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RM20 million available for Indians under TEKUN!

July 2nd, 2010
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This is a surprising news indeed because so far, I heard MIC people saying no money in TEKUN. But just days ago, TEKUN says got RM20 million. Maybe just allocated.

As for how to apply, well, you have visit MIC offices and collect the form. The forms are limited only, since the money also limited. Their logic is that why provide lots of form when the fund can cover, let’s say, 2000 applicants only (assume each applicant get RM10,000).

And starting from yesterday, you’ll need to attend a course if want to apply TEKUN loan.

The government has allocated RM20 million under Tekun (Tabung Kumpulan Usaha Niaga) for small-scale Indian entrepreneurs.

Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Datuk Seri Noh Omar said about 700 small-scale Indian entrepreneurs throughout the country had been given loans to develop their business.

Tekun Nasional has received assistance from Yayasan Strategik Sosial (YSS) in providing such loans to Indian entrepreneurs, he told reporters after opening Tekun Nasional’s 2010 Excellent Service Awards here today.

Noh said Tekun Nasional had registered RM1.5 billion in profits till May 31, from the initial allocation of RM900 provided by the government, while 170,000 have benefited from such loan facilities.

He added that starting July 1, entrepreneurs who wished to take a loan from Tekun Nasional, must attend a entrepreneurs’ course to be eligible for loans.

“Those who do not attend the course without a valid reason, will not be considered for such loans,” he said. — Bernama

TEKUN still have RM30 million for Indians

December 7th, 2009
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Below is some updates on TEKUN scheme for Indian community. The reply is due to MP Kulasegaran’s question in the Dewan Rakyat. You may wonder why details about the special scheme is not available on TEKUN website, instead one need to approach MIC through YSS. TEKUN was set up for bumiputra entrepreneurs.

The Deputy Minister says got RM36 million (I thought it was about RM20 million only for this year) and RM6.13 million has been dispersed. But I remember someone saying that there’s no more funds left for the year. That means got nearly RM30 million left in the fund. That can really boost lots of Indian businesses. Want to know how to apply? Ask YSS here (and please share your responses in this blog).

And if you read the last line below, the RM6.13 million loaned to Indians is part of RM1.385 billion which is a mere 0.44%. 600 Indian businessmen out of 150,988 is about 0.4%. RM6.13 million/600 people is RM10217/Indian. While the average is RM1.385 billion/150988 persons is RM9173. If consider only bumiputras, then its (RM1.385 billion – RM6.13 million)/(150,988-600) = RM9168/bumiputra. So, even though the allocation and disbursement is small, the amount an Indian businessman gets is about RM1000 more than the bumiputra businessman. Yeah, average is not a good indicator, just one of many. We should be having 10500 businessmen (if we take 7% rate) instead of 600.  So, questions need to be asked – where are these businessmen? Are they qualified? Did they apply? Are they aware?

I won’t say denied because the amount is already granted, but whether the applications were received and processed, or only those short-listed by YSS would be accepted. It would be good if some sort of online application is created and handled directly by TEKUN or PM’s Dept rather than given to a political party’s extension. Even if YSS is impartial, the impression would be different.

Do note that the forms are free and even the processing fee is deducted from the loan amount.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry has denied that the Indian community is being sidelined in the Tekun loan programme for small businesses.

Its deputy minister, Rohani Abdul Karim (BN Batang Lupar), said RM36 million has been allocated this year, primarily for Indians.

“Of this, RM6.13 million have been disbursed to small businessmen from the community nationwide,” she told Parliament this morning.

Rohani said more than 600 Indian small businessmen have benefitted from the allocation, the biggest being Perak with 216 businesses, followed by Selangor with 211 and Kedah, 185.

Earlier, M Kulasegaran (DAP- Ipoh Barat) asked the ministry why there were no publicity on the such allocations for the community.

He said applicants had found it difficult to do so and that many were asked to pay for the application forms.

To this, Rohani said the forms are free and asked Kulasegaran to give specific complaints so that the ministry could investigate.

She said only successful applications were asked to pay RM300 as processing fee for loans below RM10,000; RM50 for loans between RM10,000 and RM30,000; and RM30 for loans between RM30,000 and RM50,000.

“Applicants are not asked for the processing money as the amount is deducted from the loan.” She said Tekun Nasional has until Sept 31 this year, made 188,708 disbursements worth RM1.385 billion to 150,988 small entreprenuers.

Free ICT training in Port Klang

December 2nd, 2009
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Free ICT training program conducted by Yayasan Kemajuan Sosial Malaysia. Co-organised by the Ministry of Human Resources as part of its effort to tackle issues of workers’ retrenchment and jobless youths.


Duration of Course: 2 months (December & January)

Date: 7th December 2009 (Monday) – First Lesson

Pusat ICT MPK Port Klang.
(Above Port Klang bus station)

Introduction to ICT
Desktop Publishing
Teleworking in publication
Web designing
MS Excel
MS Powerpoint

Each student will be paid an allowance of about RM 500 – RM 800 per month.

Allowance rate (monthly basis):
Single mothers: RM500
Retrenched workers: RM600
Retrenched workers with child: RM 600 + RM 50 (for each child – max 4 children)

To reserve your seats, kindly pre-register before 7/12/09 with Mr.Balaguru or Mr.Dharmen. First-come first-served basis.

2 classes allocated but could go up to 3 classes depending on number of applicants. So, hurry up and register before vacant seats are filled.

