Scholarships and Loans (2)

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Higher Opportunities for Private Education


Deadline not specified.

This organisations helps to provide places in private colleges at subsidised rates for deserving students.

Download application form:

List of participating colleges/uni is at the HOPE website above.




Airtime Management and Programming Sdn Bhd (AMP) being part of ASTRO All ASIA BROADCAST Plc (ASTRO) strongly believe that education is one of the ways to assist and help the people to better themselves and to build a greater future for their families, community and ultimately for their country. It is with this firm believe that AMP through its radio station “MY FM” together with Magnum Corporation Berhad (Magnum) establishes this Programme to provide financial assistance for young outstanding Chinese Malaysian students to continue performing well in schools.

The goal of the Programme is to promote academic excellence by providing outstanding students, who are in need of financial assistance, the opportunity to reach their full potential in the future. This Programme provides a grant of RM 5,000.00 (“Grant”) towards the successful recipient which can be used by the recipient to go towards his/her tuition fees and/or other educational expenses or personal needs. Four successful recipients will be chosen in 4 quarters to receive the grant and announcements will be made through MY FM (on air and on line). It is a one off payment mainly to reward the recipient and to assist them financially. This payment will be issued by cheque.

AMP, MY FM and Magnum hope that this Programme will lessen the recipient’s financial burden and encourage & supports the recipient to complete their education.


  • The Programme is offered to all Malaysian citizens below the age of 25 years old (at the time of application or submission).
  • The applicant must be a fulltime student studying in public colleges or university (which has been accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia) and /or have gained admission to pursue a degree or a diploma course at the respective public colleges as a fulltime student at the date of application or submission.
  • An applicant must have a strong academic background and have demonstrated caring and leadership abilities through participation in school or community service activities, extracurricular or other social or school activities.
  • An applicant must not be bonded, sponsored by any other organizations or private institutions. Financial or other assistance received from the Welfare Department and/or other charitable organization does not fall under this prohibition.
  • An applicant can only receive the Grant once but they are allowed to re-apply if they are not successful in their earlier application and/or submission.

How to Apply
Please provide the following information:

  • Name, age, phone number and address;
  • NRIC or Birth Certificate No (copies to be provided);
  • School, Colleges, University (documentary proof you are studying there or have been offered a place to study & have accepted it);
  • Information of your involvement in any Extra Curricular Activities or other Social or Co-Curriculum Activities or sports (documentary proof is relevant);
  • The reason why you should received the Grant in 50 words.
  • Family background with parents’ occupation and monthly income Parents’ Occupation and monthly income
  • An applicant must complete / provide all details requested (see Clause 2 and 3 above) and submit the same via post (see Clause 1 above) before the respective closing dates of each quarter. Only applications submitted and received by us by the respective dates shall be accepted and reviewed.

An applicant must complete / provide all details requested above and submit the same via post before the respective closing dates of each quarter. Only applications submitted and received by us by the respective dates shall be accepted and reviewed.

Attention to: William Yap Yai Leong
MY FM Magnum Grant Programme
MY FM Marketing and Promotions Department
Airtime Management & Programming Sdn Bhd
All Asia Broadcast Centre
Technology Park Malaysia
Lebuhraya Puchong – Sg Besi
Bukit Jalil 57000
Kuala Lumpur

Only short-listed applicants and/or nominees will be notified by post or telephone call for an interview with AMP, MY FM and Magnum. Date, time and venue will be set at a later date.

The closing date for each quarter is as follows:-

  • Quarter 1 (4 January 2010 to 26 March 2010) – 26th March 2010
  • Quarter 2 (29 March 2010 – 18 June 2010) – 18th June 2010
  • Quarter 3 (28 June 2010 – 10 September 2010) – 10th September 2010
  • Quarter 4 (13 September 2010 – 10 December 2010) – 10th December 2010

For more information, please visit


MCEF (Malaysian Community and Education Foundation)

No. 122A, Jalan Berhala,

50470 Kuala Lumpur. (Oposite Budist Tample, Brickfields)

03-22735179 (Ms Chitra)



Kojadi is a cooperative, so you will need to become a member (minimal fee). The interest rate for loan is less than 8% last time I checked.


