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Updated: 22 March 2010


IPTS Offering Medicine Program

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  1. YASHA says:

    ma result r


    i hv applied 4 matriculation n ipta. wat’s r d min requirements 4 matriculation? i’m aso interested 2 study abroad wit scholarship,so wer can i apply,any website? interested course is health science n medicine. i’m veri depressed n confused wit ma result ! need ur help plz……..

    • poobalan says:

      your results are 3As, 4Bs, 3Cs. i don’t think can get matriculation, but no harm trying. Uni – depends on your choice and the demand of other students.

      Overseas with scholarship – a bit hard as well since got many students competing.

      I suggest you try local colleges who offer health sciences – and apply ptptn. you can do diploma or foundation and then continue to degree. if you do well in the semester exams, most colleges offer scholarships or discount in fees for following semester. and if your results are good, you can try for scholarships from time to time.

  2. pari says:

    Hello, sir.. I just ony gt my stpm result. These r my cgpa that i gt 4 my sub…

    p. am : 4.00 (A)
    maths : 2.00 (C)
    chem : 2.00 (C)
    bio : 2.33 (C+)

    I’ve applied 4 university. I dun really know wat courses to choose. I’m interested in doing forensik, farmasi, bioteknologi… Bt i’m nt sure wat is cgpa requirement for those courses… Wat courses you can suggest me to take with the cgpa I gt? Tq…

    • poobalan says:


      Pls check under my “Guidance” page for cut-off points for university intake in Satyaseelan’s blog. Since you have interest in forensics, pharmacy and biotech, try for those courses.

  3. lalita says:

    hye sir
    im lalitha here

    i just received my stpm result
    1A (EKONOMI)

    so i want apply for economic course at IPTA.would i gt IPTA because i gt D in Pengajian Am.
    i really confisued.. Actually as i know i did well in that subject and Sastera as well. So i do recheck for both paper because im sure that the marking fellow did mistake.
    please help me

    • poobalan says:

      Hi, if i’m not mistaken, to apply for local uni, need at least C in Pengajian Am. While rechecking your results, you may want to consider applying for other colleges – KTAR/UTAR/UNITAR etc. alternative is to apply to uni using SPM 2006 results.

  4. GEEVA says:

    Hiii… sir..
    I’m sastera students..
    i just receive my results..

    7 in BM
    7 in BI
    9 in MTH
    7 in SN

    so, i’m not sure wat courses i can take 4 tiz results sir.. Wat college i apply sir..?? I need your help sir.. plzzz.. thank you,..

    • poobalan says:

      1. apply july paper to improve your BM and Maths results.
      2. what are you interested to do?
      3. if BM is 7, then you can try any of the college community or Institut Latihan Perindustrian to take up some courses. Refer to the “Application” page for details and apply for those course you are interested in.
      4. do have any “C” (credits) for any subject?

  5. theebashinii says:



    BM A1
    BI A1
    EST A1


    • poobalan says:

      You got 6As, 3Bs, and a C. For Pharmacy, usually require A or at least C3. You have to try in private colleges/universities also. You can’t go directly to degree program but have to do a “foundation” program. Or you can try STPM and later go to local university. Pls get more advice from those numbers listed in “guidance/seminar/counseling” page.

  6. Vimal says:

    Hello sir,

    I have:
    A) – Pengajian Am
    B) – Bahasa Melayu
    A) – Literature in English
    B) – Economy
    B-) – Pengajian Perniagaan
    MUET Band6

    I was thinking of applying for English Literature courses, mainly in UM and USM. Will i be able to get offers from those universities? But i’m worried abt USM. If i get called for USM interview and didnt do well, do i lose chances to get into any university at all? Because i heard if USM chooses u even for an interview, other universities will overlook you. Then wat will happen if someone didnt pass the USM interview?
    And also, shld i study E.Lit? Coz some ppl think my i shld just apply for something business oriented or scholarships with bonds to ensure my work later on. Wat do u think?

    • poobalan says:

      Hi, I’m not sure about the part where if USM calls you for interview, others will overlook your application. I have to ask around on this.

      Well, if your interest is e.Lit, so be it. I see your language results are good. Perhaps you should have an idea of what career you want to pursue with that qualification. Author? Lecturer? Researcher? Teacher? Editor? Entrepreneur? You have to research on how and where your qualifications are applicable.

      You can apply for more “safe” programs like business admin and so on, but again the competition is for employment and scholarship is high too.

  7. ganesh says:

    hi anna
    im Ganesh here
    well i just get my spm result!!!!!!
    my result is not as goos as i aspect!!!!
    well it ok!!!!!!!
    my result is
    mathz i gt A1
    bm B3
    eng B3
    chemistry C5
    phy c6
    bio C6
    est A2
    sej C5
    moral B3
    add mathz D7…….
    well im kinda confused now……
    my interest is on engineering…..
    bt my parents ask me to do hotel management…….
    i really duno which to do…..
    and need ur help very much…….
    so wat is ur suggestion??????
    and wat other courses that i can do apart frm tis two courses????
    hit me back soon anna!!!!!!
    thank you!!!!!

