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We got Federal level Hindu Endowment Board?

July 3rd, 2014
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I was quite surprised to read that one the portfolio to be handled by newly minted Minister in PM Department, (Gerakan President and recently elected Teluk Intan MP) Mah Siew Keong is overseeing the Hindu Endowment Board.

Mah, who is Gerakan president, also has the responsibility of overseeing the Hindu Endowment Board, which administers endowments such as land, property, burial grounds or funds given for the benefit of the Hindu community.


I asked MIC via tweet, but as usual, no response. I think asking the party office bearers also would be get same results.

Google search also didn’t reveal anything other than the Penang Hindu Endowment Board.

If such a board exists, who are its members? When was it established? Where’s the accounts? Why no info about it on PM Dept (JPM) website? How to contact the board? What does it administer and how? Added: Doesn’t creation of a board requires an Act of Law?

How many Hindus in Malaysia are aware such a board exists?

BTW, a frivalous question, is Mah a Hindu?


UPDATE 10/7: According to futher clarifications, the HEB referred to Mah’s portfolio is the Penang HEB of which chairman is currently Penang DCM Dr Rama. Mah’s job is to oversee the board which basically consists of presenting the board’s accounts in cabinet (sort of overglorified report presenter). That’s all. He has no power in running the board since Penang HEB is under Penang HEB Ordinance. A bit of history, the British created a Mohammedan and Hindu Endowment Board Act in 1906 to centralise and organise funds for these two religions (Islam and Hinduism). The Act was for straits settlement states (Penang, Malacca and Singapore). Prior to Malaya’s independence in 1957, the laws were streamlined, and all concerning Islam went into respective state jurisdiction. Only Penang enacted the Penang HEB Ordinance to maintain its board at state level. Singapore after splitting from Malaysia also maintained its Act. Thus there is not Act nor Ordinance (except in Penang) in Malaysia for establishment of any HEB.

Charity Dinner for SJKT Simpang Lima Multi Purpose Hall

October 21st, 2013
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Yeah, I know its Deepavali season, but hey you can do your part , no matter how small it may be. You can help to spread the news, buy/sponsor a ticket, donate any amount – all towards helping this well-known school to build their hall. I’ve done my small part, and hope you can as well 🙂

Below is the email from Organising Chairman for your reference:

Please be informed that the PIBG and SDT will be organising the fund rasing dinner for the 5th time consecutively for a noble project as initially planned in 2012.
From the last year Fund Raising Dinner called “Namathu Palli, Namathu Kadamai- Back To Basic” which was held in September 2012, the PIBG had managed to collect and reserved about 50% of the fund required to build this fully covered multi purpose hall between Block A and Block B as it is in SJKT Sg.Lima.
As the Organising committee and PIBG are really focusing to make sure this project is some how must be completed soon, we had maintained the same objective for this year dinner as well which will be held as follows:-
Dinner Theme for this year : “Together We Shoulder The Destiny of Our Generation”
Date/Time : 10.11.2013 (Sunday) @ 7.01 pm –11.00 pm

Venue : Midlands Convention Centre, Shah Alam, Selangor DE

Apart from the normal table which cost RM1000/each (10pax = 1 table) this time around we are also offering the following tables for corporate bodies etc as follows:-
Platinum Table = RM 50,000 

Golden Table  = RM15,000 
Silver Table  = RM5,000
The above 3 tables are for us to approach Corporate companies and prominent businessman etc.

Further to this, please help us to seek potential contacts to seek sponsorship as above.

Payment by cash or cheque shall be addressed to “PIBG SJK(T) SIMPANG LIMA”. While for on-line direct cash transfers can be made to PIBG Account: Hong Leong Bank, Account Number 06700050907 under name of PIBG SJK(T) SIMPANG LIMA. We appreciate all recommended “contacts”, your contributions and support for our program.

We have attached official letter from our school with more school details and reply form for your perusal. We are looking forward to hear positive news from your end.

As a member of PIBG and also SDT family, we really seeking your help for this dinner by selling/buying tickets from the Organising Committee. The normal monthly SDT activities are involved by a small group of SDT members and as also there are another group of SDT members who cant attend these monthly activities. Another part of SDT members, continuously support the Fun Learning Program to cater the weaker students every Sunday (on rotation basis). And when comes to this one major project on an annual basis, each and every SDT members shall be part of a big SDT family to support and move forward to achieve our noble goal, overall. Thus, please liaise with me  for your support to the Organising Committee within your means.