PTPTN website

Note that students who graduate with first class honors would be eligible for the loans to be converted to SCHOLARSHIPS!


Bank Loans for Education (not full list)

Jalan Bukit Bintang ,
Plaza Yeoh Tiong Lay,
55 Jalan Bkt Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur Tel:
1 300 880 900
Fax: 603 – 2144 1136

58 – 60, Jalan Bukit Bintang 55100,
W.P.Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 – 2143 1857,
03 – 2144 0875,
03 – 2142 3604
Fax: 03-2143 0645

Jalan Tangsi, Peti Surat 11024,
50732 KL.
Tel: 03 – 2612 9600
Fax: 03-2612 9655

Leboh Pasar Besar , Peti Surat 10815,
50726 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 603-2731 1600
Fax :603-2691 4908

48, Jalan Dungun,
Damansara Heights,
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : (603) 2095 4000
Fax: (603) 2095 4022


Other Scholarship related websites








8. Scholarship search at Study In Australia website

9. List of Scholarships at Malaysia Australia Alumni Council


11. (under Financial Aid)


13. [for studies in USA]

14. [ international scholarships mainly for Master & PhD]

15. [mostly international scholarships]

16. [mostly international scholarships]


18. [under scholarships section]


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  1. liew says:


    dear sir,here is my result wat m i facing is tat i hav no idea to go where to futher my study ..can u pls give me some guide?tq appreciate it

    • poobalan says:

      hi liew,

      your maths and accounts are strong results, so how about accounts? can apply in politeknik, IPTS or try going for form 6.

      your bio and chemistry got Bs, so can consider courses in science or health?

  2. liew says:

    Add math-A-

    dear sir,here is my result wat m i facing is tat i hav no idea to go where to futher my study ..can u pls give me some guide?tq appreciate it

    • poobalan says:

      hi liew,

      your strong subjects are maths, add maths and accounts. your physics and chemistry got b. no bio?

      what’s your interest/ambition?

      you can try go for accounts or some sciences/engineering courses.

  3. jeevetha says:

    bm A-
    BI B+
    MATH A
    PM A-

    • poobalan says:

      hi jeevitha,

      your core subjects are As while sciences subjects are Bs, and its difficult to say what area to study. there’s quite a lot of option from medicine to management.

  4. shuyiing says:

    art visual education:A
    moral knowledge:A
    additional mathematics:A-
    malay language:B+
    chinese language:B+
    Dear Sir, here is my result.Can u tell me what courses of science or others i can choose?thanks.

    • poobalan says:

      hi shuyiing,

      you got A in chemistry, so how about some chemistry related course like chemistry, pharmacy, food nutrition, food science, chemical engineering. your maths and physics results are also good, so can consider engineering courses.

  5. hemavalli says:

    I want to know something.I have obtained 1A,1B and 1 C in my alevels.Can I know if there is any scholarship or loans available for me to do my deg in pharmacy?

    • poobalan says:

      hi hemavalli,

      i don’t think can get scholarship with such results as for loans, well can try to ask at the place you are planning to do pharmacy if they have any info.

  6. Evelyn says:

    Sir, can u give me some advices on furthur studies as i really make up my mind !!! I don’t noe whether i am suitable in studying science or commerce. I get matrix n i really don’t noe want to go or not as i will be in science stream. However, i feel tired when i think of studying bio,chemis in the future. However i really hate account .So,wat should i do ??? Below r my results :
    BM A+
    BI A
    BC A-
    BIO A
    PHY A+
    MATHS A+
    MORAL A-

    • poobalan says:

      hi evelyn,

      i guess in one way its an envious position to be – excellent results and place in matrics 🙂

      why not list your ambition or interest? that would be a good place to start.

      between tiring and hating, which is more difficult?

      remember that not all students who grad in science based courses end up in a science-based job in the field. the first degree is just a stepping stone to other things in life.

      science has so many areas to focus, so may be you want to explore a bit? you can be an environmentalist, scientist, doctor, lab technologist, teacher, and so on..its a whole big area out there!

