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Sri Murugan Centre gets RM1 million

September 18th, 2009
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THE Government has allocated RM1 million to the Sri Murugan Centre to help poor and deserving Indian students excel in their education, Tamil Nesan reported.

The centre’s director and founder, Datuk Dr M. Thambirajah, told reporters after receiving the cheque from Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in Putrajaya on Wednesday.

The centre was established in 1982 to focus on education.

It provides tuition for UPSR, PMR, SPM and STPM students.

He said that over the years the centre had produced 16,000 graduates.

It has 103 branches throughout the country.

He added that the funds would be used to open new centres with better facilities.

The Star

SMC helps Dhanaraj obtain 14 A1s

March 13th, 2008
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SMC co-director A. Prakash Rao said more than 1,600 SMC students sat for the SPM last year and some 50 students scored more than 7As.

50/1600 = 3.1% obtained 7As or more. » Read more: SMC helps Dhanaraj obtain 14 A1s

SMC get 500k from Johor govt

March 1st, 2008
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Great news for SMC. Good hing they have started to receive help from the state government from just past two years. Before that, SMC depends on well-wishers and support from MIC as well. » Read more: SMC get 500k from Johor govt

tambirajah on education and extremism

January 7th, 2008
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I heard the excerpts by Datuk Dr Thambirajah on TV3 yesterday night (is it only me, or is TV3 becoming pro-Indian now?)

He said that only the parents can ensure the children's education. He said the community cannot depend on anyone else to improve their standards (means MIC and govt too?).

He also said that education is the only way to uplift the community.

SMC will work with anyone who is interested in the community development, but SMC does not support extremism.

He also said MIC had done much for the community, but much more can be done ("banyak lagi" he said). It can be improved, he said.

Focus on education and not extremism


KUALA LUMPUR: The way forward for Indians is through education and parents play an important role in the progress of their children, Sri Murugan Centre (SMC) director Datuk Dr M. Thambirajah said. 

He said it was important for parents to constantly check on their children’s performance in school. 

“Don’t blame the child if he or she is not doing well in school.  

“As a parent, ask yourself what you have done to make your child a smarter person,” he said, when talking to about 1,200 parents on the Development of Human Capital and a Caring Society at the SM Vivekananda here. 

Yesterday saw the start of a series of nationwide road shows planned by SMC, which was founded in 1982.  

The centre provides free tuition to school students and is a centre for social and cultural advancement of Malaysian Indians, according to Dr Thambirajah. 

“We want to explain the recent concern of the Indian community and how the community can move forward through education. 

“In a multi-racial and multi-religious country, extremism by any ethnic or religious group will be counter-productive.  

“Extremism will destroy the fine fabric of racial unity, harmony and peace in our country,” Dr Thambirajah added.

Cousins score 7As in UPSR exams

November 20th, 2007
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IT was a happy day for cousins Gayathiri Chandran and Villasini Rajamoney, both aged 12, after the UPSR results were released last Thursday. 

Smiling from ear to ear, both of them had obtained 7As in the UPSR examinations.  

Manesh: 'I was overjoyed when I saw the results slip'

Growing up and living together in the same home, the cousins attended SJK (T) Saraswathy, Sun-gai Buloh. 

“We were very hardworking and our parents guided us and bought us many books,” said Gaya-thiri.  

“I'm really happy that both of us got straight As.” 

Equally elated, Villasini was quick to credit the individuals who played a part in their success. 

“Our teachers were very dedicated in revision classes and motivation talks by former top scorers at the Sri Murugan Centre (SMC) helped us as well,” she said. 

Confident in obtaining good results from the start, the cousins constantly balanced their revision time with a game of badminton to lighten the mood. 

The aspiring doctors celebrated their good results at their family gathering in Port Dickson on Saturday. 

It was also a joyous moment for Manesh Shagar, 12, of SJK (T) HICOM, Shah Alam as he scored 7As as well. 

“I was overjoyed when I saw the results slip,” he enthused.  

“I was surprised to do so well as I found the Science paper quite tough.”  

An active sportsman whose idol is Cristiano Ronaldo, Manesh is another student who benefited from the extra classes and talks at SMC. 

SMC is a project of the Centre for Social and Cultural Advance-ment of Malaysian Indians to im-prove the socio economic position of Malaysian Indians through education.