 Looking forward some positive responce from you soon.
Namathu Palli, Namathu Kadamai
Organising Chairman  
Fund Raising Dinner 2013

sjkt simpang lima charity dinner banner

 [click the image to view larger version]

SJKT Simpang Lima Charity Dinner 2013 Letter Page 1

[click the image to view larger version]SJKT Simpang Lima Charity Dinner 2013 Letter Page 2

[click the image to view larger version]

The letter above is also available in PDF format – SJKT Simpang Lima Charity Dinner 2013


Sg Siput MP shares his election story

June 7th, 2013
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Just one month since our 13th General Elections. Here’s a story on the election campaign moments by Sg Siput MP Dr Michael Jeyakumar. He is one of the underdogs in this campaign and managed to block return of MIC to Sg Siput by defeating one of the MIC nice guys, SK Devamany. The article below is to remind us of the election dramas that happened throughout the country.


By Dr Michael D Jeyakumar

The sheer volume of complaints we received indicates how little trust the Malaysian public have in the EC. And it is good to see that the Malaysian public are prepared to monitor the polling process itself to ensure it is not hijacked by any party.

There were many complaints of electoral irregularities, if not fraud, during the course of the 13th general election campaign and during polling day.

As this seems to be a hotly debated issue, I would like to share my experience as the candidate for the Sungai Siput parliamentary constituency.

There were many voters who came claiming that their names were not on the Election Commission’s list of voters though they had voted in previous elections. We have recorded their names down and intend to take this up with the EC.

There were also others whose names were registered in the voting list of other constituencies though they had voted in Sungai Siput before, and had not applied for a change in constituency. This too we intend to follow up.

It was painfully obvious that the BN campaign was far exceeding the RM200,000 expenditure limit for a parliamentary seat. Their flags, banners and posters by itself would come to much more than that.

House-owners who allowed the BN to tie banners on the fronts or sides of their houses were paid RM300!

There were numerous programmes during the campaign period when the BN gave out hampers, gift vouchers, and conducted lucky draws with rice cookers and toasters as presents.

There were several programmes where government agencies launched projects, such as the ground breaking for a new Tamil primary school and the handing out of Tekun loans amounting to RM2.5 million to about 100 applicants.

The BN candidates (for the parliamentary and two state seats) were the guests of honour in these sort of events while the opposition candidates were not invited.

Buses to ferry voters

On polling day, our supporters found four tour buses parked in Sungai Siput.

When my team and I when to check, there were no passengers in sight – but the drivers said that they had brought Malaysians working in Singapore back to Perak to vote.

We made a police report and the police detained the four buses and took statements from the drivers.

We were given a list of 35 names by one of the bus drivers – young Malays and Chinese mainly. No foreigners!

When we contacted the handphone numbers recorded in this list, the people named confirmed that they had come on that bus from Johore to Perak on May 3.

We have not been able to identify the passengers from the other three buses yet, but intend to try and do so by contacting the companies. But we do not have any proof that these buses brought in foreign voters.

In any case, our people in the Pondok Panas did not notice foreign looking people trying to attend the voting centres.

Many voters also complained about the ink that washed off. I called the returning officer and he said that perhaps the bottle of ink was not shaken properly. We advised all those complaining to make police reports.

Ballot boxes by helicopter

There are video postings of a young SPR officer guarding two yellow ballot “bags” in a field. That field happens to be in Sungai Buloh in Sungai Siput.

They contained the 237 votes from Orang Asli voters in Kuala Mu. As was agreed, polling at Kuala Mu stopped at 2pm, and the votes were counted there in the presence of PAS counting agents.

The Borang 14 was given to these counting agents, and the ballot papers were then sealed in these two bags and flown by helicopter to Sungai Siput. All these arrangements were made known to us on the afternoon of nomination day.

So this is not evidence of any hanky panky here, but a crowd of about 500 Sungai Siput residents had surrounded the ballot bags and it was only after I arrived and assured them that it was okay that they allowed the SPR to take these bags to the main counting centre.

Another complaint filed to us is the wilful delay in announcing the results.We got the copies of the Borang 14 from most of our polling centres by 8pm. By 8.30pm we knew we had won by about 2,800 votes.

However it took the EC another five hours to announce the result. Painful, but there wasn’t anything sinister in this.

It was the process of tabulation – the EC required each of the 104 “Ketua Tempat Mengundi”to submit his Borang 14 to the Returning Officer, the ADO. This would be typed in and projected on to a screen to enable the candidates to cross-check against their own Borang 14.

After a few minutes, an assistant to the Returning Officer would announce over the mike that vote results from such and such school had been accepted, and it would be added to the cumulative total. Openness and transparency can be time-consuming!

Entrance of 8 EC bags at 11.30pm

Many people in the hall were alarmed when this happened. I was already about 5,000 votes ahead when this happened and many supporters were anxious that extra votes were being brought in to cheat us of our victory! Again, nothing sinister.

The votes from three interior Orang Asli villages were not counted at site, though the process of voting was observed by our PACA.

