SJKT Ladang Minyak gets 2 acre land from UMW as compensation

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Good news amidst some bad ones, SJKT Ladang Minyak gets compensation land from UMW Holdings to construct new building.

Anyway, I thought that such redevelopment of estate land must incorporate proper settlement of ex-workers and relocation of schools, temples etc. Remember reading about it somewhere. Not sure if under state or federal policy.

10 acres were allocated, of which 8 was given as compensation to estate workers by handing over the land to RV Globals Sdn Bhd. Which sounds weird but maybe its some legal requirement to have an entity to represent the workers. This company will subdivide the land and built houses and other infrastructure for the 136 ex-workers.  It seems the chairman of LPS is also involved in RV Globals.

Below is the news on the 8 acres transfer ceremony done in 2007:

Dato’ G. Palanivel, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Women, Family & Community Development today witnessed the signing of the transfer of 8-acres of UMW land in Serendah, valued at RM2.0 million, as compensation to ex-workers of the New Serendah Estate, through RV Global Sdn Bhd, which acts as a legal entity to represent the ex-workers.

The Transfer Agreement was signed by Dato’ Dr Abdul Halim Harun, UMW Group Managing Director & CEO and En Meor Mohar Azhar Abd Ghani, Executive Director, on behalf of UMW Corporation Sdn Bhd, whilst Mr A Ramarao and Mr A Kohilan Pillay, Managing Director and Director, respectively, signed on behalf of RV Global Sdn Bhd.

Also present at the ceremony were Tan Sri Asmat Kamaludin, UMW Group Chairman, senior MIC officials, representatives of New Serendah Estate and senior management of UMW Group.

When UMW acquired the New Serendah Estate Land from the Selangor State Government in 1992, there were 136 ex-estate workers occupying the workers’ quarters on UMW’s land. On compassionate grounds, UMW allowed them to continue staying at the quarters with free water supply and subsidized electricity.

Over the years, UMW went through numerous discussions and negotiations with representatives of the New Serendah Estate and other related parties, on how best to compensate the 136 ex-estate workers who were affected by UMW’s purchase of the Serendah land.

In August 2006, the UMW Holdings Board of Directors approved a proposal to transfer the 8-acres of land to RV Global Sdn Bhd, which will act for the interest of the 136 ex-estate workers. RV Global will undertake to further sub-divide the land for the construction of houses, as well as build a community hall and a playground for the ex-estate workers and their families.

In his speech on behalf of UMW Corporation, En Meor Mohar Azhar Abd Ghani said, “YB Dato’ Palanivel, in his capacity as the Hulu Selangor Member of Parliament, has been instrumental in enabling UMW Corporation and the ex-workers of Syarikat Ladang New Serendah Estate to reach a mutually agreeable solution to resolve this particular issue. In spite of his tight work schedule, as a Deputy Minister and a member of Parliament, he has made the time to ensure that this amicable settlement is made possible.”

He added, “On UMW’s part, the transfer of the land to RV Global signifies the fulfillment of our social responsibility to the Serendah ex-estate workers community. We are glad that the parties concerned have been able to resolve all related issues amicably.


So, after 5 years, now the balance 2 acres has been given to the school.

AS PART of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) effort, UMW Holdings Berhad donated two acres of its land in Bandar Serendah, valued at RM800,000, for the purpose of building a Tamil school for the local community. The property will be transferred in favour of “Lembaga Pengelola Sekolah, SJK(T) Ladang Minyak, Bestari Jaya” in Kuala Selangor which will relocate the school to Bandar Serendah.

Previously, the UMW Holdings’ Board of Directors had approved the transfer of up to 10 acres of land as part of the resettlement of the ex-estate workers of the former New Serendah Estate. Eight acres of the land had been transferred to a legal entity known as RV Global Sdn Bhd, which undertook the responsibility of safe-guarding the interests of the ex-workers and families after UMW acquired the New Serendah Estate Land from the Selangor Government.

The transfer letter was handed over by UMW Corporation Sdn Bhd executive director Suseela Menon to Amaran Krishnan, secretary of Lembaga Pengelola Sekolah, SJK (T) Ladang Minyak, Bestari Jaya. The event was witnessed by Member of Parliament for Hulu Selangor P. Kamalanathan and chairman of Lembaga Pengelola Sekolah A. Rama Rao. [MyNadi chairman is also present in the photo].

Also present at the ceremony were management representatives of the UMW Group and representatives of MIC and Gerakan.

UMW has always believed that a company, a community or a nation can only stand strong and continue to grow and thrive, if it is supported by a strong pillar of knowledge and education.

UMW embarked on this programme because the group believes that education should not be a privilege limited to a few, but a basic right that should be easily accessible and available to all.

It is hoped that the development of this school, to be located on the former New Serendah Estate land, will greatly benefit and further enrich the minds of the children of the ex-estate workers and the local community.


Hopefully the school will be allocated sufficient funds to construct the new building within the acceptable timeframe.


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