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  1. satesh says:


  2. khirthiga says:

    hello sir…. i’m doing my stpm now… lower 6 (science)…. i dunno whether whatever i’m doing rite now is the right thing for me or not…. i’m confused sir… my ambition is to become a doctor.. i wanted to study in overseas… but, my spm results were quite bad… i dunno why am i doing form 6… when i got my spm results.. i din noe what to do… so i just joined form 6… and i had financial problems… sir is it true that studying overseas is better than studying in local u… i heard my frens saying that studying medicine in overseas is better than local… you can get better pay… and you’ll get employed by private hospitals…. please guide me sir… thank you.

    • poobalan says:


      i’m not sure how bad your SPM results were. i guess quite bad until cannot study medicine. since you are doing STPM now, you have another chance to study well and try pursue your ambition. you can aim for local uni, but need to get excellent results in STPM. you can also try to apply in local private uni like AIMST etc later. as for studying local versus foreign uni, it depends on the uni you study. for medicine, the places in malaysia very limited. so those who can’t get place in local uni, go overseas. some go on scholarship while others paid by family or via loans. if you study medicine, you have to work with government (compulsory) for 3 years. after that you can join private, but if you are government scholar, you have to work longer. so, no, you cannot immediately work in private hospital after finish studying.

      another option is to resit SPM and hopefully get better results to pursue in overseas.
      some people study overseas and also work overseas, eventually settle down in other countries.

  3. mano says:

    hello sir,
    may i know how to contact our datuk.ratnavalli ammaiyar?
    can i get amma’s contact number?
    thank you….

  4. KHARTHIK says:


  5. Davee a/p Subramaniam says:

    I am the Headmaster of SJK(T) Saint Mary’s, 34200 Parit Buntar,Perak.Malaysia. I need some donation for the maintanance of the school hall. I need some help from Datuk Ratnavalli ammaiyar.Thank you.

  6. MP: personal contact number edited for security.

    My contact number H/P 012 5764—-, school number 05 7163834
    House number 05 ——–. Will Amma help our school.

  7. Gunalan says:

    Dear Sir,

    i need ratna valli ammaiyar contac number. i need help.

  8. DANIEL says:

    sir i want study polytecnic in electrical enginering.tapi saya tak tahu macammana apply.pls call me 014-6283735.give me counsling.

  9. shereen says:

    we’re in big trouble but no1 thre to help…my mom iz a single mother..father has pastway ever since i was born..theres only 3 f us in this world me my brother n mom…but nw badly we need help…coz no1 cares abt us…i hope amma can help us .plzz i need ratna valli ammaiyar contact number….omy hp no:012xxxxxxxxxxx/ 016xxxxxxxxx {shereen)

    • poobalan says:

      hi, i have asked around, but haven’t get any contact info about Ms Ratna.

    • thiran says:

      hi …. i dnt knw whether u telling truth o nt…. bt its waste to tell abt ur family situation here. if u cn, u contact any tamil newspaper reporters like tamil nesan, nanban or makkal oosai to get help frm public or any organisation (micor ur area ‘ADUN’) to prove ur family situation…no worries u will gt help frm them. GD LUCK

  10. saravanan says:

    Sir, we need help from sir, to get the address and contact number of Madam Ratnavalli Ammaiyar. please help us to do so…..

    thank you

  11. thanabalan says:


    my son has got an offer to do B.E marine electrical/electronic engg at MIET-Lumut. He has got a diploma from UNISEL. What is the future on this ?

    what is his chances of getting employed ?

    • poobalan says:


      mostly, the shipping companies will offer some jobs. he can talk to MIET to see how hires their graduates and how the employability is like. Even though its marine EE, he can adapt to other industries with some effort. of course, if he broadens the horizon beyond working in malaysian shores, the chances are much higher. And it goes without saying that good academic results are important.

  12. gopi says:

    bro,i wan ratnavalli amma cont numb.. can ha??

