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As expected, Asojan was named as MIC’s representative, taking over Balakrishnan’s place. He handles Unity, Human Resources, and Science, Technology and Innovation (a bit like Prof Ramasamy).

Ghani includes five new faces in Johor Exco line-up
By : Sim Bak Heng


Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman was sworn-in today as Johor Mentri Besar, together with 10 State Executive Councillors at the Istana Besar here today. The Exco line-up, which includes five new faces, took their oath of service before the Sultan of Johor at 3pm.
The Exco line-up and their respective portfolios are as follows:
Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman: Land Revenue, Administration, Finance, Planning, and Public Infrastructure, and Public Works
Ahmad Zahri Jamil (Sri Medan): Local Government, Housing, Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee;
Zainal Abidin Othman (Endau): Religious Affairs;
Dr Robiah Kosai (Sungai Balang): Women and Family Development, Welfare and Health Committee;
Aziz Kaprawi (Parit Raja): Agriculture and Agro-based Industries;
Tan Kok Hong (Bekok): International Trade and Industry, Energy, Water, Communications and Environment
M. Asojan (Gambir): Unity, Human Resources, Science, Technology and Innovation (New face);
Maulizan Bujang (Tiram): Entrepreneur and Cooperatives Development, Education and Higher Education Committee (New face);
Hoo Seong Chang (Paloh): Tourism and Domestic Trade Committee (New face);
Asiah Ariff (Johor Lama): Rural and Regional Development; and,
Jais Sarday (Mahkota): Sports and Youth Committee.

Speaking to reporters after announcing the line-ups, Abdul Ghani said there was no plan for a deputy Menteri Besar although it is a trend in other states. “There is no long standing tradition to have a deputy MB in Johor. Tuanku (Sultan of Johor) has also revealed to me there is no such a need,” he said. I want the Exco members to reach out to every strata of society and attend to the needs of the people. This is our pledge. There is also a pressing need to work with non-governmental organisations in all fields.”

Abdul Ghani, who is also Johor Barisan Nasional chairman, appealed to all elected Barisan Nasional state assemblymen to hear the needs and requirements of the people in their respective constituencies.”Although we have no state-assemblymen in several seats lost to the Oppositions, I will still send representatives who will act on behalf of me,” he added.



  1. Saminathan Munisamy says:

    M. Asojan is one of the most incompetent candidate in the line up.
    One of the clear evidence is the Kangkar Pulai Tamil School issue.
    He washed his hand off the issue when the PIBG of the school contacted him for his help.
    Johor MIC Youth Chief, S. Ramesh seems to be a capable person, but sad to say the the Kahang ex DUN was not listed in this election.
    Only Samy know why, but source says he was too “active”…he was capable than his boss, KS Bala…
    But too late now, SV also lost the battle.
    Ramesh should think of joining the opposition as the kubu kuat BN sudah pun dibolosi oleh pembangkang.
    It is just matter of time, the opposition will be taking over Johor in the next election.
    Hidup Rakyat

  2. johnandrew says:

    hai mr poobalan…. im andrew again from johor… im soo happy for all the indians that the new party form in malaysia for indians, and im soo much intersted to join togahter with my other youth frends to support and help the party out. could u pls help me by getting the detail where and how to register into the party sir,,, pls do advice me on this matter also pls… thank u … and not forgoten on my previus request to

  3. johnandrew says:

    hai sir.. im soo much happy and glad that ter is a new party form for indians in malaysia… and i belivce that this should be the blessings from god, and my self with a group of my youth fiends are soo much intersted to join the party to support and help the party, we has no knowlage on wer and how to join the party, could u pls help me in this sir… thank u ….andrew john MA