NUPW fights for Jalan Puchong estate workers

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NUPW steps in to help out


THE National Union of Plantation Workers (NUPW) has decided to fight for the plight of 33 families of Ladang Bukit Jalil 6 1/5 mile, Jalan Puchong, and help them not be evicted from their homes. 

Overjoyed: The families cheer outside the NUPW office.

The families who lived in houses at Bukit Jalil were formerly plantation workers of Ladang Bukit Jalil 6 1/5 mile, Jalan Puchong, and were given two eviction notices, the first on July 16 and another on July 31 by City Hall. 

»We will contact the relevant authorities to get the matter solved« A. NAVAMUKUNDAN

Thiakarajan Sathasivam, 53, said City Hall had given the eviction notice because it claimed the families are squatters.  

“Our parents and families have been here since 1940 working in the rubber plantations here. 

“Many of the families here are afraid of their water, electricity and telephones being cut off.  

“We have evidence that we have paid the NUPW subscription since 1946. We just want City Hall to give us an entitlement to buy a low-cost house within 3km of Bukit Jalil. 

“We are not asking for it for free but will buy it. If City Hall evicts us, where are we supposed to go?  

“We have been living here for the last 67 years. 

“Deputy Home Affairs Minister Datuk Tan Chai Ho has given a letter to City Hall dated July 25 supporting our plight,” said Thiakarajan. 

Hear us: A resident speaking during the meeting.

NUPW executive secretary A. Navamukundan said that it is obvious that these people are plantation workers and wanted to see a solution to this matter. 

“We will contact City Hall, Datuk Tan Chai Ho and the relevant departments to get the matter solved,” said Navamukundan, who met up with the plantation workers at his office.


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