  7. tiqa says:

    sir,i am pre-tesl student and going to further my degree in tesl this july if i pass the medsi test.i would like to know if there is specific scholarship offered for this course?most of the scholarship i found are for those pursuing medicine,engineering etc.

  8. suntheri says:

    Dear sir,
    My son obtained:
    BM (A-), BI (A), MORAL (A-), SEJARAH (A), MATH (A), AC (A), PHYSIC (A-), CHEMISTRY (A-), GEOGRAFI (B+), BIOLOGY (B+) & ADD MATH (B) – 8As & 3Bs. He did apply for metric, IPTA but all rejected. What is wrong with his results. He is only offered to form 6. Is it better for him to do foundation or form 6. What is the difference and if he decides to do foundation and with the results can he apply for local university? Please help!! I’m confused.

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Ms Suntheri,

      Nothing wrong with your son’s results! Its a good result in fact. however, competition is tough for IPTA and a lot of factors play a role in determining you get a place or not. for one, his bio and add math are not strong results (not A). matriculation expects top results for non-bumi students. IPTA depends on what course he applied for. students in the 5 to 8 As category usually end up nowhere because stuck in middle. plus being non-bumi, not many options available other than form 6, diploma in ipta or politeknik (and yet some ppl say non-bumi are focused/interested to study in private, when in fact we don’t have much option or chances to study in IPTAs after SPM). also note that places for SPM students are not many in IPTA.

      if you can afford it, go for foundation. make sure its a recognised college and check if they can link you with some scholarships if get excellent foundation results, so that can cover degree expenses. don’t just believe their word but ask for black and white.

      difference: foundation is shorter and internal to an IPTS. with the results he can pursue degree in same IPTS or at another IPTS that recognises the foundation program. HOWEVER, foundation programs cannot be used to enter local uni (IPTA). STPM is longer and with the results you can apply to IPTA via UPU. HOWEVER, there’s still a possibility you may not get a place (just like the case now) or get a course that not first choice. So, there’s double risk if take STPM. you can still take STPM and enter IPTS but that means you wasted one year.

  9. Concerned Mom says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your information. I have registered my son for foundation studies in science at UTAR. Can he apply for JPA with the foundation result?

  10. jgal says:

    sir,i get star scholarship.but they just cover my tuition fee which is rm28,000. my degree cost is rm40,, my parents need to pay rm 12,000 to college and they also have to support my daily spending.i ask ptptn to take loan for balance rm12,000.they tell scholarship holder cant apply for ptptn. my parents cant afford for that.what should i do now sir?should i accept the scholarship..or dont accept the scholarship and just appy ptptn?

    • poobalan says:

      hi jgal,

      is it possible to split the balance 12,000 into payment by semester or monthly? you should discuss this with the college or even talk to the Star about your problem.

      another option is take a loan from bank and pay back monthly.

      if you apply PTPTN, most likely you get the full coverage, so yeah, you can consider that.

      • jgal says:

        sir,i talk to the college they tel we can pay the balance by semester.but my parents cant afford for thta much sir.can i know which bank or company offering education loan with low interest?

        • poobalan says:

          hi jgal,

          i suggest u refer to this page which lists few banks. rates change all the rtime, so visit the banks to get latest details.

  11. gurl92 says:

    dear sir..
    i’m spm leaver 2009..i gt 8A’s A,bi A-,math A,add math A-,moral A,sejarah A,phy A-,chem A,bio B+…
    i wana do foundation in science to continue my studies as chemical i realy dont understand about the benefits of foundation..and how i can do chemical engineering after foundation??can i get scholarship after foundation??tQ..

