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1000 extra matriculation places for Indian students at Binary University College?

May 7th, 2012
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I’m sure you still remember our PM’s announcement that an additional 1000 places will be provided for Indian students to pursue matriculation. It was well received, although I expected a more concrete policy-level and high impact announcement (like opening matriculation for all or abolishing it). At the moment, about 500 places are allocated. There’s no mention if this is a one-off gesture or will be implemented annually.

(Interesting fact: the 1000 places were agreed in September (refer video below) but announced in February, during Ponggal celebration in Kapar.)

Now, news is coming out that the 1000 places will be in Binary University College (located in Puchong), and not actually at the government matriculation centers.

MIC President, Senator G Palanivel and also Deputy Minister SK Devamany themselves mentioned that “some” students will be placed in IPTS, including Binary. So another permutation is provided. ( from MIC TV Online):

The announcement is was made on 19th September 2011 (refer the photos on Binary’s website – ) and compare to the video above.

This was also highlighted on a youtube video below with some valid questions:

And also in an article in The Kuala Lumpur Post:

They are many unanswered question about the 1000 places given to Indian students to pursue matriculation this year. Those representing the community at the higher level show their gratitude by praising the Government for providing this opportunity. We are also happy because at last the Indians are given the opportunity to compete on the even field. Now many are claiming that they have fought tirelessly for this opportunity but are not given due recognition. However, we shouldn’t be clouded or blinded with all these elation and celebration. We need to know clearly that this promise is being implemented effectively due to claims that a particular private higher learning institution has been appointed carry out this initiative.

The questions are:-

  1. Who is monitoring this process? Is it MIC
  2. If MIC is monitoring the implementation of this initiative, can they assure that all the students will be placed in public matriculation colleges rather than private institutions?
  3. If at all the students are placed in a private institution, will they be accepted into Public Universities (IPTA) after completing their matriculation?
  4. If no, why other professional private institutions such AIMST, TAFE, Penang Medical College, Perdana University, International Medical College and other professional institutions are not included in this initiative?
  5. How about the fee – if the students are placed in private universities – do they have to follow the fee structure in private universities or public universities – we are talking about cream of the society who deserve places in public universities – finally they will end pay back more than what they supposed to payback.
  6. Can the admission of the students offered places in matriculation be made public to ensure transparency?


The comment on the article above is also useful to gauge the possible impact of placing 1000 students in an IPTS.

But if you refer to the NST article below (on the announcements during Ponggal), the PM specifically said that the places will be in public institution and that MOHE will arrange for it.

Datuk Seri Najib Razak yesterday announced that the government would offer 1,000 more places annually for Indian Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia holders to pursue matriculation courses at public institutions.

MIC president Datuk Seri G. Palanivel welcoming Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak at a Ponggal celebration at the Kelab Kilat Padang, TNB, in Kapar yesterday.

With this, the prime minister fulfilled the promise made during the recent Thaipusam celebrations.

Najib said this to applause from some 20,000 people during the Ponggal celebration at Kelab Kilat Padang TNB, here, last night.

He said with the increased intake of deserving Indian students, it would encourage them to strive for excellence in public institutions.

“This means the number of Indian students in matriculation now will increase from 559 students to more than 1,500 students for the 2012/2013 session.

“The Higher Education Ministry will be arranging the 1,000 seats after last year’s SPM results are announced,” he said, adding that priority will be given to high achievers.

Obviously, we consider the latter events had superseded the earlier ones, and thus hold PM onto his word that the places will be in government public institutions and not some IPTS which got  1 Star for MyQuest under Science Maths and Computing cluster (although overall it was given 5 Star, and for Social Science Business given 6 Star),  Tier 3 for SETARA 2009, never run a matriculation program and is not a proper campus. (refer MyQuest document in MOHE website).

Anyway, I seriously doubt anyone would be dumb enough to place all 1000 students in one place as that will be a PR disaster.

When these kind of half-baked announcements are made, without proper details and transparency, and later you have to read the fine print to find that all is not so rosy, makes it look like 1 step forward and 2 step backwards for them.

