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Tamil School enrolment decreased for 2011?

January 7th, 2011
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Not sure how valid this info is, but if it is, then there’s a problem brewing. Possible reasons I can think of:

1. Less Indian students going to standard 1 (population growth problem?).

2. Parents deciding to enrol in other schools (national or Chinese or private) due to better facilities/environment (?).

3. Location of Tamil schools not strategic enough (not enough community population or too far away compared to other schools, thus incurring more cost to send).

4. Lack of publicity/effort by PIBG, teachers, NGOs, political parties to promote the schools to parents.

THE number of pupils enrolled in Year One in Tamil schools has decreased slightly but more are expected to register over the next week, Tamil newspapers reported.

Malaysia Nanban said 15,998 pupils joined classes in 523 Tamil schools nationwide this year compared to 16,198 pupils last year.

Tamil Schools national coordinator S. Baskaran said there was still a lot of interest among parents to send their children to Tamil schools.

from the Star

HRP memo to abolish STPM

June 17th, 2010
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HRP handed over a memo to a representative of PM Najib at the parliament yesterday to call for the abolishment of STPM in favor of single program (matriculation) for all.

Abolishing a tougher program for the lesser one doesn’t seem to be a wise move, but maybe HRP is just trying to create some heat to force reaction from the authorities.

Its only fair that a single point of entry is provided, or if there’s multiple entry points, then every rakyat is given equal and fair opportunity to make use of the entry point. Any attempts to defend or justify otherwise is just excuse to practice discrimination.

So, for me, make only one way to enter IPTA – STPM (UEC also should not be used to enter IPTA). Other routes must be removed. OR, open matriculation to all and close down STPM. Not enough places, well, convert all STPM classes into matriculation classes, just need to retrain teachers and change the syllabus.

They also handed over a list of 48 names of students who did not get any offers:

1 Deborah Anne a/p John Philip 920608-14-5120 SMK Covent Bukit Nanas 13 As
2 Mohana Priya a/p Kasanathan 920122-14-5390 SMK Ibrahim 13 As
3 Shobanaa Rubini a/p Ganesarao 920305-08-6522 SMK Perempuan Methodist, Ipoh 12 As
4 Elwinder Singh a/l Jasvir Singh 920121-14-6017 SMK Sri Dasmesh KL 12 As
4 Sasvin a/l Manimaran 920816-10-5717 SMK Taman Sea 11 As
5 Sharmalla a/p Subramaniam 921218-05-5124 SMK Senawang Seremban 11 As
6 Gomalah a/p Ganeswaran 920728-05-5082 SMK Tuanku Jaafar Seremban 11 As
7 Sangitha a/p Elango 921218-05-5474 SMK King George V Seremban 11 As
8 Thenmoli Hanbrasi a/p Jothy 920520-08-5180 SMK Tawar 11 As
9 Deepashini a/p Rajindran 921106-08-5580 SMK Methodist (ACS), Sitiawan 11 As
10 Arvind a/l Rajan 920605-14-5045 SMK Kepong 11 As
11 Santhini a/p Ramani 921012-10-6096 SMK Pusat Bandar Puchong 1 11 As
12 Shivanashini a/p Mathiyalagan 920428-02-5914 SMK Covent Father Barre 11 As
13 Prabagaran a/l Kanapathy 920829-08-5539 SMK Anderson Ipoh 10 As
14 Santhira a/p Vijaya Kumar 920814-14-5156 SMK Tengku Ampuan Rahimah 10 As
15 Divya Mala a/p Shanmugam 921118-10-5358 SMK Tawau 10 As
16 Serena Susan a/p Peter Manickom 920528-01-5078 SMK Iskandar Shah 10 As
17 Eiswaran a/l Ramasamy 920125-05-5227 SMK King Gedage V Seremban 10 As
18 Komathi a/p Muniandy 920719-02-5094 SMK Kulim 10 As
19 Pavithiraen a/l Segeranazan 921225-08-5903 SMK Dato’ Haji Hussein 10 As
20 Jayasri Nair a/p Janardanan 921219-07-5338 SMK Bedong 10 As
21 Ravind a/l Amaresan 920928-14-5867 SMK Ibrahim 10 As
22 Prabagaran a/l Kanapathy 920829-08-5539 SMK Anderson, Ipoh 10 As
23 Mogan a/l Mahadevan 921022-07-5641 SMK Datuk Haji Abd Kadir P.Png 10 As
24 Yuana Rooja a/p Murugah 921002-02-6092 SMK Ibrahim 10 As
25 Moganpriya a/p Thillamuthu 920924-02-5868 SMK Covent Fat

