MIC advertises its achievement in papers

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MIC’s first ad looks part question paper, and part statement. The content of the ad in the Star today is as follows:

MIC Cares

The Power of truth…

Who says MIC has not done enough?

When has enough ever been enough, all request for assistance have been entertained (be it for RM100, RM10,000 or more).

– do you know how many medical bills have been settled by MIC? [we’ll wait for part 2 for the answers]

– do you know how many underprivileged Indians today own houses, thanks to MIC?

– do you know how many lawyers and doctors have been created by MIC or as a result of MIC’s contribution?

– do you know how many single mothers have benefited from MIC?

– do you know how many educational aids MIC has given to-date?

MIC has never said no! 

– we have never said NO to your problems

– we have never said NO to your children’s education

– we have never said NO to your financial difficulties

– we have never said NO to your medical bills.

– we have never said NO when you want provisions for your family

– we have never said NO when you need money to conduct a decent death rite(s) for your loved one

– we have never said NO to you approaching us at any time. That’s the plain truth.

[for the above statements, if there are people who have heard “NO” from MIC, their votes will surely go to the opposition!]

MIC has always said yes!

– YES, we have our own college for the community [the certificates are recognised or not?]

– YES, we have our very own world class university

– YES, we have preserved Tamil schools and our language [like in storerooms and shophouse]

– YES, we have managed temples which is our heritage

– YES, we have created more educated and professional Indians over the last 20 years compared to other self proclaimed organisations since independence [this statement show how arrogant MIC. They look down on other organisations. Can this kind of people work with others?]

– YES, there are more successful Indian entrepreneurs today as opposed to 20 years ago due to MIC’s proactive and practical involvement in the Government to create a conducive business environment [this seems to belittle the effort and hardwork of the entrepreneurs! Does it mean that the Indians are handout-seekers or practise cronyism like the community with special rights?]

Malaysian Indian Congress           The Community’s Custodian

Let’s see what Samy says:

ELECTION 2008: Samy explains rationale behind MIC’s print ads
By : P. Chandra Sagaran


The MIC is placing advertisements in the print media to inform the public and the Indian community on programmes carried out by the party. The one-page advertisement in newspapers with the heading “MIC Cares…The power of truth” outlined the benefits and achievements enjoyed by the community which was initiated by the party.  MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said this had to be done to counter those who question what the MIC has done for the Indian community.

“The advertisement is only the first of four parts to counter all these negative claims,” he told reporters after witnessing the signing of a MoU between Masterskill College Of Nursing and Health and the MIC’s Education Bureau here today.

The college was represented by its chief executive officer Edmund Santhara and vice president Mohd Nasri Nordin while the signatories for the bureau were its chairman Professor Datuk T. Marimuthu and committee member Madhu Marimuthu. The MoU will see the setting up of a RM1 million Masterskill Intellectual Development Fund by the college to provide scholarship to poor students planning to further their studies at Masterskill colleges in the country.
Chiding those behind the allegations, Samy Vellu said he was not sure whether they read the Tamil dailies or were not residing in Malaysia. “Maybe the newspapers did not print daily the programmes carried out by MIC and they came to a conclusion that we are doing nothing.”

Samy Vellu hit out at Parti Keadilan Rakyat supporters who disrupt BN campaigns and ceramahs, citing the case in Penang on Tuesday when a group of 700 PKR members tried to disrupt the function.  “Those involved were mostly youngsters and 70 percent of them do not even vote,” he said.



  1. Mahendran says:

    hehehe…macam macam la.!!

  2. Killer says:

    I am sure if Makkal Sakthi can use blogs and VCDs and ceramahs to spread its lies and hate message, MIC can use legal means to defend itself. After all it is only defending itself…

  3. Killi Valavan says:

    MIC could advertise anything they …… at the end results that count not wht they publish during election.

    Was told by a widow (shah Alam) that a group of them approached local MIC chief over there to request some help years back …….. as usual nothing happened …. but the crooks asked them to fill up membership forms …. they refused . But the crooks filled up on their behalf and till now paying their membership fee to keep the ‘membership numbers’ alive .
    yenna kodumai saar ………

  4. VJ says:

    MIC missed this one ……

    Kapar farmers: Return our land before March 8
    Fauwaz Abdul Aziz | Feb 29, 08 3:00pm

    “Return our land to us before March 8, or you can kiss our votes good bye.”

    This was the terse message from about a dozen former farmers and their family members from Kampung Perepat in the parliamentary constituency of Kapar to Barisan Nasional’s incumbent candidate P Komala Devi (photo, far right).

    Describing themselves as victims of a land-grab by a certain MIC-linked Datuk, they are bitter and frustrated at all the promises by government leaders and politicians to have the land returned to them.

    From the 2004 general election up to the current run up to the March 8 election, all promises have come up short, they said.

  5. Mauriya says:

    Land grabbing by MIC Datuks is not only prevalent in Kapar, Klang. My nephew in Johor says that a certain MIC Datuk has grabbed 800ha given to the Indian community.

    Complaints to the BN in Johor and the Land Office has come to naught. The Land Office in fact told the complainants not to make a fuss because the person involved was a Datuk.

    Another greedy pig from Animal Farm in Bolehland!

  6. Killer says:

    If that is true then the Datuk ought to be made responsible.

    As such I suggest my dear Mauriya and Killi not to sit on your collective butts instead go down and help these people to sue the Datuk. You keep talking about MIC not doing anything. here’s the chance for you and Makkal Samadhi to make real change, instead of harrassing SV and posting hate messages.

  7. Killer says:

    I am almost 100% sure that these stories are false and the real truth is far from this. We hear such stories all the time and we investigate and find out these idiots are just trying to scam the rightful owners.

  8. poobalan says:

    This case came out in local papers (Malay Mail I think) more than a year ago. i can’t remember the exact date. Toyo and many others were called in to solve the problem. in the end nothing happened. I think it was TOL land, but it was not allowed to be renewed and then transfered to another person’s name.