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SJKT Bukit Darah UPSR results

November 19th, 2009
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SJKT Bukit Darah recorded a 56% passing rate, which is a 8% drop from last year. HM said its due to more students (37) compared to previous year.

However, the number of good results were similar:

7A – 2
6A – 2
5A – 3

Previously, there was 3 students who got 7As and 1 6As.

This year, UMIC’s involvement was limited due to lack of man power and finances. The school was also being supported by other NGOs this year.

For the last few years, the school is maintaining the passing rate for above 50% and we hope that it will slowly improve.

UMIC thanks all donors and well-wishers for their support.

At SJKT Bukit Darah building fund dinner

November 9th, 2009
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Came back from the Majlis Jamuan Makan Malam Tabung Bangunan for SJKT Bukit Darah at Dewan Sri Menanti, Bandar Baru Sungai Buloh. Attended together with Muru on behalf of UMIC. UMIC gave RM1001 for the building funds.

Event started quite late due to VVIPs being late. A first time effort by the school, so can forgive the hiccups. I was interested with the school history. It started in 1969 with 3 classrooms, and 40 years down the lane, it has 6 classrooms. Is that a proud record?

The school has been doing well in recent year, and I guess UMIC played a tiny role in that. The school have been linking up with various NGOs and being independent in sourcing for help. A good HM with strong PIBG support saw the improvement of science lab, toilets, addition of mini arena and so on.

The school is also starting pre-school classes in 2010. Currently 230 students are registered, and UPSR passing rate is more than 60%. Really commendable for a partially-aided school.

Anyway, the schools hoping to collect RM120,000 to add 3 classrooms and improve their science lab. Want to help? Contact the school at 03-60381335.

Meanwhile, it seems EXCO Xavier had promised RM5000 (which was prominently displayed on the projector so that people won’t forget the promise). Three politicians were in attendance. Two from ruling coalition (MP Subang Sivarasa and MP Selayang William Leong) who each donated RM1000. ADUN Kuang Abdul Shukor from UMNO pledged RM3000 of his own money, and also said that he will help to make the building a realisation. However, he clarified that he can’t promise the amount.

Sivarasa mentioned that the state government is “committed” to solve the land problem for Tamil schools. He mentioned that those on state lands are easier but those on private land like plantation companies need longer time and negotiation.

Sivarasa mentioned that Selangor government gave RM4 million each to Tamil, Chinese and Agama schools from their RM1.5 billion budget. So, he hoped the Federal government will give a similar ratio from the RM190 billion budget allocation for 2010. If we calculate the percentage, RM4 million of RM1.5 billion is  0.267%.  That would mean RM506.67 million just for Tamil schools in 2010!!! I think can buy over many of those private lands that these schools sit on.

Back To School 2008 @ Bkt Darah and Bukit Rotan

January 18th, 2008
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After about 3 weeks of preparing for Back to School 2008, the organisers descended on SJKT Bukit Darah and SJKT Ladang Sungai Buloh, Bukit Rotan for the handing over of bags and uniform to the students. The trip to Bukit Darah was on 6th January while Bukit Rotan trip took place on 1oth January.

The project expanded from 76 students to 92 students including the kids from the single parent families that UMIC is helping.

Photos from the trip to the two schools are available at the moment, while photos from the visit to SJKT Ladang Bradwall, Siliau, Seremban haven’t reached me yet.

More details of the project is at the website.


Photos from SJKT Bukit Darah

Photos from SJKT Bukit Rotan

Back To School 2008

December 17th, 2007
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Dear friends,

“Back to School” project is back again for the year 2008. This is our 3rd year and we thank the members for the support and understanding. Early this year we successfully concluded the project, whereby we sponsored 59 students from SJKT Bkt Darah and SJKT Ldg Sg Buloh who had difficulties in meeting the school expenses due to their unfortunate poor conditions. Photos of previous Back To School event can be found at Previously, in the year 2006, we helped 35 students from SJKT Bkt Darah. Beyond just providing uniforms and school bags, we also helped to cover expenses for extra classes and school activities at both these schools.

Due to the support by the public via UMIC, the teachers, and also the effort by students and parents, we are able to announce that for the FIRST time in 17 years, SJKT Ldg Sg Buloh has produced a 7A student! The school’s overall passing rate improved slightly from 9.1% to 11.7%. In the district of Kuala Selangor, SJKT Ldg Sg Buloh lies in third position, behind two other schools located in urban areas. As for SJKT Bukit Darah, the school maintained the single 7A student achievement from last year, while the passing rate improved vastly from 30.8% to 44.1%. In the near future, our target is to achieve 100% passing rate. Again, all this is only possible due to the overwhelming, continuous support and commitment shown by people from all walks of life, who contribute through us. The funds were used to cover the lunch expenses during weekend classes, purchase of study materials, payment of fees for student participation in events, etc.