.+her Barre

10 As
26 Thulasi a/p Palakrisnan 920310-08-6412 SMK Sains Raja Tun Azlan, Taiping 9 As
27 Uneshddarann a/l Nagandran 921125-01-5123 SMK Buloh Kasap 9 As
28 Nageeshvari a/p Tachinamurti 920129-14-6142 SMK Damansara Damai 1 9 As
29 Kesevaan a/l Morgan 920717-14-5947 SMK Raja Abdullah KL 9 As
30 Ghaithrie a/p Subramaniam 920312-01-5140 SMK Tinggi Kluang 9 As
31 Pavitra a/p Sehalinggam 920926-07-5658 SMK Convent Pulau Tikus Pinang 9 As
32 Priyatharisan a/l Balaraman 920609-05-5153 SMK Bukit Mewah Seremban 9 As
33 Yogeswary a/p Gunasegaran 920808-14-5416 SMK Convent Jalan Peel KL 9 As
34 Nandarcobini a/p Rajendran 920917-01-5662 SMK Dato Penggama Timur 9 As
35 Tarashini a/p Suthesan 920228-14-6682 SMK Convent Kajang 9 As
36 Lingeswaran a/p Ratnam 921110-01-6027 SMK Dato’ Penggama Timur 9 As
37 Rupini a/p Manoharan 920418-04-5428 SMK Undang Rembau N. Sembilan 9 As
38 Narmatha Darshini Nanthini Subramaniam 920903-14-5238 SMK (P) Sri Aman 9 As
39 Pavitra Sri a/p Ramaya 920202-02-5866 SMK Taman Ria Jaya 9 As
40 Parthiban a/l Perumal 920520-07-5105 SMK Kulim 9 As
41 Yasheera a/p Vasudevan 920103-14-5950 MAKTAB 8 As
42 Thennarasei a/p Pannir Selvam 920373-07-5018 SMK Tinggi Bkt Mertajam P. Pinang 8 As
43 Saraniah a/p Kalidasan 920624-08-5324 SMK Covent Father Barre 8 As
44 Kogulavarman a/l Asokan 920302-14-5195 SMK (L) Bukit Bintang 7 As
45 Dineshwary a/p Nadthan 920121-10-5370 SMK Subang Jaya 7 As
46 Kalaimalar a/p Perumal 921113-14-5502 SMK Seri Garing 7 As
47 Gadura Kishdra a/l Viswenaden 921103-14-5015 SMK Hillcrest 7 As
48 Navindren a/l Murugasen 920614-14-5135 SMK (L) Bukit Bintang 7 As

So, what do you think?

I doubt 7As can be considered as excellent results due to number of As easily accumulated by students. However it would be a good achievement for students coming from challenging backgrounds. While we can argue that only the best should given scholarship or only deserving ones given place in matriculation, it should be true for all, and not applied selectively. That’s the contention point, not because we are jealous or want to grab other people’s opportunities.

Thought of uploading the photos of the memo submission, but since its at HRP website, view it there:

Here’s a video from Youtube:

Statistics for IPTA 2010 intake

June 17th, 2010
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Malaysian Insider’s article provides some basic statistics on IPTA intake this year.

28,633 (bumiputra), 9,569 Chinese,  2,304 (Indians & others), 43 (Orang Asli). Firstly, why Indians end up with others? Orang Asli not bumiputra?

The above translates into 70.69%, 23.62%, 5.69% and 0.11% respectively. As usual, we ask for more transparency in terms of more statistics, breakdown of applicants etc. But this goes unanswered year after year. The clamor for more transparency speaks volumes of how much the public trust institutions like IPTA. Sad indeed.