    • poobalan says:

      hi ganesh,
      you got 2A, 3B, 4C, and 1D.

      engineering is ok, but you have to brush up on add maths (a lot), and physics. perhaps your parents are worried you may not be able to cope with the subjects. you should sit down and think carefully if you are willing to face tough subjects for the next 3++ years 🙂

      Hotel management is also good area. same as logistics, healthcare, biotech, life sciences, IT and so on. there’s so many options. you should spend some time at education fair and go to college open days to see what the students learn.

  8. Pavithran says:

    hi sir,
    I got
    I am planning to do foundation in scince and degree in E&E engineering at AIMST University. Is it a good choice?
    Is there other colleges/universities that I can go…….

    • poobalan says:

      hmmm.. your email says future _terrorist, so i’m not sure if its worth to advise you! 🙂

      E & E is good choice. As i mentioned in my talk yesterday, engineering is among the jobs that is “sellable”. you can find a job in any part of the world as long as got development and maintenance going on. can do R&D, sales, teaching, etc. As for colleges, I won’t promote any colleges. AIMST is one of them who offer E&E. Better you compare with few other colleges (many offer foundation for engineering) in terms of – facilities, lecturer qualification/teaching hours, semester/duration, lab facilties, library, student types, location, security, degree accreditation, cost etc.

  9. renuka says:

    hai.. i am a science stream student n i gt 7As n 3Bs in my i’m confused whether to do foundation or stpm. i’m nt aimin on local uni so do u think its worth takin stpm with my results??

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Renuka,

      If you decided not to pursue studies in IPTA, then you can skip STPM, unless the degree you want to do is only offered in IPTA. If you plan to further your studies in private college for any of the common degree programmes, then you might as well do foundation and continue with degree in that college. One tip for you: its possible to do a diploma (2 to 2/5 years) and continue with final year degree (1 year). This path can be cheaper and faster than doing foundation (1 year) and then degree (3 years). pls look at few paths in different colleges before deciding.

  10. Hare Chandran Jr says:

    SPM 2007 result 9A’s ( Science Stream )

    UEC 2008 result 3A’s & 6 B’s (Science Stream)

    First choice PILOT
    2nd choice Aeronautical Engineer
    3rd choice Medicine /Dentist

    How do I apply?

    • poobalan says:

      Where do you want to apply? Pilot means can try SIA/MAS.

      Aero Eng/Medicine/Dentist – you have to check which colleges accept UEC qualifications

      • Hare Chandran Jr says:

        I have DCA approval to do a Pilot course, I applied to MAS last year, passed the fist exam but they failed me in the 2nd. I flew to KK aviation school, I was selected but was called to pay RM240K, I applied to Air Asia, no reply, SIA no reply, and I applied to EPIC in Florida, selected but need RM300K to join. Do you think I should just give up? Financing is a big prob for me. Malaysia local U do not accept UEC and few colleges that accept do not have aviation or medicine. How to go about, I am stuck though I did well in SPM and UEC. Advice….

        • poobalan says:

          hi again, i highlighted few other options – like, etc. Also read this guide by Captain Lim. Click here

          You may have to use back SPM results to continue your studies if UEC doesn’t help.

          As for finances, maybe by using SPM results you can get something. or worse case, take up loan from bank.

  11. ganesh says:

    thankz 4 the information anna!!!!!

  12. HEMA says:

    Good day sir,

    Sir,i need some help sir.Sir i just now get my result sir.


    Im,intersted for doing HOSPITALITI [HOTEL MANAGEMENT].So how sir can i continue my studies sir.Im worry sir because i already get 7D in my MATHEMATICS.

    • poobalan says:

      for the moment, apply to your school to resit for Maths paper in July exam.

      where do you want to do hotel management? government or private?

      • HEMA says:

        goverment sir

        • poobalan says:

          in that case, you can apply for politeknik and/or kolej komuniti. refer to the links in “application” page.

          you have 2b and 2c, means total of 4 subjects at least credit. your BM and Maths is pass. so, you can apply for certificate only, because for diploma need 5 credits. but its ok, do well for your certificate then continue with diploma. there are few politeknik in malaysia. refer to the links in “application page” and try apply for politeknik first. BUY PIN NUMBER from BSN bank. RM6.

        • HEMA says:

          Yesterday sir was say at vizhuthugal that the time to apply for July exam was can apply to July exam or for November paper

          • poobalan says:

            yeah, deadline is wednesday. but pls check with your school in case they can still accept the application. if not, then register for november exam. deadline is end of this month

  13. NAv says:

    erm.. sir… i need your help.

    this is my result:

    bm 3B

    english 1A

    moral 2A

    maths 1A

    sej 4B

    physic 4B

    Est 3B

    ad mt 5C

    chemistry 5C

    Bio 6C

    i heard you are helping out students… i need help… i planed to do aircraft maintenance engineering or piloting…. i tried looking for places and stuff…but im still abit unsure about where and when to do it? should i do foundation or degree….. im losing my mind…. i would really want to do piloting, thats my main focus… please help…. thx… really appreciate it.

  14. NsR says:

    hi sir,i got 6a’s(bm,bi,maths,sej,tamil n tamil sastera) in spm 3b in moral,est,n add maths..n 3c in bio chemi n phy..i wn 2 do accounting..some asking me 2 do C A T prog then do ACCA prog..should i do that?or i muz do foundation or form6 then do degree n then i muz do ACCA?which 1 s best and which 1 i can finish faster?and i also want to know which college is best for accounting?

    • poobalan says:

      hi, you didn’t take accounts in SPM, but want to studying Accounting? Are you sure? I’m not well-versed with ACCA process, but CAT qualification is important to proceed to ACCA. your options:

      CAT->ACCA (3 years)
      STPM->ACCA (4 years, i think)

      Note that degree in accounting is not same as ACCA. one is academic qualification while the other is professional qualification.

      colleges – SEGI, Binary, Sunway, TAR College, and so on.

      • NsR says:

        o thanks alot for the reply.i sure with better for me to do cat n then acca?is that is the way to finish faster the studies?can i get loan to do that 2 programs?can i do that in FTMS college?is that is a best college for accounting?

        • poobalan says:

          yup. better to do CAT and then ACCA. in this way, you can work using CAT in case you want to take a break before continuing ACCA. faster, i not sure. you have to check how long it takes for the results to be release so that you can apply ACCA. better you check with the colleges. Loan – if accredited program, you can get loan PTPTN. Not sure about FTMS. “best” college – all colleges will claim they are the best. i think no such thing as best college. you have to see their students results in the ACCA examinations. that’s one parameter to judge a college.

  15. NAv says:


    thanks alot……… i think i see my options now…. what do you think about Tafe

    college??? i heard alot of stuff about it…cos i applied at uniKL this evening…. i

    also think Tafe college has that same field of studies…its being broadcast on

    radio’s,what can you say about that? i really need your expertise on this…

    should i apply for this college….and do they have scholarship’s based on my

    results for aircraft maintenance engineering here??? thanks for giving

    me options….

    • poobalan says:

      Yeah, TAFE also have this program. you should try to go there and have a look. remember to check on lecturer qualifications, facilities, accreditation, scholarships, hidden costs, job opportunities, library, computer lab, mode of assessment, industry linking etc. not only in TAFE, but also ask UniKL, MFA etc. these are standard questions.

      As for scholarship, i’m not sure about TAFE. pls check with them.

  16. arcana says:

    hi anna,
    bro i m a stpm student. i applied both upu n,if i gt both upu n usm is it compulsory 4 me 2 choose usm?

    • poobalan says:

      from what i read for students applying from matriculation program, if USM offers you a place, then the other IPTAs won’t offer you any place. but not sure if its the same for STPM-leavers application. if its the same, then you will only get offer from USM, meaning you can’t choose.

      but regardless of that, you have to apply both USM and UPU, in case you did not get a place in USM.

  17. Hare Krishnan Jsr says:

    PMR 2005 Result 8A’s
    SPM 2007 Result 9A’s ( Science Stream )
    UEC 2008 result 1A’s & 6 B’s & 3 C’s (Science Stream)

    First choice Medicine
    2nd choice Dentistry
    3rd choice Law or Business ( No choise lah)

    Malaysia local U don’t accept UEC, going oversea is expensive, what choice do I have?

    • poobalan says:

      1. use back SPM results for your ambitions.
      2. use UEC in TARC/UTAR or other prominent private colleges.

      i can think of the above two at the moment.

  18. arcana says:

    bro if i do degree in economi,can i do MBA in future?

  19. Krish says:

    Helo sir , i just got my stpm result … i got A (PA) , A-(accounts) , A-(p.perniagaan) & B+ ( B.melayu) … i got apply 4 public uni … six choices i put 4 accountng … is tat will b a problm 4 me bcoz nvr choose diffrnt courses … & im scared i cant enter public uni bcoz just choose the same course ..

  20. dven... says:

    sir,i nid ur advice….my spm results is…

    bm 2a
    eng 4b
    maths 1a
    addmaths 1a
    phy 3b
    chemis 2a
    bio 3b

    sir which course is suitable 4me….im interested in both either pharmacist o chemical engineer….im so confused….

    • poobalan says:


      regardless of which course, you have to do foundation if you are planning to do degree in either pharmacy or chemical engineering. Secondly, your chemistry mark is better than bio, so you have to ask if you are interested in one more than the other. if local uni, chemical engineering and pharmacy is both tough to get.

  21. arcana says:

    hi bro….do u tink bussiness administration course gt gud future?

