PAS cannot compromise on its position

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I really can’t see how DAP and PAS can work together. Its still OK now since they are not the ruling coalition. But for how long this will remain status quo? If one cannot compromise, then its left to the other. Would DAP drop its Malaysia for Malaysian idea? Would it accept a middle path of one country two laws?

I don’t like the idea of an Islamic state. Its a bad, bad, idea to run a country according to a specific religion especially when the population is nearly equally divided. It may have been practical 1500 years ago, but not now. The leaders now are not as good as those in the history books. This would only lead to disaster as rights can be usurped, laws can be misinterpreted, rules dictated according to one faction.

Today the Tok Guru is around, so things can still be talked and negotiated. What if later some Taliban-style leaders lead the party? We can easily end up like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, or other Islamic countries that have loads internal problems.

PAS is immovable on its stance, same as DAP on its stance. Both opposite sides of the pole. This is a dead end.

Within Pakatan Rakyat, there is frequent objection to issues like hudud law or the Islamic state. How far is PAS willing to compromise? For example, DAP usually has a different opinion on these issues.

No man can have it easy all the time. Some times we fall ill. Even doctors fall ill. God has created the world this way – there are angels and demons, good and bad, heaven and earth. As Muslims, we live by the teachings of the Prophet. When someone is lazy, we preach about diligence. They then become hard-working. Cowards are told tales of bravery. They become brave. The wayward are taught about the pious (and) become religious.

There is no need (to quarrel). Say what you want, but listen to our reply. Don’t make accusations and (then) when I reply, you don’t listen. Tak boleh! (This won’t do). Islam means you should ask questions. If you don’t understand (our policies), ask.

So you mean that PAS cannot compromise on its position on hudud law and the Islamic state?

How can we compromise? This is our ibadat (religious obligation). If we reject the meaning of Islam, we are rejecting our ibadat. God created man to follow ibadat, which is not restricted to just praying.

So how will PAS go about this? Some younger people in DAP can accept PAS, but veterans like national chairperson Karpal Singh, are more adamant about the party’s secular position.

Tidak apa (It is no big deal). Karpal Singh is someone very senior. Sometimes, when people kacau (agitate) us, we have to look at them first. Sometimes, we look at them at say, ‘Let him be. He is old. Let’s respect him’.

People who speak like Karpal Singh are getting fewer. He is a watak lama (old player).

So Tok Guru, you are willing to talk…

Yes. We can discuss. I like it very much when people ask me questions. If I can answer, I will. If the topic is beyond me, I will ask the person to ask someone else.


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