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Hitam Metalik comment by DAP Assemblyman

November 29th, 2011
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The youtube video (taken in September) below shows DAP Adun for Pantai Rames, Nga Kor Ming describing Perak MB who is dark-skinned as “hitam metalik” (metallic black), in reference to the MB’s appearance. He claims it was made as a joke. Looking at the event, it seems to be organised by PAS, and after he mentioned those words, people actually laughed! Wonder if they understand their own religion or not. Maybe that’s why he said its a joke. But as a elected representative, he should have not mentioned those words which are discriminatory in nature.

Now it is left to be seen what action DAP is going to take on their ADUN. Would he apologise and they just accept it? Or suspend his membership? Or other actions? Wonder what YB Manoharan got to say about this.

So far DAP still silent ,which doesn’t bode well for their suspect image.

Hindu Sabha in Buntong rejects multi religion crematorium plan

September 27th, 2011
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It seems there are some conflicting views on this. One view is that the Sabha is a caretaker of the land and is not authorised to handover the cemetery land to state authorities. Secondly, questions arise why a public crematorium for all is to be utilised on land belonging to the Hindu community. The land was gazetted to be used for Hindu cemetery,  it seems.

Another view is that its the responsibility of the state government to identify a suitable location and not take the land from one community for this purpose.

I think that if its common good, there there’s no harm in allowing the other faiths to use the crematorium. Unless of course it is prohibited in Hinduism to have such public multi-faith crematoriums in the cemetery. It can even be used as a source of minimal income to maintain the cemetery.

If the crematorium is going to take up part of the land (0.2ha), then proper compensation should be provided to the Sabha.

Or the Sabha should come up with an alternative plan to make use of the land for the benefit of the community.

The Hindu Devastana Paripalana Sabha, the administrators of Ipoh’s largest Hindu cemetery, unanimously rejected the state’s proposal to build a multi-religious crematorium at its extraordinary general meeting.

Malaysia Nanban reported that Sabha chairman M. Dhamodaran said they would inform the state government of the EGM’s decision and would make concrete proposals for the construction of the new Hindu crematorium.

Perak executive councillor in charge of non-Islamic affairs Dr Mah Hang Soon, in a letter, had directed the Sabha to surrender 0.2ha of the land to the state for it to build a modern crematorium for use by all non-Muslim communities.


unpaid land premium arreas for partially aided school in Perak abolished

August 15th, 2011
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A very good news for schools in Perak, but I’m not sure if any Tamil schools are involved. Its a double bonus because their debt gets wiped clean, and the new land premium is set at RM1 a year.

The Perak government has abolished arrears in unpaid land premium, totalling RM10mil, by 278 partially-aided schools in the state, State Executive Councillor Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon said.

He said the schools comprised the Chinese national-type schools and the mission schools.

“Each school is estimated to have outstanding debts of up to RM100,000. So, with the arrears abolished, it can help to ease the financial burden of the schools concerned,” he added.

Mah, who is the State Health, Local Government, Consumer Affairs, Transport and Non-Muslim Affairs Committee Chairman, said that with the land premium arrears abolished, the state government would now extend the payment of RM1 a year in land premium to the affected schools.

Prior to this, he said, several conditions were imposed, such as that the special rate would only be for land where the school building stood, while land with agriculture and other status would not enjoy the special rate.

There were also many partially-aided schools built on private land which did not enjoy the RM1 land premium, he added. – Bernama


Canteen closed at Ipoh GH during fasting month?

August 11th, 2011
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Surprised to read this situation which was report last week, but then, looking at the way things are going, not surprised anymore. Can anyone update if the canteen is still closed? Does this infringe on the rights of anyone? Of course, you can say that one can find food at other places.  But then, why should one be forced to look for food in other places? And this is in Ipoh, not some 90% Muslim dominated area. Sign of things to come?

If non-Muslim entrepreneurs are given opportunities to take up a booth or two at the hospital at reasonable price,  I think can avoid this issue.  The Muslim operators would have difficulty running business on fasting month since majority (let’s say 60%) of their customers won’t be around.

Malaysia Nanban reported that many non-Muslims who visited the Raja Perempuan Bainun Hospital in Ipoh were shocked to find the canteen closed temporarily for the current fasting month.

Tronoh state assemblyman V. Sivakumar who visited the hospital yesterday said the closure of the canteen had affected the non-Muslims, especially the in-patients, visitors and employees of the hospital, as they had to look for food elsewhere.

The hospital’s management, he said, must also cater to the needs of other races.


Resident bring python to Perak MB office as proof

May 20th, 2011
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Wow, talk about making a point! Pity the rakyat if have to go to these lengths just to get attention to solve the problem. And still no guarantee that solution will be there.


Residents from a village here brought a live 10-foot python to the Mentri Besar’s office to highlight their fear of having to bear with unwelcome visits from slithery “guests” for the past one year.

“We have been having sleepless nights as we never know when a snake would come by our beds,” said labourer C. Subramani, who acted as spokesman for the group of residents from Kampung DBI in Buntong.

He said he caught the snake on Wednesday night outside his house and decided to bring it to the state secretariat building here yesterday as “proof” of their traumatic experiences.

The villagers, he said, had to bear with incidents of snakes getting into their house compounds at least three times a week.

Raising a ssstink: Subramani (right) showing the python that the villagers had caught to a policeman at Dr Zambry’s office in Ipoh Thursday.

Subramani, 51, led the group of residents to present a memorandum to the Mentri Besar yesterday.

However, their plan was unsuccessful as the main gate of the Mentri Besar’s office was cordoned off by police personnel as word got out earlier about the villagers’ move.

The snake, which was kept inside a cage, was later sent to the Fire and Rescue Department. The cage was placed inside a car opposite the building.

Subramani, however, managed to present the memorandum to the Mentri Besar’s special assistant Zulkefli Abdullah outside the gate of the building.

Speaking to reporters later, he claimed their previous complaints about the snakes had gone unheeded.

He said Kampung DBI, a pre-independence village, consisted mostly of wooden houses occupied by low-salaried workers and retirees and was overrun with lalang.

He claimed that the reptiles started to appear in their bathrooms and bedrooms following development work in nearby areas.

One villager died in November last year after being bitten by a snake, he said.

Zulkefli said he would hand over the memorandum to Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir, who was aware of the villagers’ plight.