  22. sivaniis says:

    watsupp sir,i juz wan noe weather i can get scholarshipcoz i get an offer letter frm uniten of study of FOUNDITION IN COMPUTER SCINCE….. my result is

    bm 3B
    bi 3B
    moral 5c
    sejarah 9G
    math 2A
    add math 4B
    fizik 2A
    chemistry 5C
    bio 7D
    est 5C

    hope sir will repli my comment
    thank u sir

    • poobalan says:

      well, don’t think if can get or not. make the first step and apply for it. of course less As means less chance, but you will never know. your application letter, you ko-ko, family background etc may also impress the provider or get you extra points.

  23. Murali says:

    Hi.Annna, i am spm student 2008. my result bm 7, bI 8, math 6, sc 6.sp 7.est 8, sj 8. moral 8… i am intrest to study about COMPUTER enginering . what i want do ?

    • poobalan says:

      Hi, you have two credits. if in private college, then you can give a try. computer engineering is not an easy field to study.

      if in govt place – you can try in politeknik or kolej komuniti for certificate only, because your BM is not credit.

      did you register for july paper? if not, resit BM paper in Nov.

  24. nisha says:

    hello, i m stpm student (science stream )
    i gt PA (A), CHEMI (c+), MT T(C) and BIO (C-)

  25. Nav says:


    Bro i just wanted to clarify which one is better to do…. EU Part 66 (EASA) or

    BSc Aircraft Engineering…. on this website once i

    have a certificate… this is because i have a big plan ahead of me and i need

    help…so i don’t blindly put my foot in anyting without knowing the risk and


    • poobalan says:

      hi, i’m not sure about the EASA cert. best if you can talk to someone in DCA for clarification. refer to

      from what i read so far, EASA part 66 is EU-wide recognised. so easier to get job in EU (depends on you fulfilling other criteria as well). also, for the part 66 C certification, one needs a degree.

      Best if you can get black and white from the college that its course is recognised by the EASA either via DCA or other bodies. Then you countercheck with DCA or EASA.

      i worry because in the website you gave, it says “is based on EASA Part 66 Modules for Category B1 and B2 Examination”. “is based on” is not same as recognised or accredited.

  26. jamuna says:

    hai sir,
    im a spm student last year n i got 4a in bm,bi,mr n chem,bio n maths r c6,add mt d7 n phz intrestd in aviation management but i dont know much information about the ques is am i qualified for the course n can i get mre info bout wer to study n wat kind of studies in tat course.

  27. shana says:

    hello sir….u said it is difficult to get place to study for chemical engineering in local universities….izit? 8A’s n 2B can get JPA scholarship or not? thanks…

    • poobalan says:

      yes, its difficult, but not impossible. it has among the higher cut-off points.

      8As can get scholarship, so is 7A or even 6A. it depends on JPA and its criteria. if selected for interview, also depends on how you perform.

  28. shan says:

    hi sir,
    tis is my spm result…

    bm – b3
    bi – b4
    math – a1
    add math – a1
    sejarah – a2
    moral – a1
    physics – b4
    chemistry – a2
    bio – b3
    est – b3
    akaun – a1

    Im interested in both either electronic engineering and accounting…. Im very confusing now because both courses are not same stream….
    Sir, i need ur advise…

    • poobalan says:

      hi, this is an interesting problem. you are interested in two different fields. i guess the best is to talk to some people in the field. if not, try surf the net to find out about the possible opportunities in the job. both jobs have good prospect, but needs good results in uni and hard work.

      in both EE and Acct, there’s many sub-categories. in EE, you can end up as consultant, lecturer, researcher. same with acct.

      your physics results is b4, so need to ask yourself if there’s any problem in that subject.

      EE will have more lab work and hands-on activities when you study. acct is more paperwork.

  29. Siva says:

    sir i have my spm result,
    BM 5C
    BI 7D
    P.MORAL 2A
    BIO 5C
    FIZIK 3B
    KIMIA 3B
    EST 4B
    B.TAMIL 5C.

    SIR,i have apply IPTA and UTP.sir which course is suitable 4me….my ambition is to a interested in both either petroleum o chemical engineer….im so confused….i also taking return to do my BI test in november.Can sir solve my problem.TQ.

    • poobalan says:

      hi, you already applied to IPTA and closing date is over. so you can’t change anything now. you could have applied for foundation and diploma program only.

      your results is 4As and sciences subjects between 3 and 5. i worry that it may not be enough for place in petro/chem engineering in IPTA. not sure about UTP.
      other option is to try other private colleges or do STPM/a-levels first.

      i’m not sure what is the problem?

  30. ruban says:

    my spm result:

    bm: A1
    bi: A1
    maths: A1
    addmaths: A1
    history: A1
    moral: A1
    chemistry: A2
    biology: A1
    physics: B3

    i have applied for chemical engineering to ipta.. Do i have a better chance to get it?? i also applied for matriculation… what are the chances for me to get it??

