Update on Rajeshvari

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More update on Rajeshvari – The Star reported that the girl’s family are looking for her now, but according to Rajeshvari, she’s not interested in meeting them. And more surprisingly, the girl has some friends with whom she is currently staying with. The family background is reproduced below.

SEREMBAN: M. Rajeshvari, who was freed last Friday after being wrongfully detained in an immigration depot for 11 months, caused a scare when her family could not locate her over the weekend.

However, Malaysian Indian Youth Council vice-president Andrew Raju, who helped free Rajeshvari, finally got hold of her yesterday. Rajeshvari, he said, told him she was staying with friends but stressed that she was not ready to meet anyone, even her family.

Her family members have been looking for the 22-year-old after her story appeared in Sunday Star.

Her father, who only wanted to be identified as Murugiah, had been worried about her whereabouts.

When contacted in Kampar yesterday, Murugiah, a driver for Perak Unity and National Integration and Consumer Affairs Committee chairman and Keranji assemblyman Chen Fook Chye, said: “I just want to find my daughter. She has been missing for so long.”

His wife Parameswari, 47, and daughter Vigneswari, 26, are in Kuala Lumpur to look for Rajeshvari.

Earlier, Vigneswari said her sister left home two years ago and the family believed that she had been living in Sungei Besi. She said her sister stopped schooling at 13 while in the Remove Class. “We heard she got married in Kuala Lumpur but we were shocked to read her story.”



  1. concernedtamilan says:

    most likely she ran away from to be with lover,without the consent of the family…Take good look at child…it is very fair like chinese or malay..it also does not have indian features…(you can check it out at thestar.com..do a search on her)I will rule out the possibility the father of child being a malay…as she would not have been in this detention camp,that long.The leaves the possibilty,that father is either a chinese or chinese-indian hybird…Her’s is truly a sad case,no support from the family…and worst can’t even speak the national laugauge (can’t blame her though,most likely her parents send her to a tamil school)…the worst part is she can’t even rember her own indentity card number….i wonder how many people like her,living in their own realm..I pray some social welfare help her gain some technical and lingustic skills,so she able spearhead herself in this global economy…she,have a daunting task ahead,as young unwed mother,caring for a young child….

    • poobalan says:

      it is possible that the father of the child is a foreigner or anyone, but that is not the problem here. The baby have been issued with birth certificate, so less problem ahead. Now that her family have found her, let’s hope she will face a better future.

      • concernedtamilian says:

        agreed…hopefully,this incident emphaise on the importance of education….if,u have education,u can go anywhere and survive…we should equip ourself with the nessary knowledge for us to strive in the society.Sadly,there are signifiant portion of community still like rajesawarhi among our midst,living in a different era..Hopefully,MIC can help to accquire some technical and lauguage skills…

  2. Killer says:

    If immigrants from Bangla,Vietnam, Myanmar, India, Pakistan & others can pick up BM after a few mths in Malaysia, why can’t a Malaysian who has been to school for 6 years and lived in the country for 22 years speak BM ?

    Don’t blame others for your plight Rajeshvari, take a good look at yourself first.

    • prabhu says:

      Agreed…The barber shop,I frequent they have new barber,he is from sri lanka,,barely 6 months…He can speak conversational level malay….I assume,they have lot of malay customers coming in.If.he can do it…why not rajeswarhi? Infact,Indians compare to other races malay and chinese have a natural flair for laugauges…you can see indians converse in chinese,tamil,malay and english….So,far I have only come across very few malays or chinese..who can achieve such a feat