  13. kanmaggal says:

    vanakam sir……sir sorry 4 the dizturbenz…..
    sir act i need mdm ratnavalli amma num…..
    cn u pls live it for me sir


    vanakam sir. we are from Batu Grace Ashram,Kulim,Kedah. It was established in December 2008 by Mr.Solomon B.G.Rajanthren.the ashram currently housing 75 children, 6 single mothers and 3 senior citizens as well. Approximately RM22,000 is needed per month in order to sustain the home on a day to day basic and though we receive contributions from well wishes, the amount is insufficient to meet all the expenses and therefore we seek your support. we shall extremely grateful if you could contribute generously towards this worthy cause. after consider please contact 0163314588.


      we hope Ratnavalli amma will help us.Batu Grace Ashram. Take care the needy, God will take care your needs. thank you

    • poobalan says:


      i’m unable to contribute as i have other commitments and am just a normal citizen with family and all. I suggest that you talk to Jabatan Kebajikan, or the ministry. Also consider approaching the NGOs, ADUN or MP to get some support.

      you can also contact the media like newspaper/astro/rtm/thr to highlight your ashramam in their programs.


        vanakam sir. we already tried what u suggest us. but we never get any help from them. we run our ashram by our own income. we heard about Ratnavalli amma. Ratnavalli amma is avery kind person. Ratnavalli amma do so many good things to the society. thats why we are try to consider u sir. thank you sir.

  15. Noorazlinawati says:

    Can you pls provide me one of your reporter contact number, fax number & e-mail because I need to invite that reporter to our launching beauty product based on Birdnest at Langkawi. Anything can u contact me at this number as soon as possible.
    (011-12430747/ 04-4909101)

  16. letchumi says:

    I secretary ( lenawathi karuppiah ),of Sri Maha Durgai Amman Temple Desa Tun Razak Sg Besi. The temple is going to having a concert on 6th oct 2012 ,please we want to invite Dato Rattnawalli Ammaiyar. please make an appointment or call my number :- 0169040065.
    sir please.
    thank you

  17. truth sayer says:

    people say she likes publicity so she is after tamil newspaper people like in thina kural and makkal osai to publish her events and news as if she is an important personality such as a minister in malaysia. heard management of this newspaper hav banned her news from apearing in their paper…good for the community!!!

  18. meera says:

    hi dont trust the rathnavalli.. she’s a monster.. my fren’s brother was very serius and her mom went to rathnavalli to ask help for his operation.. she didnt help and just took his photo.. now my fren’s brother already passed away and they miss him so much…such a big loss for them.. he just 24 yrs old… she only helping the cinema industry people who can promote her in tv channels and newspprs.. dnt eva go and see her.. if i get her contact no.. finish la she… she giving ring and chain for rich ppl and cnt help poor ppl ah.. ? DONT TRUST HER…

  19. devagi says:

    HI,im currently doing my degree in MBBS.
    i need some help in financial wise..
    so,there is any way for me to get scholarships.???

  20. prames says:

    hi sir im working at one of company as a clerk, before this so many time im apply for job attendan kesihatan at kkm . A very year i apply
    but until now i never get answer from KKM . SPA form also i applied for avery year. can help me to get this job

    thank you

  21. jey says:

    hi there..may i know how to get Datuk Ratnavalli ammaiyar’s contact number?

  22. R.Kathiresan a/l Rajoo says:

    I’m married and have 2 kids ,we are staying in Bandar Bukit Raja at the moment I loss my job and I’m unable to pay for my house , situation comes to worse ,my house came to auction. We family need a help from Ratnavalli Amma to help to solve our problem.We really the help. Our family will really be thankful for this help.THANK YOU, Our contact no 016 3492144 // 014 6443979.

  23. Ghayatri says:

    – My house recently affected by fire accident..total lost..everage RM150k (belongings only)..we dont have clothes also..during fire time we are 16 peoples inside..include 1 infant..i got all the evidences.can amma help us..we are really in terrible situation..dont have house to stay..now staying at friend house..pls help us…pls

  24. Vikneshwary says:

    Good Evening, I need some financial support for my studies since I have only 2 more semester to finish my Bsc.Chemistry. Can I know how do I get loan from this foundation ?

  25. R.vanita says:

    Dear Amma,

    I have some along problem,pls help us.Now i have a job so i can pay back to you,my family in trouble,amma can help us.Please contact me back..

  26. PANDIAN says:

    Good Afternoon,i need some found to my degree education.pls help.

  27. ss says:

    hello sir,
    i am a stpm student my result is below 2.00
    i need some guide that which course and which public university can i apply based on my result ??

    • poobalan says:


      the minimum requirement for UPU is CGPA 2.00 so means very very difficult to get a place. Its also the same in IPTS. you can still try appeal and go for IPTA like UNISZA, UNIMAP,politeknik, UMT, UMK.

      Alternative is study diploma using SPM results, or improve the SPTM results.

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