TEKUN still have RM30 million for Indians

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Below is some updates on TEKUN scheme for Indian community. The reply is due to MP Kulasegaran’s question in the Dewan Rakyat. You may wonder why details about the special scheme is not available on TEKUN website, instead one need to approach MIC through YSS. TEKUN was set up for bumiputra entrepreneurs.

The Deputy Minister says got RM36 million (I thought it was about RM20 million only for this year) and RM6.13 million has been dispersed. But I remember someone saying that there’s no more funds left for the year. That means got nearly RM30 million left in the fund. That can really boost lots of Indian businesses. Want to know how to apply? Ask YSS here (and please share your responses in this blog).

And if you read the last line below, the RM6.13 million loaned to Indians is part of RM1.385 billion which is a mere 0.44%. 600 Indian businessmen out of 150,988 is about 0.4%. RM6.13 million/600 people is RM10217/Indian. While the average is RM1.385 billion/150988 persons is RM9173. If consider only bumiputras, then its (RM1.385 billion – RM6.13 million)/(150,988-600) = RM9168/bumiputra. So, even though the allocation and disbursement is small, the amount an Indian businessman gets is about RM1000 more than the bumiputra businessman. Yeah, average is not a good indicator, just one of many. We should be having 10500 businessmen (if we take 7% rate) instead of 600.  So, questions need to be asked – where are these businessmen? Are they qualified? Did they apply? Are they aware?

I won’t say denied because the amount is already granted, but whether the applications were received and processed, or only those short-listed by YSS would be accepted. It would be good if some sort of online application is created and handled directly by TEKUN or PM’s Dept rather than given to a political party’s extension. Even if YSS is impartial, the impression would be different.

Do note that the forms are free and even the processing fee is deducted from the loan amount.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry has denied that the Indian community is being sidelined in the Tekun loan programme for small businesses.

Its deputy minister, Rohani Abdul Karim (BN Batang Lupar), said RM36 million has been allocated this year, primarily for Indians.

“Of this, RM6.13 million have been disbursed to small businessmen from the community nationwide,” she told Parliament this morning.

Rohani said more than 600 Indian small businessmen have benefitted from the allocation, the biggest being Perak with 216 businesses, followed by Selangor with 211 and Kedah, 185.

Earlier, M Kulasegaran (DAP- Ipoh Barat) asked the ministry why there were no publicity on the such allocations for the community.

He said applicants had found it difficult to do so and that many were asked to pay for the application forms.

To this, Rohani said the forms are free and asked Kulasegaran to give specific complaints so that the ministry could investigate.

She said only successful applications were asked to pay RM300 as processing fee for loans below RM10,000; RM50 for loans between RM10,000 and RM30,000; and RM30 for loans between RM30,000 and RM50,000.

“Applicants are not asked for the processing money as the amount is deducted from the loan.” She said Tekun Nasional has until Sept 31 this year, made 188,708 disbursements worth RM1.385 billion to 150,988 small entreprenuers.



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