Deepavali with Kids

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Deepavali with Kids was held in Klang last Sunday (18 Nov 2007). The event was organised by a group of friends and their families for the last 10 years or so. UMIC were invited to sponsor some of the items and also to help out at the event, since about 250 children were expected this time.

I went there on Saturday evening to help pack the school bags full of goodies – stationery, towel, food stuff, shoe polish etc. However, most of the work were already done. We also helped to do the “thoranam” (decoration made from young coconut tree leaves) and pack gifts for children.

On Sunday morning, myself and Then reached the venue at 9.30am. Had breakfast and started with arrangement and allocation of groceries to be distributed to the various groups. Then, there were some decoration work – putting up balloons etc. My duty was to be photographer, so i basically hung around pretending to be busy while others were huffing and puffing away 🙂

Most of the UMIC members started to arrive after 10am, while the children started arriving around 12pm in buses and vans. There were children from Klang Utama, Anbe Sivam, St Barnabas Home, Destiny Home, Padmasambava, etc. and also disabled children. 4 poor families previously identified by the organisers also attended the event.

After a brief opening ceremony, food was served. And what food it was! Nasi goreng, nuggets, chicken burger, mee goreng, fried chicken, sausages, fresh popcorn, satay and candy floss to name a few. They kids dug in and had a great meal. At the same time, we had a clown who went around entertaining the children. But i think what the children loved the most were the two air-filled playpen. Kids were jumping up and down, really lost in their own little worlds!

Then some of the children danced and sang, and were rewarded with prizes by the organisers. Amidst all this, the superbikers came! They took the children for a ride around the block, and left the kids wanting for more. The bikers were sporting enough to take nearly all the children around, taking turns with their bikes.

Following this was a special appearance by ChaCha the clown magician, who entertained the kids with his antics. The rain made us move under the canopies and ChaCha continued his show.

After that it was gift session where every child was given a gift. Finally, schools bag were handed over to the children and representatives from the homes took the provisions.

The event ended at around 4.15pm. The organisers then cleaned up the area and most of the left by 5.30pm.

Thanks to UMICians – Rajj, Mr Gopal, Then, Mamba, Muru@Ritesh, Shirley, Ananthi, Guru, Ms Rahimah, Capt and Mrs Asohan, Mr and Mrs Kannan, and Perumal for helping out with this event.

Thanks too to the organisers for extending the invitation to UMIC to take part in this year’s Deepavali with Kids. Hope to have the same fun next year!


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