Hudud splits Pakatan

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Well well well, Anwar’s support for Hudud law for Muslims only creates a storm for DAP, especially Karpal Singh.

PKR will not reject outright PAS’ plan to implement hudud law, said its de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

He also dismissed Karpal Singh’s remark that such legislation was unconstitutional, saying that the DAP chairman was making a general statement.

He said there was no need to reject the proposal as it was only applicable to Muslims.

What was needed, said Anwar, was an in depth discussion among Pakatan Rakyat partners on contentious issues which had resurfaced following a debate between PAS vice-president Datuk Husam Musa and Umno Youth deputy head Khairy Jamaluddin.

Hudud is not something new. There is allocation for it in Islam. This is what PAS has been saying all along, that it is solely for the Muslims,” he told reporters after launching the PKR main operation room for the Kuala Terengganu parliamentary by-election yesterday.

According to Anwar, all opposition parties understood Islam and that its legislative aspects should not just be confined to Syariah family or civil law.

Describing himself as a practising Muslim, Anwar stressed there was no blanket answer on hudud and that he would not emulate what former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad did, which was to oppose and reject outright hudud law when PAS first proposed it without fully understanding the issue.

He said detailed discussions on the issue could clear the air.

He also urged all dissenting voices to study the specific proposal and its provisions closely before opening their mouths.

TV3 Nightline showed a press statement from Karpal who claimed that for Hudud to be implemented, the status of country should changed to islamic state. However, since Malaysia is secular (well actually its neither there nor here), implementing Hudud is unconstitutional. Malaysiakini extract below:

PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim’s statement that people should not worry about PAS’ intention to implement hudud laws as it would only be applicable to Muslims, was today called a fallacy by DAP stalwart Karpal Singh.

He said this was because Anwar’s statement was “diametrically opposed to PAS’ avowed aim to turn Malaysia into an Islamic state” which Karpal believes would also mean the indiscriminate implementation of hudud laws.

“This has been PAS’ stand from its inception as is clearly reflected by the statements by former and present leaders of PAS.

“In fact, (PAS spiritual leader) Nik Aziz is on record to have said on Dec 22 last year that PAS would implement hudud laws with or without the support of DAP and PKR,” said Karpal in a statement today.

Both News Straits Times and The Star on Dec 23 reported on Nik Aziz’ persistence that his party would pursue the implementation of hudud laws even without the support of its other Pakatan Rakyat coalition members.

He was also quoted as saying that he could not understand why DAP was rejecting hudud laws when he believed they were similar to western laws.

“In light of this statement, there is a fallacy in Anwar’s assertion that hudud laws would only be applicable to Muslims,” Karpal reasoned.

“The pre-requisite of implementing hudud laws is the setting up of an Islamic state and as such, it is wrong for Anwar to imply that the implementation of hudud laws would not affect everyone including the non-Muslims.

“It is important for Anwar to know exactly what PAS intends to do in calling for the setting up of an Islamic state,” Karpal added.

… Meanwhile, Karpal said PAS president Hadi Awang should clear the air as to whether hudud laws were intended to be made applicable to both Muslims and non-Muslims in the event PAS succeeded in setting up an Islamic state.

“In the public interest, he should do so,” said the veteran DAP leader.

Nevertheless, Karpal reiterated DAP’s stand that the country is not an Islamic state and that the implementation of hudud laws would be “unconstitutional”.

Looks like Pakatan had fallen into BN’s trap.

For me, even though they claim Hudud will be only for muslims, sooner or later it will start to interfere in everybody’s lives. That’s inevitable since the nature of their religion is intrusive (my opinion). As it is, we have lots of problem with syariah laws and implementation by the relevant departments.
Having hudud will mean a death trap of sorts for the rest of malaysians people. Personally, i think even the more liberal muslims will not support it. imagine those famous personalities can’t wear strapless gowns at high class dinners. Muslim college students have to cover up (i still having shock over the way some of them dress at a certain uni in cyberjaya – MAIS officers will have a good time there), mat rempits having their body parts chopped off if found guilty of robbing (ok, i’m over-reacting here!).



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