A total of 40,506 of 61,228 applicants have been offered places at public institutions of higher learning for the 2010/2011 academic session.

Department of Higher Education director-general Datuk Dr Radin Umar Radin Sohadi said today 49,234 of the 61,228 were eligible but after vetting only 40,506 met the criteria and were offered places.

“Of those offered places, 28,633 were bumiputeras, 9,569 Chinese and 2,304 Indians and others,” he told a news conference here.

Dr Radin Umar said 66 Orang Asli applied and 43 were offered places while 656 disabled people applied and 282 were offered places.

“Orang Asli applicants not eligible for the first degree will be considered for suitable diploma programmes provided they put in a fresh application,” he said.

Dr Radin Umar said 2,088 applicants with a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 4.00 had applied to enter the apex university, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), and 404 were offered places.

He also said that 1,550 national and state athletes had applied and 934 were offered places.

Students can check on the status of their applications from noon tomorrow at the, and websites or contact the 03-8883 5858 hotline, 03-8883 5848 helpline or send a short message service (SMS) to 15888 by typing UPU RESULT and the identity card number.

The official offer letter to successful applicants will be issued on Saturday while the e-appeal application for unsuccessful applicants will open at noon tomorrow.

Form 6 still same after 15 years…

June 8th, 2010
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I remember entering Form 6 15 years ago. Within weeks, the class become about half the population as the Malay students “vanished”.  At that time, I had no idea of matriculation or UiTM, so couldn’t really understand why some of my friends or classmates went away. And now, my relatives in the next generation also faced the same thing.  Where the students disappeared too? Kidnapped by aliens? Can’t afford to study in Form 6? Went to work? Went to IPTS? Recently, HRP had their gathering of SPM leavers who didn’t get place in the relevant programs. The below is news covered by Malaysiakini.

An SPM school-leaver with excellent results has failed to get a government scholarship, prompting the father, also a teacher in the same school, to suspect if there were ‘inside deals’ awarding scholarships to unqualified students instead.

The father, who declined to be named, says he believes such an internal network exists, that contributed to unqualified students in his school “disappearing one by one” as they headed for overseas programmes or matriculation studies in local universities.

“(My) children are capable too. They are also loyal to this country because we always encourage them to embrace 1Malaysia,” said the father of three.

“When we see (those unqualified students) disappearing (on scholarships) one by one, we ask ourselves, what (then) are we?

“We too are Malaysians, we struggle, we work hard but look at (what has happened to) our kids. We are disappointed, we can see tears in their eyes, but what are we to do when we are stuck?” asked the visibly upset father.

Last year, Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin insisted that the awarding of the highly-coveted Public Service Department (PSD) scholarship had been done transparently, although he conceded that there were interest groups and members of the public who were in the dark over its selection process.

Despite his assurance, a number of Indian Malaysian students are crying foul that the government has ignored their scholarship applications despite having passed their exams with flying colors.

Some, who scored more than 7 ‘A’s, are lamenting that their application for matriculation studies were rejected due to their skin color.

‘Cheated by education system’

Yesterday, these students (below) gathered at the Indian-based Human Rights Party (HRP) office in Prai, Penang, to complain about how they felt cheated and disappointed by the country’s education system.

Thennarasi Pannir Selvam, who scored 8 ‘A’s in her exams at the Bukit Mertajam High School, was heartbroken that she was rejected although her results amply qualified her to study medicine.

“I feel cheated, and unfairly treated. This is not 1Malaysia, because those whose results were lower than mine had been offered to study matriculations, whereas I did not get the chance,” said the 17-year-old, who comes from a low income family of eight.

Ravien Shanmugam, who obtained 11 ‘A’s from SMK Balidshah said the system was terribly unfair to him as he had repeatedly appealed for entry to the matriculation programme, but failed to get a response from the relevant departments.

“Even ‘normal’ students managed to get into matriculation; I studied hard and scored well in my exams. But I (am dependent) on the government to pursue my studies, and did not get a scholarship, so I feel very disappointed,” said Ravien, from a middle-income family of five.

Kavata Balasubramaniam, who scored 10 ‘A’s at Penang St George’s School also failed to get into matriculation studies as she had hoped.

