Teacher gets show-cause letter over abuse of pupils

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Teacher gets show-cause letter over abuse of pupils


JOHOR BARU: The Education Department here has issued a show-cause letter to a teacher who had allegedly abused her pupils. 

The Tamil primary school teacher has also been ordered to go for counselling. 

The parents of a young girl recently told the The Star that their daughter had been pinched, slapped and beaten with a broom and a metal rod since April until she became too traumatised to go to school. 

SJK(T) Yahya Awal headmaster M. Perumal said he knew of five to six pupils who had been beaten by the teacher.  

Johor Education director Mokhy Saidon said his department had spoken to the headmaster. 

“It is possible that the teacher is under stress because of family problems,” said Mokhy.  

He said the teacher would be given counselling, adding that an officer from the department would be sent to speak to her. 

Asked if the teacher, who has been in the profession for 17 years, would be suspended, Mokhy said: “Suspension and facing a disciplinary board will be the last resort if she continues to repeat her behaviour.” 

He advised teachers under stress to get religious help or to speak to their peers or even to him to release tension “without taking it out on the pupils.” 

Meanwhile, Kavitaanjali’s mother said the teacher, although on leave yesterday, had come to school and shouted at her daughter because the case had been highlighted in the media.


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