Dr Kadeer Ibrahim Talk at Kuala Selangor

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This program was organised by Majlis Guru Besar Daerah Kuala Selangor and Sabak Bernam together with United Malaysian Indian Club on 23th July 2007 at Sri Subramaniam Temple, Kuala Selangor as a follow up to the SJKT UPSR Education Seminar held on 14th July. More than 300 students from 26 primary SJKT schools took part. The hall was brimming with students. Prof Dr Kadeer talked on Motivation and Learning Techniques in the session with students which lasted for about 2 hours (3-5pm).

The evening session for parents was from 8 – 10pm in which he talked about problems faced by parents, what parents need to do, the roles of parents and teachers, importance of education etc. About 300 parents attended this session.

Some of the photos of the seminar are available at: Picasa

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  1. divadarshini says:

    helo sir..my name is divadarshini from mmu university,cyberjaya.i would like to invite u to our university to give a talk regarding education for our indian students.it is maybe on first week of oktober.hope yqou will reply soon.t

  2. Sunthari says:

    Vaazhga Valamudan,

    Dr, my humble request and wish that you could give talk to all the Tamil Schools.

    May almighty bless you always.

    Thank you to Mr Poobalan, too.


  3. sheila shamuganathan says:

    Hello Dr,

    I have heard alot about you and love to listen to your talks. I was told that you will be in Kepala Batas on 9.1.2010 but again too bad, I am leaving to India on 6.1.2010. Can you please tell me the date that you will in north again where I can attend the talk.

    Thank You

  4. chitra says:

    Good Morning to you sir,

    I have attend Dr Kadeer Ibrahim’s talk and I really enjoyed listening and benefit. Therefore i would like to attend his talk. When he will be in south (Johor Bahru) again?

  5. agilann_mj.agilann says:

    helo sir..my name is agilann_mj from kolej university linton lagenda seremban ,mantin.i would like to invite u to our kolej university to give a talk regarding education,motivation,self awerness for our indian students as (lics society )at here.it is maybe on second week of july.hope yqou will reply soon.t

  6. Vinthia says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to have a personal advise about life from prof. but I do not have any contact. How shall I proceed.

    Thank you

  7. balaganesh says:

    hello sir…………i realy admire dr.kadeer…..sir……..he is the most powerful speaker n motivator…….i realy want meet him personaly n like to hear some advice personaly 4rom……him…..hw can i do tis?……m a university student studying in unisel……..tank u

  8. balaganesh says:

    thank u sir………but i didnt get the num…….

  9. mini says:

    cn we meet dr.kadeer personally for caunseling pls

  10. Dear Mr. Poobalan ,

    Greetings.I have been an ardent fan of Dr Kader and his works .I have always wanted to attend one of his talks but none till now.The circular notices are always, noticed by me, after the events are finished.I would like to know of any future talks, seminar by Dr Kader?Kindly send an email for my attention sithi0768@yahoo.com , appreciated.

  11. kalai says:

    dear sir,
    this is kalai from india.we are in cuddalore in tamilnadu.iam interested in learning the professional courses…if there is any centre at tamilnadu please give me the addrress of contact.

  12. miny says:

    pleasure time sir, i am 20 years old girl and i need a personal consultation with dr kadeer ibrahim, im worried about myself, i really need a good speaker that can define my problem, im looking forward to contact with dr kadeer ibrahim, but i couldnt find how, will anybody here could help me for that ? its a humble request from me, i just want to recover myself to live more longer, i hope anyone will help me, thank you 🙂

  13. Navarajan says:

    Vanakkam Sir,

    I need to prepare a tamil speech on Vallalar Paadalgalil Vinji Iruppathu Vinjanama Meijanama. Can you assist me?