These votes were brought out by four-wheel drives to the District Office where they were counted under observation of my and PAS’ counting agents.

The “Undi Awal” were also counted then. Apparently it was all done one by one which is why it took several hours to complete. These arrangements were made known to all parties contesting on nomination day itself.

PRU 13 was not a fair one. The mainstream media and government agencies supported the BN shamelessly and openly. And the BN spent far more than the legally permitted limit for each constituency.

There are serious lingering doubts about the authenticity of the voters’ lists. However in Sungai Siput, we were not able to find conclusive evidence of significant cheating during the polling process.

The sheer volume of complaints we received indicates how little trust the Malaysian public have in the EC. And it is good to see that the Malaysian public are prepared to monitor the polling process itself to ensure it is not hijacked by any party.

There is a much higher level of citizen activism to preserve the sanctity of the polling process compared to before. This is good for a democracy and we must say our thanks to the Bersih movement.

And Syabas to the general public. If we want a better system we have to put some effort into creating it.

Dr Michael D Jeyakumar is PSM’s winning candidate for Sungai Siput. He defeated MIC’s SK Devamany and an independent by a majority of 2,793 votes to retain this seat


Aid for schools in Puchong

May 13th, 2013
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Hmm…no wonder didn’t win GE13, just give RM5,000 to school. Give lah RM50,000 ke… 🙂  RM14,000 water filter was last year…so this expectation surely higher! I’m sure this is not vote buying. Its just a coincidence that the candidate for GE13 was available to pass the aid.


Timely assistance: Kohilan celebrating with SJK (T) Castlefield pupils after presenting the RM5,000 aid to Amani.

Timely assistance: Kohilan celebrating with SJK (T) Castlefield pupils after presenting the RM5,000 aid to Amani.

Former deputy foreign affairs minister A. Kohilan Pillay presented RM5,000 each to eight primary schools in Puchong recently.

“We want the pupils to improve their overall performance in the UPSR (Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah) exams.

“By providing the aid and facilities, we hope to produce more pupils with 7As this year,” said Kohilan after presenting the first cheque to SJK (T) Castlefield in Taman Perindustrian Puchong.

The aid will be used to organise seminars, motivational camps and extra classes for Year Six pupils.

In addition, 40 pupils from each school will receive the Score-A, an online e-study programme, and a dictionary each.

The other schools that will receive the aid are SJK(T) Kinrara, SJK(T) Batu 14 Puchong. SJK(T) Serdang, SJK(C) Han Ming, SJK(C) Sin Ming, SJK(C) Ladang Harcroft and SJK(C) Yak Chee.

Meanwhile SJK(T) Tun Samban-than in Subang Jaya will also be receiving the Score-A programme.

The aid is provided as part of an ongoing initiative to provide better education and facilities to students.

“We gave 97 Tamil schools in Selangor a RM14,000 water filter each last year, and RM3,000 worth of books for the libraries the year before,” said Kohilan.

SJK(T) Castlefield headmistress Amani Nambial said the school was happy with the contribution as money was needed to run the talks and seminars.

“Hopefully, the Score-A programme will help the pupils perform better in the exams,” she said.

There are 95 pupils in Year Six at the school.



Summary of PM Najib goodies during Unity Ponggal concert

February 3rd, 2013
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I watched the Unity Ponggal event (organised by MIC and an NGO) via TV. The HD version was good. The performances were OK, but the theme of event totally spoilt by the speeches, especially by MIC leaders. Disgraceful comes to mind. Saying unity but talk about politics.

Anyway, the most anticipated moment is PM Najib’s speech as he is expected to announce goodies (remember last year event at Kapar?). The list below is what he had mentioned today:

1. He will discuss with Education Minister Muhyiddin on possibility of converting those partially-aided SJKTs, who agree to be converted, into fully aided ones in stage.

2. TAFE college to be upgraded to technical university college

3. funding for pre-school education to be provided in SJKTs

4. funding to upgrade 15 crematoriums and community centres in areas where Indian community population is high.

5. to focus on reducing crime among Indian youths, increase equity to 3% and improve access to higher education.

The goodies were quite general in nature (and some like 3% equity is stale news), so expect the details to arrive…probably after GE13. I’m always wary of the (yet-t0-be-seen)  fine prints. The upgrading of TAFE is something MIC asked for, during the AGM.

Myself quite disappointed because PM (i) didn’t declare holiday for Ponggal, (ii) didn’t lift suspension on Vishvaroopam, and (iii) didn’t announce that places in matrikulasi and asasi IPTA will be open to all.

Oh yeah, he also mentioned something about “Indians, including Indian Muslims” when talking about money changers business. Struck me as odd.

Interestingly, PR also held a Ponggal function today in Klang, and yes, it was also politically-toned.

Abusing our festivals.