My question: aren’t you supposed to study matriculation at pusat matrikulasi, instead of some IPTS? And when would you learn to provide accurate and detailed information to the citizens?

JPA scholarship 2012 Bursary, Program Khas, PILN, PIDN

April 18th, 2012
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It is indeed a positive move to award bursaries to the SPM 9A+ achievers. Obviously, those in the 7,8 and 9As range will be disappointed with the decision. For the bumiputra/Malay students, they are lucky as MARA’s convertible loan’s minimum requirements are 5A- (diploma at Mara institutions), minimum 6A- to 8A- for local degree (including pre-u) and 7A- to 9A- for overseas degree  (including pre-u). So where does it leave the others? STPM would an option (being revamped into modular semester based examination would make it more attractive).  For Indians, the PM pledged extra 100o places in matriculation (of which some will be taken by the Bursary recipients).  Others will opt for foundation or diploma programs in IPTS, or if lucky, chosen to enter foundation (selected IPTA), diploma (IPTA) and politeknik. The less than average results will take the skills-based training route, and others will enter the workforce. That’s about it.

Interesting thing about the Bursary is that it is awarded on merit. So if the student scores 3.50 CGPA and above, and able to secure place in the listed universities, his/her education will be funded.

PIDN (Program Ijazah Dalam Negara – local degree scholarship) which offers 10,300 places is based on merit (so far), however, what many seem to miss is that PILN (Program Ijazah Luar Negara – overseas degree scholarship) is not based on merit alone.  Even though the stipulated requirements are minimum CGPA 3.50 at pre-u level for PILN, there’s four category if award – scholastic achievement (academic) (20%), racial composition (60%), East Malaysia bumiputera (10%), and socially disadvantaged (10%). Of the 60% based on race, Indian students allocated 7%. Interestingly, the number of PILN scholarship to be awarded in 2014 is not mentioned.  Also not clear if the requirement of CGPA 3.50 will be relaxed under the related categories, or the student must get CGPA 3.50 regardless of which category he/she is applying under. The other catch is that, even though you manage to wriggle your way into getting a JPA overseas degree scholarship, you still need to secure a place in the listed universities.

There’s also a special program for engineering courses in Germany, Korea, Japan and France for 200 SPM leavers. Similar to PILN, it is also not based purely on merit but the four categories mentioned about, and with the same percentage – scholastic achievement (academic) (20%), racial composition (60%), East Malaysia bumiputera (10%), and socially disadvantaged (10%). The minimum requirement is either 7A- and 2B+ or 9A-. Again question arises if the requirement will be relaxed to accommodate the categories.

Whatever it is, we hope for a day where quotas are given on a more rational, needs basis such as socially disadvantaged  or economic status instead of artificial requirements.

If you want to know more about the scholarship, refer the following websites:

reference: JPA document at

JPA Scholarship allocation problem

May 19th, 2011
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At least Dr Wee Ka Siong was being honest when he said: “If this trend continues, many Barisan Nasional parties will have to close shop because such a practice will only scare away young voters”. Main concern is about political survival. Of course there’s other reasons too, as he said :  “Many talented young people will also be driven away and this will make the brain drain problem even worse.”

Dr Wee, besides being the MCA Youth chief, is also the deputy education minister. Makes us wonder what’s happening when “products” of one ministry is treated in such way by another agency.

Anyway, year after year we keep hearing the same stories. JPA says they are being transparent, but as I commented on Eduhelp:

…I just wonder, how difficult it is to post the details of the recipients on the website to ensure MAXIMUM transparency on the selection process. Its not enough to just announce the selection criteria and process, but not announce the outcome of the selection process. It can be manipulated, and is it a wonder if people think there’s manipulation in the selection?

To make it easy for JPA, let me suggest to you the relevant fields: recipient name, detailed result, detailed marks received for the selection process, selected for which award/country/program, family income, school name, district/state, and basis for selection (merit, race, location etc).

