIMB account 1402-0176894-059 (Malaysia Hindu Sangam). Their donation form [pdf] is at: