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Kg Buah Pala residents get new house next month

July 20th, 2011
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Not sure what happened to the balance families that rejected the house offer initially. I think there were another 9 families.

Fifteen Kampung Buah Pala families who were evicted from their homes to make way for a housing project two years ago can look forward to a new life at the site of their former homes which has been renamed Taman Buah Pala.

Its residents association chairman R. Karunakaran said the new double-storey terrace houses offered as compensation for 15 families were recently completed.

“We are now eagerly waiting to move into the new houses next month. We are happy with the design of the houses which have three rooms, a balcony and a porch big enough to accommodate a car.

Work in progress: The houses still undergoing construction Taman Buah Pala.

“Each house with a built-up area of 1,200sqft is estimated to be worth RM500,000,” he said yesterday.

The village was a topic of controversy in 2009 when villagers tried in vain to continue living there despite a Federal Court decision ruling that they must make way for redevelopment.

Nine houses were also offered to nine families after they voluntarily moved out before the demolition.

Karunakaran said the developer had also allocated a land behind the houses to build a temple and a multi-purpose hall, which are presently under construction.

Deputy Chief Minister II Dr P. Ramasamy said the villagers could expect to move in by August after the occupancy certificates had been issued by the Penang Municipal Council.


RM561k for temples and NGOs in Kedah and Penang

March 11th, 2011
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Not bad, RM561k for 46 entities. Equals RM12,196 per entity.  At least better than nothing. Still got nearly RM4.5 million, but I think its for whole country, not only Penang/Kedah.


THE Federal Government has allocated RM561,000 to 36 Hindu temples and 10 Indian non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Kedah and Penang.

Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam said the allocation was part of the RM5mil which was requested by the MIC for temples and NGOs to carry out their religious and community activities for the year.

“The money can be used for the renovation of premises and to buy temple utensils,” he said after presenting the grants to representatives of 11 temples in Penang, 26 temples in Kedah and five NGOs from each state at the Penang Golf Resort in Bertam, Kepala Batas recently.

Also present were Penang MIC chief Datuk P.K. Subbaiyah, Kedah MIC chief S. Ananthan and the MIC division chiefs from the two states.

Subramaniam, advised the representatives to serve the community diligently.

He said the party would receive the balance of the RM5mil allocation later.



Teacher Transfer Saga

December 19th, 2010
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I’m sure you are aware of the refusal by some 100 language teachers in some districts in Selangor to be transfered to other districts within the state. Same problem occurring in Penang as well. According to one reader’s letter to the Sun:

Many of those involved were English and Bahasa Malaysia teachers. The letter was dated Nov 25 and was effective Dec 1.

This showed that the redeployment was done in a haste and not thought of properly. This is only the first phase and I heard that the whole process, in three phases, will involve nearly 1,000 teachers.

Some comments from Malay Mail:

Some 100 teachers involved in a redeployment exercise have refused to be transferred to other districts in Selangor.

National Union of Teaching Profession (NUTP) president, Hashim Adnan, said the  84 English Language and 16 Malay Language optional teachers were redeployed under the programme to strengthen Bahasa Malaysia and English 2009–2010.

“Mismatch of teachers was among factors that gave rise to this problem. Transfer of teachers will cause more problems rather than solve existing ones,” he told a Press conference at Wisma NUTP here today.

Hashim said the ministry should consider factors like age, health and family when considering appeals from the 100 teachers redeployed.

Meanwhile, NUTP secretary Lok Yim Pheng, said the transfer of teachers to districts involves high transportation cost.

“They have to leave their families and only get to meet them on weekends, thus creating problems. Transfer on short notice is inhuman.”

Lok urged the government to increase the age of teachers pursuing the ministry’s long distance study to 48 years from 45 presently.

“The age for those studying on their own should also be increased from 50 to 53 years. We need to create professional teachers,” she added.

The problem in Selangor:

The redeployment of teachers announced in Selangor recently has drawn flak from the 100 affected by the exercise.

National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) president Hashim Adnan said the teachers were upset at being transferred to schools which were too far from the schools they were currently based in.

“For instance, a teacher who is teaching in Klang is being deployed to Sabak Bernam,” he told a press conference at the NUTP headquarters.

Hashim said 84 English option teachers and 16 Bahasa Malaysia option teachers were involved in the redeployment exercise in Selangor.

Teachers are transferred be tween the districts in the state to meet the shortage of language teachers in the rural areas, in support of the policy on Upholding BM and Strengthening English announced by the Government.

According to Hashim, more than 20 teachers have lodged complaints with NUTP to express their dissatisfaction.

“Teachers who are unhappy with their transfers are advised to appeal to the state education department,” said Hashim.

NUTP secretary-general Lok Yim Pheng urged the Education Ministry to look into the complaints of the teachers as many of them had to leave their families behind when they move to the new schools.

“Some of the teachers were given very short notice. Teachers with young children are the ones who are badly hit by this redeployment exercise,” she said.

“These teachers also have to fork out extra expenditure to pay for rent and the long distances travelled.”

A teacher who was at the press conference said she had to travel more than 100km every day in order to get to her new school.

NUTP suggested the ministry look at other measures, such as holding conversion courses to retrain the non-option teachers so that they could teach the subjects.

On another matter, NUTP appealed to the ministry to increase the age limit for teachers applying for the distance learning programme from 45 to 48.

The State Education Department says teachers can appeal and only 20 had appealed so far:

Teachers who are redeployed to schools far away from their current base are allowed to appeal to the Selangor Education Department.

“Each appeal will be looked through and given due consideration,” the Education Ministry said in a statement yesterday.

It has been reported that about 100 teachers in Selangor are upset about the transfers. Some of them were apparently sent to places that were 100km away from their present schools.

The ministry said in the statement that there was an imbalance in the distribution of teachers within schools in a district and within districts in the state.

“The redeployment is mostly to Kuala Selangor and Sabak Bernam as both districts are facing a critical shortage of English teachers.”

Other districts especially Klang, Petaling Perdana, Petaling Utama and Hulu Langat have a surplus of English teachers.

The redeployment also involves Bahasa Malaysia option teachers as there was a surplus in Sabak Bernam and Kuala Langat. Thus, these teachers would need to be sent elsewhere to minimise the mismatch, the ministry said.

In Shah Alam, a group of teachers held a demonstration in front the National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) office yesterday to voice discontentment over their transfers to schools about 100km away from their current location.

The transfers were implemented on Dec 1. However, many have not reported at their new schools yet.

“Most of the teachers are from Klang but they now have to move to Sabak Bernam,” said a secondary school English teacher who identified himself only as Vijay, 47.

“We don’t want to leave because we’ve settled down here for years. We have our families to think of.”

Another teacher who wanted to be known as Anamalai, 47, urged the NUTP to fight for their welfare.

“We pay the union RM72 a year. What are they doing to protect us?”

They suggested that the NUTP appeal to the ministry and send fresh graduates to the rural areas instead as the older ones had been through transfers before.

“I taught in Sarawak for five years when I first became a teacher. Young graduates have fewer problems being redeployed,” said a teacher known as Bala, 46.

The teachers said that they were not against the ministry’s orders but being sent so far away would pose a major inconvenience.

Helmi Che Raus, 32, a Bahasa Malaysia teacher from Kapar, expressed concern over his transfer to Bukit Rimau.

“Travelling will require a lot of petrol and we were told to find our own accommodation. Think of our financial pressure. Our salaries are not increased,” he said.

Din, an English teacher with two children, said she had appealed for help from the NUTP.

“I have not heard from them yet.” .

Similar problem in Penang (hmm..earlier Selangor and now Penang? I guess its just a coincidence):

More than 100 teachers on Penang island are unhappy that they have been transferred to the mainland, including Sungai Petani and Kulim, from this month.

It is learnt that the group only received their transfer letters dated Nov 26 on Dec 13 at their respective schools.

An English teacher in Air Itam said he was transferred to a school in Bukit Mertajam, which is about 40km from his house.

“I will have to fork out an extra RM25 per day for the journey and toll charges which equals to RM500 per month,” he said yesterday.

He said about 80 teachers had submitted their appeals to the state Education Department.

He claimed that some teachers had decided to apply for six months unpaid leave while others had taken forms to apply for optional retirement.

State Education director Ibrahim Mohamad said the redeployment was necessary as there were excess teachers on the island.

He said a meeting would be held before the opening of the new school term to look into the matter and also to consider the appeals submitted by the affected teachers.

NUTP secretary-general Loke Yim Pheng said the Government should pay for the travelling expenses of the transferred teachers.

This is what the state education officer said:

According to The Star, state education director Ibrahim Mohamad said the redeployment was necessary as there were excess teachers on the island.

He said a meeting would be held before the opening of the new school term to look into the matter and also to consider the appeals submitted by the affected teachers.

Now, the Public Complaints Bureau has stepped in. However, I’m not sure how the PCB can interfere in the internal affairs of an organization. This isn’t a public complaint, but employee against employer. Should be handled by Human Resource Ministry. Unless of course parents complaint that education quality dropped or something.

Come Wednesday, the public complaints bureau will meet education ministry officials to seek a solution to the grouses of teachers in Penang and Selangor, who have received transfer letters.

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk T. Murugiah, who is also in charge of the department, said he had received many complaints on the matter from the teachers concerned.

He said, if the teachers were unhappy over the transfers, it would affect their performance, and this in turn, would impact the students.

As the teachers had asked for the department’s assistance for a solution, Murugiah said he would speak to Deputy Education Minister Dr Mohd Puad Zarkashi on the matter.

“Some were transferred too far away. They need to rent a house and some had to spend extra for the petrol due to the far distance from their homes. All these will burden them with additional living costs,” he said on Sunday.

Murugiah was commenting on a report which highlighted the plight of more than 100 teachers on Penang island who expressed unhappiness over their transfers to the mainland, including Sungai Petani and Kulim, beginning this month.

My take – Shifting teachers around is merely hiding the actual problem. Why did the “excess” occur in the first place? These things don’t happen overnight. Who approved the posting of teachers? Who allowed for teachers to pursue bachelor/postgraduate in those fields and end up overqualified for current position? Who does the allocation of seats for teaching colleges for future need? Who come out with these policies? Is there any element of corruption or negligence in these procedures? I think accountability is important. When things go well, everyone wants to take credit. When things fails, try to cover up or blame others. Some people must take responsibility for the excess, be it previous or current ministers, top management, senior officers or junior executives. Its easy to say that as civil servants, the teachers must serve wherever they are ordered to. But that’s just hiding the real problem. Yeah, some may have established own tuition centers and earning handsomely. Shitfing will cost a big loss for them. But is this the right “punishment”?

As for solution, I think we need a better system of keeping track of available teachers and future needs for each subject. Secondly, probably there should be some allocation for those travelling more than 50km per day to cover their expenses.  The government provides for relocation cost but still there’s issue of relocating the children’s school, the spouse finding a job, and also renting a house. If given more time (like 2 months), then it may be acceptable.

Tamilselvi benefits from e-Kasih program

December 10th, 2010
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e-Kasih helps Tamilselvi who is under hardcore poor category in Penang. Hopefully more people register and benefit from it.

K. TAMILSELVI, 33, faced a tough time making ends meet and taking care of her six children with the meagre income of less than RM400 that her husband earns monthly.

Ever since she quit from her housekeeping job at a hotel in Penang in 2006, she had been hunting for a job to help supplement the income of her husband, who works as a fishmonger assistant in a wet market.

Her troubles ended when she got a job — thanks to the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry’s e-Kasih programme. She is one of three Penang island participants who landed a job under the programme.

Penang Labour Office senior assistant director Marina Ibrahim said Tamilselvi had been offered a sales assistant’s post at the Sunshine outlet in Air Itam.

“Tamilselvi is one of those in the hardcore poor category who was chosen as her total household income was below RM400 with six children ranging from six months to 16 years old.

“She will also receive a bicycle to help her get to work. The Sunshine outlet has also agreed to provide her youngest child with milk supply for a year,” said Marina.

Tamilselvi, who was present at the ‘Job Placement Programme’ organised by the Penang Labour Office at Penang Times Square recently, thanked the government for organising such programmes to help the hardcore poor.

“I was lucky that the village headman in my area had registered my name under the e-Kasih and I got selected.

“Otherwise, I could not imagine how I would be able to survive with my children depending on my husband’s income,” she said.

Single mother Sarena Kong Abdullah, 48, who was attending the programme for the first time, said she wanted to secure a permanent job after her husband passed away due to lung cancer six years ago.

Sarena, who has two children aged 15 and 16, said she had applied for several clerical positions and hoped to get a job offer soon.

Marina said 24 employers took part in the one-day programme offering 1,200 vacancies in all categories of jobs such as technical, engineering, clerical, operations, executive level, in the service sector and sales.

SITF program in Perai Penang for Indian community problems

October 9th, 2010
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This is the 4th location focused by the Special Implementation Task Force, if I’m not mistaken. Please spread the word around and get those people having problems to attend. As usual, no info on MIC websites.

Regardless whether action is taken later or not, please attend and get your problem registered at the relevant departments.

Tamil version

Malay Version

Cabinet Committee For Indian Affairs which chaired by our Prime Minister will be organizing a program called Program Mesra Rakyat 1Malaysia specially for our Indian people. The objective of the program is to solve many outstanding issues involving our Indian people such as welfare, citizenship, ic, red ic & birth cert problems, education opportunities, skill & training institutes, business loan opportunities, EPF & SOCSO problems and many other issues. 14 Govt Agencies will be attending to the needs of the Indian people. The program already done in Ijok, Selangor and Kulim, Kedah and received overhelming support and response from our Indian people. Now the program will be held in Perai for our Seberang Perai Indians. The details are below :

DATE : 16th OCTOBER 2010


TIME : 10 am – 4 pm


The program will be focused on govt and documentation related issues, pls help to spread the news to our Indian people and encourage them to attend this program to solve their problems. Human Resource Minister will be attending this program too, if there is any issue that needs his attention can be addressed directly to him.

Note: received via email from Navindranair.