Sure, sometimes students have high expectations even though their results are not so excellent. They may have applied for courses with toughest competition, and all of them want to go overseas (presumably greener pasture and possibly not to return?). Or their academic results were good, but not their co-curriculum marks. Or maybe they performed badly at the interview session.

Sure, we have quota system whereby students from certain race/background is given place instead of other Malaysians. JPA already highlighted the category of selection criteria, which for readers’ reference, are two documents by JPA which document the selection process and also the relevant application details for 2011.


So, if the deputy education minister says the government officers made their own selection criteria, then who is ultimately responsible? Head of JPA is ultimately the Prime Minister as it comes under his purview.

The problem was made worse when PM Najib announced that all 8A+ students will get scholarship. Of course, this could easily be misunderstood by students and parents to mean that these students can get to study medicine or engineering in overseas. But the PM didn’t say that. He just said “will get scholarship”. Where/when/what??? So, when JPA released the results we saw students getting scholarship to enter matriculation or asasi (foundation) at IPTA/IPTS. Of course, not as glamourous as getting PILN to study overseas.

But, still its hard to understand why someone with 4A+ or 5A+ is given place to go overseas while one with 10A+ is sent IPTS. Maybe didn’t get A in BM? Or not active in extra curricular activities?

Now its up to MCA, MIC etc to take up the cases and get the second round of application done. Some appeals  will be made and few extra students will get a place and the political parties have once again saved the people.

I wonder, what if  the many disgruntled parents and students, along with 10 of their relatives will picket in front of PM’s house or JPA office. Just imagine, a thousand unhappy people (read voters), and with no politicians involved, peacefully voicing out their unhappiness. Will the police use tear gas and water cannons to disperse them? I wonder if there’s any Facebook page or event for this.


Government officers who failed to follow Cabinet directives is one of the main reasons why top students failed to get the awards, said MCA Youth chief Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong.

Many students who deserved the scholarships did not get the grants, but those who did not deserve them had successfully obtained the financial assistance, he added.

He described the situation where qualified students were unsuccessful in their scholarship applications was the worst this year in all the years when he handled appeals.

Dr Wee said these government officers set their own selection criteria and did not follow what the Cabinet had decided.

Tale of woe: Dr Wee listening to one of the students during the press conference in Wisma MCA, Kuala Lumpur, yesterday.

“If this trend continues, many Barisan Nasional parties will have to close shop because such a practice will only scare away young voters.

“Many talented young people will also be driven away and this will make the brain drain problem even worse,” he told a press conference at Wisma MCA yesterday.

Dr Wee said students who scored full A+ in the SPM examination were not given priority during the selection process, and were only offered open scholarships for government matriculation programmes or vacancies at local universities.

An open scholarship for matriculation studies is financial assistance given to students only after they have obtained good results during their first year in the programme.

“However, students who obtained poorer results were awarded scholarships to study at universities overseas,” he said.

Previously, the Government announced that 300 of the 1,500 Public Service Department (PSD) scholarships were given based on merit, regardless of race.

Dr Wee said this figure was sufficient to cater to the 363 full A+ scorers.

One of the students facing this problem is Chan Shu Ren from SMK Chung Ching in Raub, who obtained 11A+ in the SPM examination.

Shu Ren, who was present at the press conference with her father Chan Ah Kau, was offered an open scholarship for the government matriculation programme.

“I have friends from the same school who only obtained 8A+ and 9A+ but received PSD scholarships to study in countries like France and India,” Shu Ren said.

Students Lo Chia Hwee from SMK St Teresa, who obtained 10A+, said it was disheartening when she was only offered an open scholarship.

She had worked hard hoping to get a scholarship to study medicine overseas.

Another student, Chai Sheng Min from SMK St Joseph in Kuching, who also obtained 10A+, said he only got a scholarship to study engineering at Universiti Teknologi Petronas while his friends who got 4A+ and 5A+ were awarded scholarships to do Pure Science in the United States.

Dr Wee said MCA would meet with PSD officials to discuss the problem.




