Education Help for SPM and STPM Leavers

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Updated: 20 August 2010

For 2009, I started a section on education help from March till June. However, I continue to receive inquiries on education-related topics, and may be opening a separate blog/website on that later. Meanwhile, I decided to start the education help earlier, starting this month. I’ve also opened a Facebook Page, so readers who use FB can check out updates there.

Due to the length of the information, I’ve split the content of this page into 6 categories. Refer the categories below.

indicates information updated in the last 2 weeks.

I’ve split the content of this page into 6 categories:


1. Guidance, Counseling and Seminars This page contains list of people and organisations that can provide help (guidance and counseling) and also seminars around the country.


2. Education Fairs and Open Days – This page contains list of education fairs and open days scheduled around the country.


3. Application This page provides links to application of places in universities,colleges, polytechnics, and so on.


4. Scholarships and Loans List of currently offered scholarships. Unlike other websites, this page only lists ACTIVE scholarships. Those that deadline is over will be removed.


5. List of Universities, Colleges, Polytechnics, Institutes This page contain links to list of private universities, colleges, polytechnics, and training institutes under Human Resource Ministry and Sports and Youth Ministry.


6. Education Related Websites This page list important websites such as Ministry of Higher Education, JPA, MQA and so on.



  1. Aman says:

    Dear sir, I(Bumiputera) really want your help,sir. I’m a SPM leaver of 2008, today(2011) I don’t pursue my studies at any institutions due to an accident. So, I would like to know,sir, SPM 2008 leaver can further studies at Form 6, 2011 intake?
    SPM 2008 for Form 6 (May 2011 intake)
    Accept or Unacceptable?

    Please help me,sir.
    Thank you for your attention.

  2. ecko says:

    hello sir,im ravin here…i sit spm for last year n my result is C in bm,bi,accounts/ A in maths/7D in add maths n pendidikan moral n fail in sejarah n science….i like to be an accountant or mathemation,so its that my result qualify n sugest me a good coarse in diploma for this result

  3. poobalan says:

    Hi aman,

    Well, regardless of you being bumiputera or not, i think STPM in school is meant for the previous year SPM students only. Anyway, the best way to find out is to call the PPD nearest to your home and ask them. PPD= pejabat pendidikan daerah. if not, then you can ask if whether can enrol as private students, whereby you study for STPM on your own or at some of the tuition centers that offer STPM classses.

  4. prasath says:

    hi sir,

    can i know the percentage of indian doctors work in malaysia and also the percentage of indians students studying medicine in local and also in overseas ?

  5. Nisha says:

    Hi sir, I am stpm leaver and currently waitin for my results,…i wanted to pursue tesl in ipts if i didnt get ipta…but in future can i get job with d goverment as a teacher? or i s it hard to find job if i do it in ipts(tesl)?

    • poobalan says:

      hi nisha,

      you may want to widen your scope beyond govt job because tesl teachers can teach in private schools and colleges. the opportunity is much more. also, with our education ministry always changing policies, you’ll never know what’s going to happen in future.

  6. hi anna pls have look on this page.. it may help u and or stud out there.. tc…

  7. kaveetha as says:

    hai sir im a spm leaver of the year 2009… n still dont know what to wit my results.. i gt c+ in bi and perdadangan, b+ in sains,c in bm n e for maths…. n now planing to do stpm in private school but i dont know were?? i try finding in the net but i cnt find one… cn you recoment me one may be some were in kl area thanks i need this urgent…. or maybe you cn suggest something for me… i like teaching.. thanks..

    • poobalan says:


      you can check with the schools for info or popular tuition centres if they offer stpm class. if you are in selangor state, you can check with the PPD, while if in KL area, i’m not sure.

      you should try resit maths to get credit. do it by registering in school/ppd and sit for exam in july.

      as for teaching, you can apply at any primary school near your place for temporary position, but its not easy. other than that, you can apply to MOE program, but your maths is E so won’t get.

  8. priyah says:

    hello anna !
    cn i knw wic 1 gt market in malaysia ?
    whether IT or Business (management) ?

    • poobalan says:

      both got market priya 🙂 it comes back to which is your interest and suits you. not everyone can do IT and IT is very very wide industry. business/mgmt is basic for any organisation, be it small company or big MNC.

  9. confused says:

    i completed my stpm in 2010…so obviously i will get my result this year somewhere in march…the thing is i was in science stream (physics, maths T, Chem) but i thinking of reading accountancy… What really makes me worry is not whether i’m acceptable in university or not but do i have to really struggle and go through a hell life in uni later for not having any knowledge in accounts in pre-u studies…

    • poobalan says:

      hi confused,

      1stly, the chance of getting place in IPTA for accounting without having taken accounts in STPM is practically nil. so, if you are looking at IPTS, then you have to put a lot of extra effort to study accounts subject. i’ll say it will be tough (but not hell!). as long as you be disciplined, hardworking, and don’t be over-ambitious (like taking too many subjects to grad faster).

      • confused says:


        ermmm, how about law?? when i check um requirements they only need kepujian in bm & bi in spm…others like ukm any two subject and at least B in stpm is enough…only uum mentioned about history

        • poobalan says:

          IPTAs are quite clear on the requirements, but for IPTS, it varies. Generally, you can enrol with minimum 2 principals in any subject.

  10. confused says:

    check out these two sites, it offers numerous scholarships from various sources…

    but most of it are for postgraduates…just trying to help someone out there…

  11. Lukesh says:

    Having less credits in TRIALS / SPM RESULTS ? DON’T WORRY ! SPM students can use forecast results to enroll to college ,students don’t have to wait for spm results to be out, besides that there is rm2000 rebate for early registration ! INTRESTED IN DOING AMERICAN DEGREE PROGRAM / ENGINEERING / BIO SCIENCE / HOTEL MANAGEMENT / COMPUTER SCIENCE / BUSINESS / SECT. & ADMIN STUDIES and etc ? Or interested in pursuing your studies in OVERSEAS ??? Then What are you waithing for ? Hurry up guys for a good offer and great education. Please dont hesistate to seek my Help =) Intrested students may sms me their fullname + desired course to 0169575229 . TQ

    • poobalan says:

      be wary of such offers as made by Lukesh above. There’s no mention of the college name, the MQA approvals etc. Sometimes there are middlemen who do recruitment for colleges.

  12. Silver light says:

    Hye sir,
    I was thinking of doing biomedicine in either ipta or ipts. But, my question now is.. after I graduate with a degree in biomedicine.. can I do a degree in medicine or dentistry?? Either in local university or overseas.. pls answer my question sir. thanks.

    • poobalan says:


      after grad with biomedicine, you may do a medical degree, but in most cases, given exemption of 1 year only. that also depends on where you do you the biomedicine degree and who recognises it.