Progress of SJKT Ladang Lauderdale

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Got a good news from Dr Sreedharan yesterday afternoon:

SRJK Tamil Ladang Lauderdale Estate recorded for its first time a 71.2 percentage passes. Sri Vidya who kept missing her class due to transport problem solve with a bicycle was the top student with 7As . This the best acheivement .

Later he sent an email with the details:

Dearest Friends ,

I write today to all of you with the greatest excitement and in an elevated mood

The day I took the task of helping SRJK ( T ) Ladang Lauderdale Estate was the very day my stress and sleepless night started.

After a lot of hiccups the 2 classroom was completed . I have submitted my report to you .

Today is my most happiest day as I happilly announce that the SRJK ( T ) Ladang Lauderdale Estate for the first time recorded a passing percentage of 71.2 percent . Sri Vithya , the girl who had been missing her classes because her father desserted the family and mother had to support the family . We arranged for a small amount of money for the family provided she send Sri Vithya to school . We also gave her a bicycle as a transport . Sri Vithya was the top student with 7A’s .

I am yet to get the complete report as everyone in the schools are busy running around and screaming at the top of the voices . I have been restrained from going out of my room due my eye infection. Quarrantined in the store room .

Other news – We also were able to receive more funds to build another 3 classrooms and toilets for students and teachers .

We had some trouble getting approval from the owners of the estate to approve te land for the building of the 3 classrooms but thanks to Mr. Vell Paari who looked into it immediatelly andgt the land approved . The construction is already in progress .

I hope the MI club members who gathered with me earlier this year at the school before we started this project will be there to join me again once more at the end of the completion of the project .

Friends we have done it . We have made the change . I thank all of you who believed in me whenyou sponsore generously and all of you for walking along with me . Thank you .


People like you and me can make a difference. The above is a living proof. SJKT Ladang Lauderdale  was first highlighted in April with a second report in August. Within a year, you have brought a difference to the lives of the children.


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  1. Thevan. T says:

    Awesome job by Dr.Sreedharan..