    • poobalan says:

      well, based on results, you stand a good chance. but there’s other factors as well – number of applicants, place available, koko results, your location, income status, race, etc.

      • ruban says:

        i didn’t get matriculation… Owh it is really a very hard news for me… It is really frustating when my friend scored only 2a’s but he secured a place for matriculation.. aaaargh!!!!

        • poobalan says:

          sorry to hear about missing matriculation. hope some other options will open up for you.

          that’s surprising. 2As and get matriculation? Where’s your location? You and your friend from rural area or sekolah luar bandar?

        • ruban says:

          i am from bandar but my friend luar bandar…actually my 2a friend is not an indian…

          • poobalan says:

            ahh…luar bandar should be the reason. u see, matriculation is like the “serampang dua mata” objective you learn for DEB/NEP. by any chance your friend is bumiputra or malay? then, with much lesser qualification, they can enter matriculation. that’s the fact of life.

            i still remember when i first went to form 6, after a week or so, nearly 90% of the malay students in the form six “disappeared”.

        • ruban says:

          how to apply for stpm??

          • poobalan says:

            if you get minimum credit in BM, you will be offered STPM. either you will get letter, or check with the PPD office. i think can also ask through your old school to check.

        • ruban says:

          Hello Mr. Poobalan…sorry if i disturbing you again…
          jpa results for pengajian jepun and perancis were out… i am unlucky for the fourth time after matriculation, yayasan tm and kplspm…

          anyway my old school did not have form 6… i am from mrsm…does all the students get minimum credit in bm offered form 6 automaticlly… i would be glad and appreciate your effort so much if you provide some answers for my questions down here…
          Who will offer??
          When the students receive the offer??
          When will form 6 academic session for 2009/2010 begin??
          What are the links that related to stpm application??
          Is it stpm is the cheapest pre-u education??
          Do i stand a higher chances to enter local ipta with my stpm result??
          Is it stpm is one of the hardest examination in the world??

          actually i am completely blur and did not know what to do right now..
          Lastly why the programs like “asasi sains hayat” , “asasi sains fizikal” and programs in uitm is only for bumiputera?! why non-bumiputera cannot choose these programs?!

          Please help me sir…I afraid that i would loose this too… Thank YOU…

          • poobalan says:

            Hi, since you are from MRSM, I’m not sure how to proceed. I think best if you go to the your home’s district education dept office. usually you will be given a school near the house. But I’m not sure how the info from MRSM is sent to education ministry and then to the the education dept so that you can get a place for STPM.

            You can also check online at . look for semakan kemasukan tingkatan enam (but its not available today yet). form 6 intake will be in somewhere in may, some may start the class just before school holidays.

            who will offer – MOE
            when – in May (wait for news in paper)
            links – (under aplikasi dalam talian -> pra universiti)
            cheapest – yes.
            yes, higher chance to IPTA due to more courses offered. but you may not the first choice you applied – depends on results.
            well, depends on who you ask. its quite tough because its over a two year period (including holidays). there’s no factual evidence that its the hardest in the world.

            what you can do – go to form six, or choose the private education path.

            why for bumi – well that the (some say discriminative) policy of NEP/DEB. UITM is set up for bumi (malays mainly) under MARA to increase the number of graduates. Anyway, 10% place is being allocated for non-bumis since last two years i think. we can’t do much to change it now, but better focus on other possible options.

        • ruban says:

          thanks..appreciate it so much..

        • ruban says:

          Hello sir,

          I got tawaran for doing diploma teknologi maklumat & komunikasi at Universiti Teknikal Melaka. (actually not intrested, just for cukupkan the 8 choices in the application)
          My first choice was chemical engineering…

          I want to do stpm and look for scholarships later and pursue a degree in chemical engineering but my parents said just take the tawaran and go for it…
          My parents scared that i can’t score well in stpm…
          They don’t no that i really want to do chemical engineering…I also do not know how to convince them…

          I am totally confused now…
          What is actually diploma teknologi maklumat & komunikasi??
          How it is demand??
          What is the job prospect in this field??
          How much is the salary for fresh graduates after finish diploma and degree??
          Do you think the future for an IT graduates is bright??

          IF YOU are in my place which one would you choose?? What is your opinion sir??
          It would be very helpful if you give me some ideas and tips…HELP ME!!

          • poobalan says:

            how about the other choices you made? all didn’t get? so left with diploma in ICT. I don’t know much about UTEM, so have to ask around. They’ve been established for more than 5 years i think.

            from your SPM results, i think you can do good in STPM, but only if maintain the effort. you will need at least 3A/1B to get the choices you want, and even then its not guaranteed. you have to sit down and talk to them as well. maybe they are also considering about other siblings below you? or some financial issues?

            diploma in TM and kom is basically diploma in ICT (information and communication technology). its computer (IT) related course. so you can proceed to do degree in IT after the diploma. demand is ok, but depends on the subjects that you learn and the results you get. job prospect is wide. salary for fresh grads depend on the company – diploma (rm1000-rm1800), degree (rm1500 – rm2500). future is of course bright BUT ONLY if you learn the correct stuff and get good results. there’s so many IT graduates, so you must do well and equip with relevant IT skills.