Darvena and Teoh get PSD scholarship

July 2nd, 2010
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Story of two students (Darvena and Teoh who managed to get PSD scholarships after intervention or appeal.

Having a paralysed mother made top student S. Darvena Pillay want to become a neurosurgeon so she could help other disabled people.

And she is now one step closer to fulfilling her dream thanks to a scholarship from the Public Services Department (PSD).

The 18-year-old, who scored 10As in the SPM, was initially unsuccessful but was awarded a PSD scholarship upon appeal to do a pre-medical foundation programme at the Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences and will later pursue a medical degree at a local university.

“After qualifying as a doctor, I will work in Malaysia because it is important that Malaysians serve our country,” she said.

“If we don’t step up to the plate and give back to the country that has given us so much, who will?” she said with a bright smile.

Darvena is an all-rounder who has over 50 certificates of co-curricular participation and achievement.

“I was a state-level debator and had took part in many competitions at school, district, state as well as national level,” she said.

Darvena’s mother became paralysed 11 years ago after giving birth to her youngest child.

Darvena’s father works as a water treatment plant operator and earns just enough to feed their family.

“This scholarship will greatly ease the burden on my family, particularly my dad as he has to take two jobs to support myself, my three schoolgoing siblings and my paralysed mother,” she said.

A student who failed to get a government scholarship twice to pursue higher studies is now rejoicing, thanks to the MCA.

Teoh Bee Kah, 18, who failed to get the scholarship earlier, has been granted a Public Service Department scholarship after she sent an appeal letter to MCA vice-president Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen.

Teoh, who was born with the nystagmus condition (a form of involuntary eye movement), was awarded a full scholarship for an 18-month Foundation in Business Studies course at the University of Nottingham’s Malaysian campus in Semenyih.

The former Convent Pulau Tikus student, who is now studying in Form Six at St Xavier’s Institution, will start the course on July 8.

“I was verbally guaranteed a National Scholarship on March 19 when I went to Putrajaya to receive an award for being an outstanding student.

“However, the name list came out a week later without my name. So, I thought I would be accepted by the PSD. But my name wasn’t in that list either when it came out on May 21.

“I cried for two days after that because I was so disappointed,” she said after receiving a congratulatory letter from Bagan MCA division Youth chief David Chua on behalf of Dr Ng at the Penang MCA headquarters on Pahang Road here yesterday.

Teoh, who scored 4A+, 3As and 3A- in last year’s SPM examination, said although her first choice was Psychology, she was nevertheless grateful for the scholarship.

She said her nystagmus condition was made difficult with her short-sightedness.

“My eyeballs are constantly moving and it is difficult for me to focus. Doctors told me my condition cannot be corrected with spectacles or surgery,” she said.

Her father, Lye Chuan, 58, said she did not let her condition stand in her way.

“She didn’t attend any tuition classes. Her hearing and memory are excellent too,” said the fisherman.

Scholarships and Loans (2)

March 1st, 2010
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Higher Opportunities for Private Education


Deadline not specified.

This organisations helps to provide places in private colleges at subsidised rates for deserving students.

Download application form:

List of participating colleges/uni is at the HOPE website above.




Airtime Management and Programming Sdn Bhd (AMP) being part of ASTRO All ASIA BROADCAST Plc (ASTRO) strongly believe that education is one of the ways to assist and help the people to better themselves and to build a greater future for their families, community and ultimately for their country. It is with this firm believe that AMP through its radio station “MY FM” together with Magnum Corporation Berhad (Magnum) establishes this Programme to provide financial assistance for young outstanding Chinese Malaysian students to continue performing well in schools.

The goal of the Programme is to promote academic excellence by providing outstanding students, who are in need of financial assistance, the opportunity to reach their full potential in the future. This Programme provides a grant of RM 5,000.00 (“Grant”) towards the successful recipient which can be used by the recipient to go towards his/her tuition fees and/or other educational expenses or personal needs. Four successful recipients will be chosen in 4 quarters to receive the grant and announcements will be made through MY FM (on air and on line). It is a one off payment mainly to reward the recipient and to assist them financially. This payment will be issued by cheque.