For further details, pls contact :
Mr. Balaguru – 0123176464
Mr. Dharmen – 0162804660

Apply for TEKUN loan

April 30th, 2009
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Updated info on Skim Pinjaman Usahawan Muda India (SPUMI) by TEKUN:

To read about the scheme:



To register online:


Application Forms for ‘Tekun’ Loan is now available at:

Yayasan Strategik Sosial (YSS)
Tingkat 5, Menara Manickavasagam
No 1, Jalan Rahmat
50350 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 6-03-4041 5958 (Mr Nareen)
Fax: 6-03-4041 5681

YSS will also be holding workshops every Wednesday from 10.00 am to 1.00pm at its office to brief applicants on how to apply and how to fill up the forms.

Closing Date : 15th June, 2009


YSS website

Tekun website

Garis Panduan & Kelayakan Memohon

  • Warganegara Malaysia
  • Berumur 18 hingga 45 tahun
  • Pemohon berdaftar dan memiliki sijil pendaftaran Suruhanjaya Malaysia (SSM)
  • Peminjam harus terlibat sepenuh masa dalam perniagaan
  • Menyediakan satu rangka pelan perniagaan yang ringkas dan padat
  • Individu yang diisthiyarkan bangkrap/muflis tidak layak memohon.
  • Keperluan dokumen-dokumen perniagaan adalah ditetapkan oleh YSS dan Tekun Nasional
  • Keputusan YSS dan Tekun Nasional

Jenis Pinjaman & prosuder Pinjaman SPUMI

  • PINJAMAM SPUMI MIKRO (RM 500 hingga RM 10,000) ditentukan oleh pihak pengurusan TEKUN Nasional
  • PINJAMAN SPUMI MIKRO SEDERHANA (RM 10,000 hingga RM 30,000) ditentukan oleh pihak pengurusan TEKUN Nasional.
  • Tenpoh pembayaran balik ansuran adalah masa 3 tahun hingga 5 tahun dengan kadar faedah tetap 4% setahun.
  • Skim ini mengikut format TEKUN dalam membiayai pinjaman perniagaan
  • TEKUN akan mengenakan bayaran RM 30 sebagai yuran pemprosesan.
  • Elemen insurans dan simpanan juga ditetapkan dalam perniagaan ini.

Nota tambahan:

  • Borang diberi dengan percuma
  • Tiada Kos Urusetia
  • Maklumat lanjut sila hubungi pihak YSS
  • Borang terus diserahkan kepada pegawai YSS (pihak YSS tidak mengamalkan penghantaran melalui orang tengah)
  • Pemohon dinasihatkan membuat satu salinan dokumen sebelum menghantar kepada YSS.

Indian youths and skills courses

September 26th, 2008
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I heard Dr S.Subra talking about this yesterday, and its in the papers today. It seems that of the 900 seats offered nationwide to Indian youths to pursue a skills course for free, with accommodation, meals and RM100 monthly for expenditure, only 249 enrolled for its July intake (The Star). That means its about nine Indian students for each of the 26 Human Resources Training Institutes (HRTI) (a.k.a ILJTM) nationwide under the purview of the Manpower Department.

According to Dr S.Subra, opportunities were being created for Indian youths to acquire skills and secure jobs with good wages but they chose ignore it, even though plenty of advertisements are taken out in newspapers (Tamil papers too).

Dr Subramaniam said it was sad to see youths wasting their potential, energy, creativeness and power to build a better future for themselves by learning a skill.

“Indian youths must understand that foreign firms are setting up businesses in Penang, Selangor and Johor and those with innovative skills are the ones who can secure jobs with good prospects,” he said.

According to him, among the factors for the lack of interest is (i) the poor perception of skills-based employment and (ii) the fact that the youths preferred academic courses (NST).

“Maybe they are not aware that employment opportunities in the skills sector are more than in the academic sector.”

He said usually 80 to 90 per cent of ILJTM graduates were able to find work within three to four months of finishing their courses.

Dr Subramaniam said Malaysian Industrial Development Authority statistics showed that a total of 40,000 jobs were created in the first six months of the year through local and foreign investments.

He said through the courses, participants could become entrepreneurs or experts in the skills acquired.

“There are Malaysian welders who are highly skilled and have had offers and work in the oil and gas industry in West Asia and are paid well,” he said.

I guess the two factors are quite true. Coupled with lack of self-confidence, lack of proficiency in English and Malay, and possibility of unemployment also play a role in youths ignoring such jobs. Majority of the trainees in these institutes constitute of one race only, and they are assisted in securing jobs in GLCs, the enormous number of bumiputra contractors/firms, and goverment agencies. Even the Chinese youths also choose to stay away, with MCA trying hard to convince the career prospects of skills-based training.

What MIC/YSS can do is to continue its efforts, and perhaps to add value to its services by providing counseling, helping to create network between industry and the trainees so that can offer jobs faster, get some success story candidates to share their experience, and provide support group for students in the institutes so that the students don’t feel alone or ignored.

Secondly, they should target the parents. I think a segment of the parents are still in the old mindset. They don’t want their children to be away from them or to choose their own career. MIC/YSS can organise trips to these institutes for parents, or have an open day at this places, so that the community can know more about the facilities and environment there.

Thirdly, there should efforts to avoid these institutes into becoming like local universities which are slanted towards certain race and religion only. This is undoubtedly hard, but I guess this is also another reason why such institutes are shunned. Simple things like not serving beef, practicing vegetarianism, putting God images in room, etc., should not be be banned or ignored.