At SJKT Bukit Darah building fund dinner

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Came back from the Majlis Jamuan Makan Malam Tabung Bangunan for SJKT Bukit Darah at Dewan Sri Menanti, Bandar Baru Sungai Buloh. Attended together with Muru on behalf of UMIC. UMIC gave RM1001 for the building funds.

Event started quite late due to VVIPs being late. A first time effort by the school, so can forgive the hiccups. I was interested with the school history. It started in 1969 with 3 classrooms, and 40 years down the lane, it has 6 classrooms. Is that a proud record?

The school has been doing well in recent year, and I guess UMIC played a tiny role in that. The school have been linking up with various NGOs and being independent in sourcing for help. A good HM with strong PIBG support saw the improvement of science lab, toilets, addition of mini arena and so on.

The school is also starting pre-school classes in 2010. Currently 230 students are registered, and UPSR passing rate is more than 60%. Really commendable for a partially-aided school.

Anyway, the schools hoping to collect RM120,000 to add 3 classrooms and improve their science lab. Want to help? Contact the school at 03-60381335.

Meanwhile, it seems EXCO Xavier had promised RM5000 (which was prominently displayed on the projector so that people won’t forget the promise). Three politicians were in attendance. Two from ruling coalition (MP Subang Sivarasa and MP Selayang William Leong) who each donated RM1000. ADUN Kuang Abdul Shukor from UMNO pledged RM3000 of his own money, and also said that he will help to make the building a realisation. However, he clarified that he can’t promise the amount.

Sivarasa mentioned that the state government is “committed” to solve the land problem for Tamil schools. He mentioned that those on state lands are easier but those on private land like plantation companies need longer time and negotiation.

Sivarasa mentioned that Selangor government gave RM4 million each to Tamil, Chinese and Agama schools from their RM1.5 billion budget. So, he hoped the Federal government will give a similar ratio from the RM190 billion budget allocation for 2010. If we calculate the percentage, RM4 million of RM1.5 billion is  0.267%.  That would mean RM506.67 million just for Tamil schools in 2010!!! I think can buy over many of those private lands that these schools sit on.


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