Silibin versus Patto

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First, let’s look at two different statistics:


He pointed out yesterday that during a month-long survey conducted by the state DAP, only 12 out of 100 respondents living in Jalan Silibin had voiced their reservations over the renaming of the road.

He said 55 residents and business operators had supported the renaming while 37 others were neutral in the matter.

55+37+12 = 114. This is more than 100 possibly because the combination of residents and business owners, but still need to clarify why 114 responses exist.

The Star:

He said of the 74 respondents interviewed, 55 supported the idea while 12 disagreed and seven were neutral.

“We made sure we got the views of a multiracial group of people so that all races were represented,” he said.

55 + 12 + 7= 74. Perfect fit.

But how can the Star and NST report two different set of numbers? Who to believe?

Let’s see both side of the arguments:

For change
– honor the late Patto
– the late Patto served Silibin area before
– The hassle for residents is minimal. (well, then perhaps the state government can cover the cost of the changes – MyKad, business cards, letterheads etc.).
– Jalan Silibin is not that well known, unlike Jalan Alor which is world famous
– No record of the history or origin of the name “Silibin” – claims Kulasegaran.
– 70% of residents affects agree to the change

Against change
– Its a hassle and unnecessary expense
– Will affect businesses
– Can rename a monument or park, or name a road in new housing area.
– Silibin has lots of historical significance.

A group of businessmen even sent a petition to Perak Menteri Besar protesting the proposed change.

I think there should be a study on the historical significance or origin of “Silibin”. It should be having some history behind it. Secondly, since 30 percent are opposing, perhaps the state government can hold a public forum to get more responses (being a transparent state, its should do so). The state can also identity other sites/roads that can be named after the late Patto. Being a caring government, it can reimburse the affected businesses and residents if the name is changed.


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  1. novinthen says:

    As a Ipohan,I support 101% to change to Silibin to Patto. Dont we let patto become another V.David. Forgotten by Uncle Lim and gang.

    Patto was an awesome leader in Ipoh. Many Ipoh Indians still talk about him.