“I applied for the PSD scholarship because my parents cannot support me, as they have two other kids to care for. But I failed to get it, so I have no choice but to study in Form Six. I feel very disappointed,” she said.

‘A national issue’

Meanwhile, HRP advisor N Ganesan (left) stressed that while the Indian community was most affected by this problem, it was a national issue faced by other communities as well.

“There is a definite scheme to clearly (oppress) them when they are young, so that (the prospect of a good) future is (robbed) from the Indians,” he said.

“We have been a minority, for more than 50 years we (have been) marginalised. And the problem here now is more acute than we are led to believe,” he added.

Referring to Prime Minister Najib Razak’s public claim to be willing to help the students with their applications and appeals, Ganesan suspected it to be mere lip service.

“I hope this is not something that is merely cosmetic. I hope something real happens, but as it is with this country, only when it happens (then) I (will) believe,” he said.

“How can we talk about human capital (for the country) when we stunt the growth of these students, just because they are Indians?” he asked. 

Political parties on bandwagon

The prime minister was recently reportedly to have expressed willingness to resolve the controversy over the awarding of the much sought-after scholarship, that assisted entry to overseas programmes or matriculation programmes in local universities.

Many SPM leavers with excellent grades who failed in their applications for the PSD scholarship and the placements have since appealed. 

Parties like MCA, MIC and now HRP, have offered to help the students with the appeals.

MCA said that there’s too many top scorers, too few PSD scholarships:

It is not possible to award Public Services Department (PSD) scholarships to all of the SPM straight-A students because there are too many of them.

Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said 7,800 students obtained straight As while the PSD could only offer 1,500 scholarships.

However, MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek and Dr Wee, who is also MCA Youth chief, said they had appealed to the PSD during a recent meeting to give out more scholarships in view of the high number of top scorers.

During the meeting with PSD director-general Tan Sri Ismail Adam, Dr Chua and Dr Wee brought up the case of 1,304 top SPM scorers who did not get scholarships from the department.

“Currently, 1,500 scholarships are given out, 214 to students with A+s,” said Dr Wee after launching the Read Malaysia 2010 book fair yesterday.

Dr Wee hoped that in future students with the most number of A+s would be given priority in the awarding of scholarships.

He also said that the DAP should not hit out at him because the awarding of the scholarships was not under his ministry.

I’m not sure what the Minister is trying to prove, but he’s merely stating the obvious. Everyone knows that there are too many top students around. Question is, what has been done to alleviate the problem? This issue has been happening for many years now. Why not make the requirements stricter and be totally transparent? Until now, the list of scholarship recipients were not published. No details have be given on the selection logic. No wonder some groups claim that there may be hanky panky involved.

I think besides total transparency, the cut-off grades should also be properly highlighted and duly complied with. The scholarships should be awarded to those who score all A+, while those with a mixture of As should be given scholarship to study locally, either in reputable IPTS or IPTA (via matriculation/pre-u/foundation routes). Secondly, those with less than 9As should be asked to continue in Form 6, while the ones with less than 5As should be encourage to take up diploma in IPTA or polytechnics. As an alternative, stop scholarship for SPM leavers and create scholarship for STPM leavers. Only offer scholarship to those student who are able to secure places in universities list by JPA/MMC etc. This would save a lot of time and work for JPA. Matriculation programs should be stopped and post-SPM education streamlined to be fair for all Malaysians.

HRP, MIC and MCA on scholarship problems

June 4th, 2010
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MCA have met the DPM  and PSD people, and come out with some interesting analysis and report (so they say). Refer MCA website for the article below:

MCA President Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek today announced that a delegation comprising of himself and MCA Youth National Chairman cum Deputy Minister of Education Datuk Dr Ir Wee Ka Siong as well as other officers, had a discussion with the Director General of the Public Service Department (Ketua Pengarah Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam [JPA]) this morning about the appeals for JPA scholarship that have been received by MCA.

Explaining that according the its Youth wing, there had been 1,304 appeals.  After a thorough check it has been discovered that all the 214 students who had managed to achieve A+ in all subjects have already received offers of scholarship from JPA, except for 2 cases which are under consideration.

