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New Sikh temple in Section 18 Shah Alam

January 13th, 2012
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 Happy to hear that a Sikh temple is being built. Interesting to note that it took them 21 years to get the application approved after several rounds of negotiation. Quite fast eh? 🙂 Good luck to the community in building the gurdwara. Hope they will get sufficient funds from federal and state governments. Election coming soon, so better squeeze them for much fund as possible.

Also I hope the gurdwara doesn’t become an issue since I believe about 90-over % of the population in Shah Alam are Muslims.


SOME 400 Sikh families in Shah Alam can soon look forward to performing their prayers and carry out other related activities in a more conducive environment once their long-awaited new place of worship in Section 18 is completed in November.

The community, who had been holding their religious activities under cramped conditions at a corner unit of a low-cost double-storey house in Section 25, Taman Sri Muda since 1993, will no longer have to travel all the way to other gurdwaras in Klang or Petaling Jaya as the new premises will be sufficient to accommodate larger congregations.

The New Building Fund committee chairman Patminderjit Singh said work on the new place of worship began last month and some RM1.1mil had been raised to-date.

For a smooth-sailing project: Priests performing prayers before the commencement of the construction of the new Gurdwara Sahib Shah Alam project in section 18.

“The Sikh community desperately needs a new gurdwara as the present premises is unable to accommodate us. We have had to put up tents outside the present premises whenever the crowd was big,” he said.

Patminderjit said Sikh families were also unable to hold weddings or other major events such as Vaisakhi, which was the most important event in the Sikh calendar on a big scale at the present premises due to this.

“The residents here had also complained to the authorities several times particularly when we put up a tent to allow the congregation to partake in langgar (vegetarian meals),” he said adding that the Sikhs had never intended to inconvenience their neighbours but were left with no choice.

Patminderjit said the new gurdwara would be able to serve the growing Sikh community with more new townships opening up in surrounding areas.

Apart from Shah Alam, Sikhs from Taman Sri Muda, Bukit Rimau, Kota Kemuning, Bukit Kemuning, Bukit Jelutong and other nearby areas in Petaling Jaya, Kelana Jaya, Subang Jaya and Klang thronged the present premises during religious celebrations.

Soon to be ready: An artist’s impression of the new Gurdwara Sahib Shah Alam.

Patminderjit said the community would also be able to hold Punjabi language and music classes, particularly for the children once they moved to the new premises.

Sikhs, he said, first submitted an application for a parcel of land in 1984. After several rounds of negotiations with the state government, the present site was approved on Dec 20, 2005.

Patminderjit said the committee had also written to the Inland Revenue Board to seek tax exemption for those who donate to the cause.

“Piling work has been completed and work is in full swing now.

“We have now invited tenders for the main building and are hoping that more donors would come forward to help us,” he said, adding that the Sikhs had also written to the federal and state authorities for financial aid.

Those who wish to know more about the progress of the construction or to make donations can visit


Punjabi Education Centre in Sungai Petani

August 16th, 2011
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Good effort by the community. The authorities must support the enrichment and continuation of various cultures in Malaysia and not only provide lip service or token handouts. Our diversity is a strength, not a threat.

IN a bid to preserve the Punjabi language, the Punjabi Education Centre (PEC) in Sungai Petani wants to upgrade its facilities and rope in more students to learn the language.

Its principal, Manjeet Kaur, said there had been keen interest among Punjabi parents to send their children to the centre since it started Punjabi language classes eight years ago.

“They want their children to learn the written and spoken language in order to preserve their mother tongue.

“Many children from Punjabi households prefer to speak English or Malay with their parents and grandparents. So, there is a danger of the language dying off if it is not spoken or revived for future generations,” Manjeet said.

She said intermarriages of Punjabis with people of other communities was another factor for the decline in the usage of the language.

Manjeet said the centre was now running eight classes with 62 students, aged from four to 17, every Friday at SJK(T) Mahajothi in Taman Sutera Jaya. There are 11 teachers consisting of school teachers, retirees and housewives.

“We want to upgrade the facilities so we can accommodate more students. Parents who are interested can contact us to enrol their children,” she said, adding that the centre welcomed non-Punjabi children as well if they are interested in learning the language.

Manjeet said there were 36 PECs throughout the country and they received some financial aid from the Government.