            I am not you, so what i do is not same as you. when i finished SPM, i had no idea what to study because i had no ambition. i thought anything will do coz i had the belief that i will excel in any job. so, i followed friends and applied for computer science course, which i got. i studied and graduated. results was OK, and i got a job before graduating, because my friend was doing practical training in a company that needed a fresh grad with specific knowledge in a computer tool.

            if i were you, i’ll take the course in UTEM. i’ll think that why waste two years in STPM, better do diploma and go to work. from there can plan for further studies and better career prospects.

        • ruban says:

          Hello sir,

          I did rayuan for matriculation…In case i secure a place and scored a good results in matriculation, do i stand a chance to pursue my degree at oversea with scholarship??(i mean do oversea universities accept matriculation results?)
          Or i must score good results in stpm for oversea education with scholarship??
          Which one is better ‘stpm’ or ‘matriculation’ ??

          • poobalan says:

            you won’t get a place for oversea scholarships because matriculation is for local uni intake, unless you are JPA scholar and placed in matriculation before going for degree. i’m not sure if the overseas uni accept our matriculation program results.

            matriculation is only for local uni intake, while STPM is for everywhere – local uni and overseas uni.

        • ruban says:

          I am waiting for your reply…Its okay if you are busy at the moment…take your time…

        • ruban says:

          thank you…

        • ruban says:

          If i finished my diploma in teknologi maklumat dan komunikasi, can i pursue my degree in chemical engineering??

          Can i apply for ipta again for degree in chemical engineering?? If can, what are the chances to me secured a place in ipta??(higher or least??)

          If cannot in ipta can i go to private sector??

          If i finished a diploma in ict and a degree in chemical engineering is it i have to face any problem to get job?? Can i continue to master degree in chemical engineering??

          I know my question is a little unique but i hope you can help me…

          • poobalan says:

            if you finish your diploma in ICT, you can’t continue with degree in Chem Eng. In IPTA, will have to start in year one of Chem Eng and you apply using STPM results. Diploma ICT doesn’t count. If you had diploma in Chem Eng from IPTA , maybe can consider entry into year 3 of degree program.

            I don’t think can apply for IPTA after 2011 because your SPM results valid for two years to enter IPTA. And if get also, you will get diploma level, not degree since using SPM results. if want to apply next year, can try, but chances not sure high or low. depends on number of students applying.

            Private sector may take your for Chem Eng program by offering few exemptions for subjects. but you will have to start from year 1 of the degree program, unless some colleges really very very lenient and allow you to enter year 2 of Chem Eng degree.

            yes, can continue master in Chem Eng. you can do diploma ICT (2 1/4 years) and do Chem Eng (4 years – assuming diploma is not recognised and have to use SPM)). and then do Masters.

        • ruban says:

          are you trying to say that is waste to do diploma in ict and degree in chemical engineering??

          • poobalan says:

            nope, not waste of time, because it depends on a person’s interest and opportunities available. you having chance to do dip ICT, and interested to do Chem Eng. so doing both will take longer time, that’s all.

  31. kevin says:

    sir im a spm student can u explain about chemical eng(how many years to study to complete degree) and also for pharmacy&biotech
    salary for fresh graduate
    fees in private
    which college is the best

    • poobalan says:

      hi, all degree programs generally take 3 years to complete if you have foundation. since you are spm leaver, you need to take foundation which is between 1 to 2 years (STPM is two years). so, its same for chem eng, pharmacy, or biotech.

      salary – depends on companies, location, and your qualifications. fresh grads can earn from rm2k to rm3k. if i’m not mistaken, pharmacists in govt earn more than 3k for fresh grads.

      best college? very hard to say. i think you should look for established colleges. those that offer twinning (3+0) is an attraction as you will get degree from foreign u. that also depends on which foreign uni (you can check the famous/top unis that are linked to local colleges). then, check for MQA accreditation. for the courses you mentioned, check out the lab facilities.

  32. buza says:

    Hi sir.buza here, i am spm student 2008. my result bm 5, bI 6, math 8, sc 6.i am intrest to study about pilot . what i want do?

    • poobalan says:

      for those private flying academies, check with DCA . you can also apply with AirAsia, MAS, SIA etc. I’ve also posted some replies on this, so read the comments in the the pages listed in the blog – “application”, “scholarship and loans”, “guidance” etc.

  33. Paula says:

    Sir…I got 11 A’s in SPM 2008. 8A1 and 3A2 in add math, bio and bible knowledge. I didn’t get matrikulasi (first intake) and I already do the rayuan(online) and I am going to Putrajaya to also do rayuan(written). I came from a poor family so there’s no any other way except STPM if I can’t get any scholarships. I am really frustrated. What should I do?