The President then went on to stress that there was a difference in between the different grades of A, which are A+, A, and A-. “The problem arises when the media reports the mark as A. There is a difference between A+, A, and A-. For all those that have achieved A+ for all subjects, all have gotten JPA offers, except for 2 cases which are currently under consideration. After re-marking, we have found that these 2 qualify for JPA scholarships,” he said.

Soi Lek then said that out of the 1,304 cases that they have analyzed, 232 of them have gotten full A’s, meaning A+ and A’s, whereas another 857 have managed to achieve A+, A and A- for the 9 core subjects. He added that after discussion, MCA stated that the people who had gotten A and A+ should be considered for scholarships as well with priority given to them. Stressing that the analysis done does not follow any racial composition, he said that “We have received complaints form all races-Malays, Chinese, and Indians.”

Declaring that MCA is not a postman that merely receives complaints before forwarding them to the JPA, Soi Lek then proceeded to reveal a complicated chart, explaining that MCA Youth has had to analyze the names and the subjects of the complainants as well as to compare the results to the subjects taken to ensure that the appellants have attained the necessary results to enroll in their chosen courses as per the guidelines which have been set out.

Earlier, they mentioned they wanted to meet PSD and looks like they did.

MIC, in the mean time, has this to say:

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak will resolve the controversy over the awarding of Public Service Department (PSD) scholarships, namely involving the overseas programme, and entry into matriculation programmes in local universities.

MIC vice-president Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam, who is also the Human Resource Minister, said he had raised the two issues at the weekly Cabinet meeting here yesterday, and the Prime Minister had agreed to look into them personally.

“The PM has given an undertaking to resolve the matter,” he said in a statement here.

It was reported that many SPM leavers with excellent grades complained that their applications to do the matriculation programme and to secure the PSD scholarship were rejected.

Many of them have since appealed against the decision.

Many parents of the affected students also took up the matter to the relevant government departments and to the various political parties, including the MIC.

Dr Subramaniam said he also spoke to Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on the matriculation issue where many Indian students with good grades had their applications rejected.

He said a series of discussions were also held with the Education secretary-general on the intake of students to do matriculation courses.

“On the PSD scholarship, I have already held several meetings with the PSD and several more rounds of discussions will be held over the next few days,” Dr Subramaniam said.

He expressed confidence that the issues could be resolved through negotiations with the Govern ment.

“While I agree that there appears to be unhappiness and a sense of mistreatment amongst the affected students and their parents, it has to be understood that the entire process is not over yet,” said Dr Subra-maniam.

“The Government is still in the process of considering appeals from the students. Besides, the results for the PSD scholarship for local universities have also yet to be announced.” — Bernama

Pity the PM. He has bigger things to worry about, and yet also have to handle these problems. Makes us wonder what’s the point of have so many ministries and agencies if everything also need PM to solve. Whatever it is, looks like MIC also doing something, and everyone will live happily ever after soon. And wait for next year to repeat the drama 🙂

Oh, PSD also issued a statement after meeting MCA:

The Public Service Department (PSD) has delayed announcing the names of its scholarship recipients by a week after meeting the MCA over applications sent by top SPM scorers.

A PSD source confirmed that the announcement, orginally set for June 4, will now be made on June 11.

During the meeting, MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek and Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong, who is the party’s Youth chief, brought up the case of 1,304 students to PSD director-general Tan Sri Ismail Adam.

The MCA Youth Education Bureau had put together the appeals over a week and those involved were students of all races.

All cases should be treated equally and we should not have a fixation on the number of Malay, Chinese or Indian appeals,” said Dr Chua in a press conference at Wisma MCA yesterday. [oh oh..PERKASA alert!]

“The MCA treats all cases based on merit and I’m sure that the Government – under the concept of 1Malaysia – wants to take care of deserving students with good results.”

And finally, the story won’t be complete without some radical action. Well, trust HRP to help out in this area. They have sent a petition to PM Najib to ask for royal commission and threatened to torch 1Malaysia logo if the students are not helped. There’s also an online petition to demand equal rights for students. You can download petition form here.