MP shed tears after seeing tamil school flooded again

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The issue of SJKT Ladang Bukit Jalil first surfaced in October 2007, while the ex-plantation workers’ problem was published in July 2007. The school become famous when it got flooded THREE times within a month. After protests by the parents, Samy Vellu announced the relocation on October 16. In the mean time temporary measures were promised by Sothinathan. However the new proposed site was found to be surrounded by cemeteries! Learning among the dead made the school very famous, and made some people look very stupid.

Now if what MIC says in its Advertisement in the papers is true, this problem should not be existing right? We have a school in BUKIT JALIL – remember Commonwealth Games? In the area of fast developing Puchong. What was the MP doing all this while? And now Tan comes along shedding crocodile tears?
No end to flood woes


NINE floods in six months – that is the nightmare that residents of the small Ladang Bukit Jalil in Bukit Jalil had to put up with and it is driving them up the wall. The latest incident took place on Tuesday, affecting 34 families. An early morning downpour caused mud waters to rise more than one metre in their homes within half an hour.

“The water rose until my belongings and mattresses were floating about. I definitely want to demand for compensation for this,” said Rohani Ihsan, a mother of three. Rohani, 32, said she had already spent about RM10,000 to refurbish the house after previous floods.

Whenever it floods here, fingers are pointed at the nearby City Hall detention camp project and a workshop, which has covered a monsoon drain. The City Hall had dug a drain near SJK (T) Ladang Bukit Jalil and the workshop has a water pump fixed inside. When the water rose at about 2.30am on Tuesday, residents could not reach the workshop’s workers to turn on the pump.

Bandar Tun Razak incumbent Datuk Tan Chai Ho, who visited SJK (T) Ladang Bukit Jalil , was moved to tears.

About 100 schoolchildren were happily attending classes at the school porch despite the fact that the worst flood ever in the housing estate had destroyed books, computers, furniture and covered the school floors with a thick layer of mud. “I feel very sad that the pupils are forced to study under this circumstances. The families want an excavator to come and deepen the drain,” said Tan.

The school headmistress Tamilselvi Suppiah said the first flood happened during the last UPSR examination and they managed to clean up in time for the exam.

“I wish we can get new buildings. MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu was quoted in the newspapers as saying that we will get new buildings nearby in March,” she said.

Officers from the fire brigade, welfare and education departments and City Hall turned up to clean up the area, distribute basic necessities to the residents and find a solution to solve the problem by increasing water pumps and deepening the drain within a week or so.

Despite the anger and frustration, the residents warmly welcomed Tan to the housing estate. Half the residents have moved to City Hall flats and Tan has helped those who refused to move get more time to do so as well as negotiate for higher relocation compensation.”The flood this time is serious and the school is destroyed. I feel I haven’t done enough,” Tan lamented


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  1. VJ says:

    Stupid tears ! The tears Indians shed for the past 50years to much powerful thn these politicians’ cosmetic tears !