    • poobalan says:

      hi, you posted two comments in two pages, so i’ll answer them both here.

      11As is good results. congratulations.

      you have taken the rights steps. (i) proceed with rayuan. (ii) wait got JPA interview results. (iii) apply for all possible scholarships. (iv) wait for form 6 placement. (v) wait for IPTA results in May.

      IPTA results – USM applicants were asked to take test last weekend. some others may have interview. you have to visit relevant websites often to keep updated.

      based on your ambition, try the private colleges. many will offer partial scholarship or fee waiver for 10As and above students. try UTAR. TARC., SEGI, INTI, etc. there’s many of them to consider. at least it will reduce the parents burden.

  34. Asha says:

    Sir my spm i got 8 A1 and 2 A2.i am a science stream student. i was offered ipta to do diploma in mechatronic engineering. Being the only girl and only non malay made me quit as i could not get adjusted to the culture shock.I did my stpm I got 2 A for PA and chemistry. B+ for bio and C+ for pure maths n MUET Band 6. i am not interested in medicine but i am interested in allied medical science fields like pharmacy and radiography. I manage to get the degree programme in masterskill for the la trobe university 4+0 bachelor of pharmacy. Do you think that i can secure a job with the government once i have completed my studies in masterskill. I have applied for IPTA. But private i have it as a back up plan just in case i am dumped with some course which is not employable. Pls tell me about this masterskill.

    • poobalan says:

      sorry to hear about your predicament in IPTA. its easy to say that you should have been more brave and strong to finish the diploma, but being a single female among guys is not easy.

      you did ok in STPM, and i think you should pursue with the program in masterskill. you can also try some universities in indonesia as its much more cheaper than in masterskill (well, it is a australian degree, after all). to get a govt job, the program must be recognised with JPA, so you have to check at JPA website:

      from what i see, the program not recognised by JPA, so you can’t get government job at the moment. maybe in future after its recognised. anyway, better check with masterskill and JPA.


    hi anna,i have finished matriculation and i scored cGpa 3.95.recently, i was selected for USM INTERVIEW and i went for it.i want to do medicine course and do you think i will get a place there?

  36. kevin says:

    anna,i just registered my self for form 6.and planned to take pa,maths,chem,physic.i would like to know what kind of degree courses i would be able to take if i take those subjects?

    • poobalan says:

      hi kevin,

      the subject you plan to take indicate that your degree will be engineering, science or maths based. however, you are not taking bio, so that means cannot take medical and bio-related degree like biotech, bioscience, dentistry, biomedicine, pharmacy etc.

  37. Farah says:

    I finished my SPM last year and i got a 7D for my Bahasa Malaysia paper and i am retaking it again this coming June.
    My dad is really keen on me to take do my form 6, so i can jump to a degree program at a public university later on. but i couldn’t get in for form 6 thid year because my BM was not considered a credit.
    i really want to do law,so im asking if i were to do law at a private college, should i do my a levels or a law in foundation.?
    and if so, if i were to score well in any of them could i proceed with the results to a public university to do a degree?
    or wait another year and enroll myself for form 6?

    • poobalan says:


      a-levels gives you flexibility to change course if you decide not to pursue law later or if you decide to do law in a place other than the college you took a-levels. foundation means you are decided with law and with the same college. a-levels gives flexibility, while foundation restricts the choices.

      regardless of foundation or a-levels, you can’t enter local IPTA unless you have SPM,STPM, cert/diploma from politeknik. very few colleges have their foundation/cert/diploma recognised for local IPTA entry.

      if your aim is local uni, then resit BM and then go to form six or reapply using form 5 results.

  38. Ramesh Sugan says:

    hi sir..i want to ask a few things.i’ve just finished my spm last year and i got 6As and 4Bs..i got A2 for physics and a B4 for add math and i’ve applied to do foundation in mechanical engineering in uniten.recently i received an offer letter from uniten.i would like to know more on mechanical it a good course to do?after my degree,will i be able to get a job with high salary?the reason im asking is because recently few of my relatives are asking me why i didnt applied for electrical and electronics i’ve been wondering whether i chose the right course that will have a secured future.

  39. jack says:

    hello sir,im interested 2 do medicine nw im a bit confused whr 2 do…so i planned 2 do u tel me whr is the best uni r collegs wich offer alvls program???and whr cn i contn my studies after my alvls 2 do medicine??

    • poobalan says:

      i’m not sure about the “best” uni/colleges for a-levels. a levels is the same standard and come from two different sources in UK. you can try taylors, kdu, metropolitan, sunway, inti, nilai etc.

      after a-levels, you can apply for any uni/college offering medic except local IPTAs.

  40. Sathish says:

    Hi Sir
    I am having 7A’s and 1B in my PMR
    can i go for a college after PMR?