AMP, MY FM and Magnum hope that this Programme will lessen the recipient’s financial burden and encourage & supports the recipient to complete their education.


  • The Programme is offered to all Malaysian citizens below the age of 25 years old (at the time of application or submission).
  • The applicant must be a fulltime student studying in public colleges or university (which has been accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia) and /or have gained admission to pursue a degree or a diploma course at the respective public colleges as a fulltime student at the date of application or submission.
  • An applicant must have a strong academic background and have demonstrated caring and leadership abilities through participation in school or community service activities, extracurricular or other social or school activities.
  • An applicant must not be bonded, sponsored by any other organizations or private institutions. Financial or other assistance received from the Welfare Department and/or other charitable organization does not fall under this prohibition.
  • An applicant can only receive the Grant once but they are allowed to re-apply if they are not successful in their earlier application and/or submission.

How to Apply
Please provide the following information:

  • Name, age, phone number and address;
  • NRIC or Birth Certificate No (copies to be provided);
  • School, Colleges, University (documentary proof you are studying there or have been offered a place to study & have accepted it);
  • Information of your involvement in any Extra Curricular Activities or other Social or Co-Curriculum Activities or sports (documentary proof is relevant);
  • The reason why you should received the Grant in 50 words.
  • Family background with parents’ occupation and monthly income Parents’ Occupation and monthly income
  • An applicant must complete / provide all details requested (see Clause 2 and 3 above) and submit the same via post (see Clause 1 above) before the respective closing dates of each quarter. Only applications submitted and received by us by the respective dates shall be accepted and reviewed.

An applicant must complete / provide all details requested above and submit the same via post before the respective closing dates of each quarter. Only applications submitted and received by us by the respective dates shall be accepted and reviewed.

Attention to: William Yap Yai Leong
MY FM Magnum Grant Programme
MY FM Marketing and Promotions Department
Airtime Management & Programming Sdn Bhd
All Asia Broadcast Centre
Technology Park Malaysia
Lebuhraya Puchong – Sg Besi
Bukit Jalil 57000
Kuala Lumpur

Only short-listed applicants and/or nominees will be notified by post or telephone call for an interview with AMP, MY FM and Magnum. Date, time and venue will be set at a later date.

The closing date for each quarter is as follows:-

  • Quarter 1 (4 January 2010 to 26 March 2010) – 26th March 2010
  • Quarter 2 (29 March 2010 – 18 June 2010) – 18th June 2010
  • Quarter 3 (28 June 2010 – 10 September 2010) – 10th September 2010
  • Quarter 4 (13 September 2010 – 10 December 2010) – 10th December 2010

For more information, please visit


MCEF (Malaysian Community and Education Foundation)

No. 122A, Jalan Berhala,

50470 Kuala Lumpur. (Oposite Budist Tample, Brickfields)

03-22735179 (Ms Chitra)



Kojadi is a cooperative, so you will need to become a member (minimal fee). The interest rate for loan is less than 8% last time I checked.


PTPTN website

Note that students who graduate with first class honors would be eligible for the loans to be converted to SCHOLARSHIPS!


Bank Loans for Education (not full list)

Jalan Bukit Bintang ,
Plaza Yeoh Tiong Lay,
55 Jalan Bkt Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur Tel:
1 300 880 900
Fax: 603 – 2144 1136

58 – 60, Jalan Bukit Bintang 55100,
W.P.Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 – 2143 1857,
03 – 2144 0875,
03 – 2142 3604
Fax: 03-2143 0645

Jalan Tangsi, Peti Surat 11024,
50732 KL.
Tel: 03 – 2612 9600
Fax: 03-2612 9655

Leboh Pasar Besar , Peti Surat 10815,
50726 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 603-2731 1600
Fax :603-2691 4908

48, Jalan Dungun,
Damansara Heights,
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : (603) 2095 4000
Fax: (603) 2095 4022


Other Scholarship related websites








8. Scholarship search at Study In Australia website

9. List of Scholarships at Malaysia Australia Alumni Council


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