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Very rare (and I think I never heard) a religous body getting involved in the election process. CFM (Christian Federation of Malaysia) is asking its members and followers to “vote wisely”. Probably recent issues on use of the word “Allah”, confiscation of Bibles, and so on prompted CFM to issue this statement.

There’s one criteria on political manifesto and track record:

citizen’s rights on freedom of religion, conscience and speech

and asking voters to check if manifesto is consistent with actual track record.

I wonder if MHS or MCCBHCCST will do the same?

from CCM site:

Vote Wisely

With the announcement made of the dissolution of Parliament by the Prime Minister, the whole country has got into the General Elections fever. Between now and the polling date (8 March), Christians, as with all other citizens of the country will seek to make up their mind about which person or party to vote.

The CFM Executive Committee calls upon the Churches.

  1. To Pray for an Election Campaign that is clean, fair and that does not heighten ethnic and religious tensions.
  2. To encourage all eligible Christian voters to exercise their right to vote.
  3. To disseminate widely the Vote Wisely brochure to all church members, and to have it reproduced in Sunday Bulletins and Church Newsletters.

The Campaign Flyer (in PDF File) is available in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin and Tamil.

To download Campaign Flyer in English, right click here and Save as (or can view it below)

To download Campaign Flyer in Bahasa Malaysia, right click here and Save as (or can view it below)

To download Campaign Flyer in Mandarin, right click here and Save as 

To download Campaign Flyer in Tamil, right click here and Save as (or can view it below)

Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,
Rev Dr Hermen Shastri
Executive Secretary
The Christian Federation of Malaysia

cfm-vote_wisely_tamil_final.JPG    cfm-vote_wisely_english_final.jpg   cfm-vote_wisely_bm_final.jpg



  1. Kamban says:

    I’m sure our Christian frenz dont want these to happen :
    – snatching of Christian body for muslim burial
    – unable to bring in holy Bible to M’sia
    – unable to use the holy word ‘Allah’
    – demolishing of Church or removal of crosses

    You know whom is the cause . So vote for opposition !

  2. Mauriya says:

    After the introduction of Hadhari Islam by Pak Bodohwi, more and more intolerance to other communities and religion has started to manifest. While Bodohwi is preaching moderation and tolerance to the outside Muslim world, the opposite is happening in Malaysia.

    Just because he is the current chairman of the OIC does not mean that all Muslim countries are going to approve of the type of Talibanisation that is taking place in Malaysia under his guidance.

    Not only Christians but Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Bahais as well as others should VOTE FOR THE OPPOSITION. Only when the BN loses its 2/3 majority in Parliament would they realize that the people are really fed up with their hagemony and corruption.

    If non-Muslims do not vote for the Opposition and if the BN gets a 2/3 majority, the day is not far when their chief mullah and imams might start teaching the non-Muslims how to interpret their holy books.


  3. Joshua says:

    hey man,

    pas is a political party with an islamic agenda.

    can we have political parties with buddhism, christianism n hinduism or whatever ‘-isms’ agenda?

    if the Buddhists, Christians and Hindus don’t fight for freedom of religion, who will?

  4. VJ says:

    Yes correct . But the foundation has to be there before we could talk about freedom of religion . As long as BN in full power nothing will change .

    PAS for the first time let go it’s Islamic agenda coming election (Hindraf effect?) . DAP giving opportunity to many Indian candidates and so is PKR . The mood and momentum are there . Barisan Rakyat on right track . Ok , now wht if ppl fail to support them ? Wht will happen ?
    If not supporting such favorable actions from Barisan Rakyat , are ppl in general gonna support Barisan Nasional which has bunch of corrupts,discrimination , barang naik , no press freedom ….etc ??

    Guys , we must work hard to spread the message to people . Let’s be informal opposition campaigners . Many of us had started and working on this . Let’s work together to build a batter Nation for all !!!
    My effort currently includes chinese community .

    We can do it ! Let’s do it !