She said these centres however had to depend on local gurdwaras and donations to keep the classes going as the aid was insufficient to, among others, pay teachers and helpers.

She said they had already appealed to the Kedah government for an annual grant and hoped to receive a positive response as several other states like Penang and Perak were giving out such grants.

Those interested to know more about the centre or to help out can contact Manjeet at 016-4215658 or the centre’s chairman Tarsame Singh at 013-3601433.


3 new sites approved for Sikh Gurdwara in KL

March 22nd, 2011
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The Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing Ministry Tuesday approved three more sites to be developed as places of worship or gurdwaras for the Sikh community.

Letters of approval reserving government land for the three gurdwaras, namely in Sungai Besi, Jalan Padang Merbok and Cheras, were presented to the recipients by the minister Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin.

Nong Chik said the approval would also prevent the sites from being misused for other purposes.

“The move is in line with the government’s policy of ensuring that non-Muslims can carry out their religious activities in comfort and an orderly manner,” he told reporters, here Tuesday.
He said to date, 11 lots involving 2.23 hectares (5.58 acres) for gurdwaras had been approved for the Federal Territory. – BERNAMA



Perak Sikh organisations and temples receive RM340k

January 6th, 2011
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RM340000/38 = Rm8947 per organisation on average. Well, at least better than nothing.

THIRTY-EIGHT Gurdwara Sahibs (Sikh temples) and Sikh organisations in Perak have received a total of RM340,000 in grants from the state government in recognition of their services to society.

Perak executive councillor Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon presented the cheques to their representatives at a New Year’s Eve function held at the Gurdwara Sahib in Buntong, Ipoh.

Dr Mah said the state Barisan Nasional recognised the contributions by the Sikh community.

Despite the general perception that the Sikh community is well-off, producing well-known professionals such as doctors and lawyers, they still face many socio-economic issues like drug abuse, said Dr Mah.

“We must give them our support to overcome the problems,” he said.

Union of Perak Sikh Organisations vice-chairman Datuk Dr Sarjeet Singh, in thanking the state government, said it was the first time the community, as a separate entity, had received financial help from the state.

He urged the community to set aside any minor differences among themselves and serve the people well.

Sikh Single Mothers Association Ipoh was among the organisations which benefited from the state grant.

Its vice-chairman Pushpinder Kaur said the RM40,000 given to them would be of great help to the association.

She said the funds would be used to carry out programmes for single mothers.

“These single mothers meet three times a week at our premises in Bercham to provide rations and help one another,” she said.

– from The Star.

Another call for regulation of places of worship

June 20th, 2010
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Previously, many quarters have called for a department to be established by the government to handle non-Muslim affairs. But nothing really materialised, instead issues related to other religion were pushed to department handling national unity or passed to Minister like Koh Tsu Koon who is in charge of unity.

Recently, the Gurdwara Council provided their support as well, especially in relation to places of worship. This is because issues related to place of worship (registered ones) are handled by ROS. That too only covers administrative and management issues, not the religious aspects.

I think its been long overdue. There should be a department handling land issues, funding, religious official training, permits for foreign priest etc. This will ensure funds are not misused by being handed out via political parties for self-serving purposes. It will also ensure uniformity in helping places of worship to get registered, and managed well.

The Government should consider setting up a body to regulate places of worship for non-Muslims, the Malaysian Gurdwaras Council said.

Its vice-president Jagir Singh said there should be a body for non-Muslims like the Malaysian Islamic Development Department for the Muslims.

“This would be the best way forward. Having a regulatory body setting guidelines for non-Muslim places of worship would be good,” he said in a statement yesterday.

“This will provide an avenue for non-Muslims to go to if there was any dispute, instead of going to the Registrar of Societies (ROS),” he said.

When Sikhs have disputes in gurdwaras, the council would step in to look for an amicable solution, said Jagir.

“The complaints received by the council are mostly related to election procedures but not involving funds,” he said.

There are 118 gurdwaras in Malaysia with 82 affiliated to the council but all would heed its directives on religious matters, he said.

Jagir said the ROS was not a proper body with which places of worship should be registered.

“I am aware that many churches, Hindu temples and gurdwaras have registered with the ROS because of the difficulty in opening bank accounts,” he said.

Jagir, who is also the chairman of the legal panel of the council, said the Federal Constitution was clear that places of worship need not register.