Over the last 2 years, we have increasingly helped more students, and the trend continues this year. This year, we have identified about 76 poor students from SJKT Bukit Darah in Sg Buloh, SJKT Ladang Sg Buloh in Bkt Rotan, and SJKT Ldg Bradwall, Siliau, Seremban. These students are facing difficulties to step foot into school again due to their unfortunate family backgrounds of single mothers, labourers, phyisically/mentally disabled parents, medically affected parents, etc. The parents can’t afford to provide these young souls the education and the study materials which will provide them a better future and to contribute to the community growth. This project is in line with our focus and objective to assist poor students to continue to excel their education and to kill off the young age school dropout rates.

The breakdown and total cost are as below:
1. SJKT Bkt. Darah, Sg Buloh – 29 (3 students are going to Form 1)
2. SJKT Ladang Sg Buloh, Bkt Rotan – 35 (Expected)
3. SJKT Ldg Bradwall, Siliau – 12
Total – 76 students (Expected)
Estimated total expenses – RM 11,400

The students list will be update by early next week on our website at Those without access to website may request the list from the contact persons below. Similar to last year, interested donors can adopt one or more students from the student list which has been published by UMIC Charity Wing . The approximate cost per student based on age will be as below:
1. Std 1 – RM130
2. Std 2 – RM130
3. Std 3 – RM150
4. Std 4 – RM150
5. Std 5 – RM180
6. Std 6 – RM180
7. Secondary – RM200

The cost per student above includes the basic needs (2 pairs of uniform, school bag, 2 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of socks, shoe polish, water bottle, exercise books, & stationeries) AND also to cover for motivation seminar, education seminar, extra classes, and purchase of workbooks. We invite interested donors to contact the following committee members below for more info and pledge:

Koppal 019-2796669 /
Poobalan 019-2664042 /
Muru 012-3072027 /
Rajj 016-2200765 /

Account details are as below:
Name: Ananthi Ramakrishnan (Treasurer)
Maybank account no: 114833039081

Upon bank in, kindly SMS your name and amount to any of the above numbers.

Pls visit http:/// and for more details of the club and the projects/events (we are still updating the website, so do bear with us). Again, we look forward for your support. More info will be posted as it is made available. Please forward this to your friends and family members.

Thank you.

Education Seminar in Kuala Selangor District

July 12th, 2007
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Hi all,

It's been a while since our last event, which was the Bowling Competition in May. We had few activities after that as listed below:

1. Sponsored workbooks for UPSR students at SJKT Ldg Sg Buloh on 12th May 2007.

2. Sponsored Teacher's Day hampers for teachers from SJKT Ldg sg Buloh and SJKT Bukit Darah.

3. Sponsored Motivational Talk for parents at SJKT Ldg Sg Buloh.

And I'm sure many forumers know about our ongoing food sponsorship for UPSR weekend classes at both the schools.

Our next event is a district level Education Seminar. Details below:

Date: 14/7/2007 (Saturday)
Venue: Sri Subramaniam Temple Hall, Kuala Selangor (along the road to Kuala Selangor)
Time: 8am – 5pm.
Organiser: Majlis Guru – Guru Besar Daerah Kuala Selangor and Sabak Bernam, & UMIC
Event Coordinator: SJKT Ldg Sg Buloh
Participants: minimum of 250 students from 25 SJKT schools
Note: to be officiated by Dato' G Palanivel

Due to the large number of students involved, we are looking for sponsors for the below items:
1. Breakfast @ RM 2.00 X 250 students = RM  500
2. Lunch     @ RM 4.00 X 250 students = RM 1000
3. Tea time  @ RM 2.00 X 250 students = RM  500
4. Speakers  @ RM 50.00 X 5 speakers  = RM  250
5. Files for students @ RM 1 X 250    = RM  250
6. Stationeries @ RM 1 X 250          = RM  250
7. Photostat costs                    = RM  100
8. PA system                          = RM  300

Other costs have been sponsored or are in the process of getting sponsors through the Majlis Guru – Guru Besar and UMIC's existing funds.

Sponsorship can be channeled via Maybank Account No 1148 3303 9081 (Ananthi Ramakrishnan – UMIC Pro-tem Treasurer). Please keep a copy of the deposit slip/online transaction receipt and drop us an email/sms.

We apologise for the rather late notice; there were difficulties in finalising some of the issues and logistics due to size of this seminar.

For further details, please contact Mr Murugesan at 012-3072027 or M Poobalan at 019-2664042.

As usual, all members are welcomed to attend the seminar and take this opportunity to meet UMIC Committee members there. Your presence will further cement our commitment toward the educational upliftment of our community.