    • poobalan says:

      hi gurl92,

      congrats on your results. to answer your questions:

      foundation is mainly an internal program by the uni/college. its usually a year long program. benefit/disadvantage: its for students who are planning to do a degree in slightly shorter period IN THE SAME uni/college. if you do foundation in college A, then mostly likely you can’t continue degree in college B, UNLESS both the college have an agreement. at times, foundation->degree may be cheaper than diploma->degree route. foundation requires minimum 5 credit, while diploma is minimum 3 credits. so, obviously, its a bit harder to enter foundation.

      yes, you can do chemical engineering after foundation, but make sure choose the correct foundation. the college would advise you. you should take foundation in science or engineering or similar themed programs.

      yes, can get scholarships, but mostly from private sector. also, need to check with your college/uni if they offer internal scholarships or have links with any companies that offer scholarship. pls ask the seniors in the college too.

  12. DePREsSED GIrL says:

    hi sir..
    i m a dip in pharmacy holder..i would like to continue my degee in indonesia as unfortunately malaysia’s public n private college requirement are quit cgpa is jz 3.71..i have no oter choice then continue in indo..i need financial aid..mayb some amount of scholar will help me..or any loan available for indians with less interest..tq

    • poobalan says:

      hi depressed girl,

      i’m not sure what you mean by the requirement is high to do degree in malaysia. you need 3.75 is it?

      if you are doing overseas, then not easy to get assistance. probably bank loan. if you are using services of placement agents, can also ask them.

  13. ganeswran says:

    hi sir,
    currently i finished study American degree transfer program at nilai university college.i also place to study in aerospace engineering at Wichita state university, Kansas,America.i seeking scholarship and financial aid for continue my degree at America.please help me show the pathways for the scholarship.

    thank you

    • poobalan says:

      hi ganeswran,

      you should talk to your counselors in nilai itself. secondly, visit MACEE (listed in this page) for American related scholarships. 3rd, try to contact your uni in US and ask their advice.

  14. Shasie says:

    helo sir..i m studying at indonesia 4 finished my first year…nw gonna pursue my second year..i need ny loan immediately 2 pay my second year fee..must pay in a one month time…i was hoping 4 one loan..but suddenly they said cant release nw…can u give some information abt loan…which can get easily…

    • poobalan says:

      hi shasie,

      i don’t know of any loan which can get easily. even jpa loan takes some time to process. your best option is bank loan, or refer to relatives for help.

      • Shasie says:

        @poobalan, ok sir..i think i will apply for bank loan…can u give me info abt education bank loan wth repayment…thx sir..

        • poobalan says:


          there’s no education loan. most banks offer personal loan for the purpose of education. you can refer to the list of banks in this page itself.

  15. Jeevitra says:

    helo sir………this is my result:
    B.M – A+
    B.I – A
    MATHS – A
    MORAL – A+
    SEJARAH – B+
    PHYSICS – A-
    E.S.T – B
    i want to ask sir that is it good if i continue my diploma tesl in unisel….thanks a lot sir.

    • poobalan says:


      as i mention always, its up to your ambition. you have 5As and 4Bs, so you can easily do foundation program or pre-uni like A-Levels. you should do diploma if (i) the cost of diploma+degree is cheaper than foundation+degree or (ii) you plan to work first or (iii) you not sure if want to continue degree in same field as the diploma.

      you didn’t take english literature nor did you mentioned your 1119 english score. are you really interested in teaching english subject?

  16. Thines says:

    I am currently studying my first year of A-levels under a partial scholarship from the university itself (HELP Uni College). I wish to study Law after completing my A Levels next year. Below are my SPM results:

    I was hoping to get into a university in the UK (either twinning or straight to UK). Should I apply now or after my A Levels. How do I apply?

    • poobalan says:

      hi thines,

      you should apply as you near your a-levels exams. even if you get a conditional offer now, you still have to wait for a-levels results. i think your college counsellors can easily guide you on this.

  17. boy in pain says:

    helo sir,
    i got 5 a+,2a,2a-and 1b+(bm) for my spm 2009, yet i hav been rejected from jpa,ipta,bsn scholarship and a few other scholarships….my wish is to study in a overseas university but without a proper scholarship my parents will not be able to afford the a final resort, i just started stpm today but i’m also waiting for taylors spm high achievers scholarship to do a-levels…..i would like to ask u…is there higher chances of getting scholarship if i’m a a-levels holder or stpm holder?..and are international undergraduate scholarships such as ASEAN scholarship offered to a-levels holder?

    • poobalan says:


      if you consider local scholarships, the focus is on stpm results. if you consider global scholarships, a-levels is better option. in case of singapore, for a-level holders, the scholarship is known as Asean Undergraduate Scholarship.

  18. ayu says:

    i’m currently reading Law in one of IPTA,i would like to apply for scholarship but my last semester cgpa is 3.2,which i’m really sad about,could u help me with info,which scholarship that i can apply..tq:P

    • poobalan says:


      3.2 cgpa means can’t apply for JPA PIDN. i’m not aware of other scholarships for law at the moment. you can take PTPTN and hopefully score 3.7 to convert it to scholarship.

  19. Kahmine says:

    Mr Poobalan

    May i get the list of sponsorships or scholarships offered by Indians in Malaysia and also singapore scholarships. I couldnt find them. Please. I need this help since im going to pursue my studies for MBBS this coming August. Please kindly reply to my mail as soon as possible. Yout cooperation in highly honoured. Thank you

    • poobalan says:


      you mean scholarships offered BY indians? i don’t think there is one officially. ananda krishnan offers via MCEF, and maybe some top businessmen offer unofficially.

      as for singapore scholarships, i’m not aware of any lists so far.

  20. Kahmine says:

    If for PTPTN apply online is enough or need to post to them some more? How would we know whether our application being granted? Thank you

  21. 22 and lost says:

    SPM 2005

    BM A1
    EST B3
    MORAL C5

    STPM 2007

    PA B+
    MUET Band 5

    Sir,currently im not doing part time jobs like typing letters and so on.I want to further my studies but my families financial is very bad.I don’t know what to do and i’m totally lost.I
    m interested in engineering courses.What should I do sir?Please guide me.

    • poobalan says:

      hi 22 and lost,

      you can try for diploma program using your spm results. degree is problematic because you didn’t get cpga 2.00 in stpm. there’s plenty of options to study diploma in engineering, and you can apply ptptn loan. after completing diploma (with excellent results), you can continue to degree using ptptn loan or try for scholarships.

  22. lina says:

    hi…i really want to further my study for master prog. at overseas and i am looking for the scholarship now. do you have any suggestion for me??

    • poobalan says:

      Hi lina,

      you should try those organisations related to your field of study for master. they may consider sponsoring your studies. secondly, you can search for scholarships in the links i gave like or or scholarshiponline which covers scholarships all over the world. you can also look up the uni website (that you plan to study) to see if they offer any scholarship/tutor job/bursary. some countries also have scholarships for malaysians like UK, Australia, US and Japan. can refer to their embassies.

  23. Mathews says:

    Dear sir,
    i just want to know wether i can pursue my degree in mechanical engineering in utm after completing my foundation in science in Utar.Is it possible for me to do degree in UTM Johor?thank you very much.

    • poobalan says:

      hi matthews,

      if you are planning to enrol in UTM proper, meaning apply via UPU, using UTAR foundation cert, then i think its not possible. because UPU application considers only SPTM and matriculation, unless got special cases where they will consider a-levels etc. However, if you want to enrol as part-timer in UTM SPACE (off-campus) program, then you can.

      General rule: IPTS qualification (foundation/diploma) cannot be used to enter IPTA for degree or diploma program.

  24. vino says:

    Dear sir,below are my spm results…
    BM A
    MORAL A-
    TAMIL A-

    im confused in choosing carrier…ive been advised not to go into medical field since many students are going towards it…i have interest in engineering courses and also science related courses…please advise me on this…thank you sir…

    • poobalan says:

      hi vino,

      medical field, meaning to be a medical doctor? true that more students are taking up medicine, but its a critical industry and as long as you don’t mind working anywhere, you’ll find there’s a job. besides, not everyone can study and be a doctor. need to have the passion and patience for it.

      same goes for your other interest: engineering and science. basically, with your results you can choose to enter any of the courses (via foundation or pre-u). so the question is, what interests you the most? maybe you should read up a bit on the various engineering and science careers available.

      • vino says:

        hi sir,
        thank you for your reply…i have decided to do chemical engineering since chemistry,physics n add maths are my favourite subjects…but my parents are worried that i have to be working at factories if i became chemical engineer…any advise for that sir?

        • poobalan says:


          a chemical engineering graduate can work in other places besides factories 🙂 you can venture into research, management, education, biotech, oil and gas, consultation. however, obviously more jobs are those at operational level, meaning factories, plants, and industrial areas.

  25. lost boy unsure says:

    hi sir…just like to find out about the anantha krishna scholarship/sponsorship programme…im currently pursuing my degree in finance(hon) 3 years…with a ‘help foundation’ cert…

    just like to know more about the anantha krishna scholarship/sponsorship programme..the requirements…hope for ur reply

    • poobalan says:


      the scholarship is under MCEF. you can find the contact number in the scholarship page. They don’t really mention the requirements. You have to call and talk to them as usually its a case-by-case evaluation.

  26. danaraj says:

    Please post this.

    Overseas Student Scholarships for Undergraduate Studies at Lingnan University, Hong Kong

    I am pleased to introduce to you the Overseas Student Scholarships for outstanding overseas students from your country to study in our University’s undergraduate programmes in the 2011-12 academic year, which begins in September 2011. To attract overseas students to our University so as to create a vibrant international environment on campus, the University offers scholarships to support outstanding overseas students to pursue undergraduate studies at our University. A successful student will be awarded HK$120,000 (i.e. about US$15,385) per academic year (tenable for a period of up to 3 years) which covers tuition, hostel and other academic and living expenses for their studies.

    Lingnan University is the only liberal arts university in the territory, offering study programmes in Arts, Business and Social Sciences at undergraduate and postgraduate levels up to doctoral degrees. True to its identity as a liberal arts institution, Lingnan is characterised by a small student body, a close faculty-student relationship and a residential campus. Lingnan guaranteed on-campus residence for all non-local students throughout their studies. Local and non-local undergraduate students with the following qualifications are eligible to apply:

    satisfactory completion of 7 years of secondary education, or 6 years of secondary education plus one year of study in a 4-year undergraduate curriculum; satisfactory completion of the first year in a 4-year undergraduate curriculum, or in an associate degree programme of a recognized institution; a degree, an associate degree or a diploma awarded by a recognized post-secondary institution; an International Baccalaureate Diploma; satisfactory completion of two years of full-time study in a post-Form Five institution, e.g. a technical institute; or other equivalent qualifications which the University will consider on a case-by-case basis.

    (Note: Students may be required to gain a minimum of Grade C in English in the GCE O-Level or GCSE Examination or an equivalent public examination; or a TOEFL score of 213 in the computer-based test, or 550 in the paper-based test, or 79 in the internet-based test, or an IELTS overall band score of 5.5.)

    I would appreciate it if you could encourage students in your country to apply for the scholarships to further their studies in Hong Kong. I have attached an eLeaflet for distribution and publicity at your convenience. Students interested in applying for the scholarships should submit their online applications from 15 December 2010 to 31
    March 2011 for evaluation for admission. Details of the scholarships are available at our website:

    If you have questions about the scholarships and related matters, you are most welcome to contact Ms Merry CHEY at or (852)2616 8774 and Ms Elizabeth CHEUNG at or (852)2616 8778.

    We look forward to receiving applications from students at your country.

    Yours sincerely
    William LEE Keng-mun
    Associate Vice-President (Academic Affairs)

  27. Sathia says:

    Dear sir ,

    I’m doing American degree transfer programme in INTI International College of Penang. I got an offer to do my degree in petroleum engineering in university of Portsmouth on September 2011. As for your information my parents could not support my studies as in tight financial problem. could you please consider my request and send me the list of educational loan to furcontinue my study in oversea.
    Hear from you soon.

    • poobalan says:

      hi sathia,

      i can’t entertain individual requests due to time limitation. it would be unfair to everyone else. just refer the pages here and do some searching on the given links.

  28. avin says:

    Hello there sir,
    I am 21 and currently doing my foundation in B.ED(TESL) in Unisel, Selangor.. I am finishing the course in MAY2011.. The university do offer Degree but I want to further my degree in overseas(with scholarship) or local university.. My questions are:
    1. Can I use my Foundation result to apply to local university?
    2. Is there any scholarship for education?English Education?
    I really hope you have the answer sir.. =)
    Thank you..

    • poobalan says:

      hi avin,

      1. foundation programs are usually used for pursuing degree in the same uni/college. very rare for a uni to accept the foundation result of another uni unless the foundation is well-recognised. you should check with Unisel if any other uni accepts their foundation (usually those with twinning programs or some MOU). my feeling is that most likely none.

      2. there are some scholarships for language and education. but i can’t remember them. anyway, when the scholarships are opened, i’ll post here.

  29. nandhini says:

    hi i just wanted to is there any loans or scholarship for foundation studies..

    • poobalan says:


      in terms of loan – ptptn offers loan, but for certain foundation only. some colleges offer their own scholarship for top students. There are also those like Star education Fund.

  30. pavithirran says:

    sir , i am an spm leaver 2010, seeking for any scholarships in aicraft maintenance engineering. where should i get the form and etc…..

    • poobalan says:

      hi pavithirran,

      did you attend the recently concluded Star Education Fair?

      If your forecast results are good, you can check the colleges that offer aircraft maintenance and see if the offer scholarships.

      other than that, wait till the companies like MAB, MAS, AirAsia etc open their scholarship application. at the moment, no news yet.

  31. nesan says:

    hello sir..i m currently doin bach of mechanical engineering in university industri selangor..and my cgpa is 3.71..i m in third year 1st sem sir..i did diploma and my cgpa was 3.08..i m 24 this year questionn..can i apply any of the scholarships sir..i m askin cuz i m alredi in 3rd year and just wonder can get it or nt…am i qualified?.if yes which one u suggest me sir..thanx a lot for ur help..

    • poobalan says:

      hi nesan,

      you can try some of the scholarships because most will take students who are not in their final year. i guess you have another 1.5 years left.

      you can try pinjaman pelajaran selangor, and also PTPTN. PTPTN will give you scholarship if you grad with 1st class.

  32. Edward Ho says:

    Hello sir…I am 2010 SPM candidate, I am planning to go for diploma of civil engineering and then continue my degree in UK….i have asked about the payment….overseas = 100k per year and i need to study 3 years… And so…. My question is that is it hard to apply scholarship and usually how much cgpa has a greater chance to get scholarship easier? Or is there any special scholarship available for civil engineering only? Can you please guide me to my way??

    • poobalan says:


      another option is to do foundation and do the degree (locally or overseas). in some places, they don’t accept the diploma’s subjects, ending up with you taking longer to finish the degree (2-4 years). if you take foundation or pre-u, the degree is fixed for 4 years. again, depends on which uni you plan to enrol and their acceptance of the diploma.

      as for scholarship. its HARD! there’s so few scholarships and so many people applying (we are talking global competition here). the higher cgpa is better, preferably above 3.5. in some cases, scholarships are also based on financial background of the student.

      for civil eng, i’m not aware of any special ones. usually those big companies involved in construction industry will offer at times. nothing is fixed. if your spm results are good, go for JPA scholarship.