Indian Muslims demand for bumiputra status!

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Great move by PERMIM! With 600,000 members, they practically telling UMNO to give the status or lose a number of votes! Checkmate? Hmmm…if want to consider the 5.2 million UMNO members and not to mention more than 10 million Malays’ feelings, then maybe the ruling party will forgo 600,000 votes in order to salvage at least 5.2 million votes! Would the Malays accept the Indian muslim? Or will the leader of PERMIM end up like HINDRAF 5?

Indian Muslims seeking bumiputera status
By : K. Harinderan


The Federation of Indian Muslim Associations, Malaysia (PERMIM), which represents 600,000 Indian Muslims, have called on the government to acknowledge and award them Bumiputeras status and resolve their problems in education and employment.
At press conference today, its president Syed Ibrahim Mohd Esmail, highlighted the lack of opportunities in higher education, lack of employment and promotions for government jobs and absence of a platform to represent the community at federal level.

They also seek the government’s help to recognise them as Bumiputeras and to initiate affirmative action on the minority to uplift their socio-economic stand.



  1. VJ says:

    here you go…… i was expecting this to happen one day for sometime …..

  2. Hmmm says:

    `…which represents 600,000 Indian Muslims…’

    So they are 33.3% of the total number of Malaysian Indians. In other words, Hindus, Christians and others are only 66.7%.


  3. Killi Valavan says:

    Frenz ,
    recently read a poem witten by a Penang Tamil writer ,Seeni Naina Mohammad, whom running his own monthly Tamil magazine ‘Unggal Kural’ .
    He is saying this ‘cant do much with violence , need to work hard instead’ .
    He said ‘violence’ referring recent rally by Indians . Is it violent ??
    Now , he’s telling Indians to work hard to achieve wht they want . Ok fine .
    The question is , is he gonna tell the same to fellow Indian Muslims whom now demanding ‘special privileges’ ? Why is he hiding now not telling them to work hard instead ??
    Dun mistaken me , i havent nothing to do with him personally .I do not know him either. My frustration is that why we (Indian non-muslims) are the ones treated bad by others ???

    I got a FWD mail asking Makkal to boycott his magazine . Fyi , majority of his readers are non-muslims , particularly students 🙂

    Makkal , you are the Judge !