    • poobalan says:

      well, not in malaysia with such results. you go to form four just like others. for many colleges, the minimum is A-levels (meaning completion of secondary school education). some do accept exceptional students with high MENSA (IQ test) values plus those who pass 0-levels exams (SPM level).

      some may call themselves as college, but actually running school syllabus as per education ministry guidelines.

  41. hanif says:

    hi sir…i want to ask about the future in studying aircraft engineer..i already wasted my time in studying physiotherapy (which i didn’t like at all) but coz my parents really like me to pursue that course, i have to bow to their request. And now i dropout of that course cause studying health care is really hard for me..i got a+ and a- in both physics and addmaths for spm while my biology is c+…is there a future in aircraft engineering? or can sir suggest me other choice related to aircraft?

    • poobalan says:


      aircraft engineering is good field and sure got future. since your physics and add maths are excellent results, then i think its a good choice for you. you can try also mechanical engineering, aircraft maintenance, etc.

  42. VISNUPREYA says:

    hello sir im studing in one of the IPTS, final year student in Diploma in Medical laboratory technology. My cgpa for sem.6 was 3.57. My aim want to continue my degree in IPTA.So which uni need to choice? i want to ask bout D.Biomedicine? its suitable for me for my course? tq.

    • poobalan says:


      I’m not sure which IPTS you are studying in, but entry to IPTA are through SPM/STPM or diploma from politeknik only. However I think there are very few qualification from IPTS which are accepted into IPTA. Most likely you have to continue degree in IPTS only.

      Biomedicine is a good choice. You have to check with the IPTS if your diploma is suitable and recognised to study that particular degree program.

  43. kalai says:

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to get your advice on my result and which courses are suitable for me to studie. I wish to do Veterinar in UPM or try any Engineering Courses. below is my result for my stpm & spm

    BM – 2A
    BI – 2A
    P.MORAL – 4B
    SEJARAH – 4B
    MATHS – 1A
    ADD MATHS – 6C
    FIZIK – 7C
    KIMIA – 6C
    EST – 5C

    PENG.AM – A-
    CHEM – C+

    Wish to hear from you sir. Thanks for your feedback and advice. I wish to enter by end of this year and advice me on the loans that i could try to apply. Im really confused and cant see a clear picture on what i should go.

    • poobalan says:


      you didn’t give full details of STPM results. to enter degree program in IPTA, need to use STPM results. and i’m not sure if second semester intake is applicable for STPM leavers.

  44. kalai says:

    hi sir,

    actually i collapsed on my maths & physics thats i couldnt indicate on my previous email to you. so im not entitle to apply for local U isit?

    • poobalan says:

      what you mean by collapsed? the results are not pass? then if your overal CPGA less than 2.0, can’t enter local uni. if results is not good, the chances of getting your preferred choice of course is difficult.

  45. kalai says:

    thanks for your advice.i appreaciate your service to the society.

  46. ray says:

    Hi Sir,

    i had finish my diploma accountancy in July 2009, my HPNM is 3.65. I had try apply local U, but i fail to get it. Than now i have plant to take ACCA or CPA course.

    My question is, diploma in accountancy can directly take the ACCA course? Or sir you have any better suggestion to me?

    Thank for your reply

    • poobalan says:

      can take ACCA, but maybe can get few subjects exempted. i think the best way is to take your results slips, course syllabus and approach colleges that offer ACCA. why not continue ACCA at the place you did diploma?

  47. ray says:


    Thanks for your reply.

    I forgot to tell sir, i take my diploma at polytechnics (POLISAS). I had friend suggest me go UTAR take degree in accountancy, but i have finance problem so i have no idea what should i do now…..

  48. kavi says:

    hello sir,
    may i know what are the most demandful courses nowdays in malaysia?

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Kavi,

      You can refer to for the surveys on top jobs. In general, job opportunities are abound especially in our country, and also the developing regions like China, SE Asia, South Africa, South Asia, Middle East etc.

      Among the careers usually in demand are medical, engineering, accounting. Other fields like computing, multimedia, finance, biotech, architecture, health and safety, pharmaceutical, etc.

  49. gamed says:

    heollo sir..i m SPM 2009 candidate…
    i would be pleased if u answered my questions..

    1.can i apply for CAT and ACCA if i am not taking accounts..

    2.can u suggest the best private colleges and universities that are providing this course..

    tq.. 🙂

  50. jess says:

    hi sir..
    i would like to ask you if a credit in spm pendidikan moral is included in the 5 credits base requirements for matriculations such as AUSMAT or SAM..

    also,will i be sure to enter the college for matriculation if i obtain 5 credits in spm?or will the outcome differ depending on the amount of people enrolling?

    • poobalan says:

      i think its included as one of the 5 credits. two of the subjects must be english and science/maths.

      for private college, usually can enter because got so many colleges. but for some famous colleges, they may choose to filter, so better you get 5 strong credits at least.