KIMMA refutes PPP statement

November 11th, 2008 by poobalan | View blog reactions Leave a reply »
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I was wondering when KIMMA will issue a response over PPP’s statement that 3000 ex-KIMMA members have joined PPP. Two of them were even given supreme council seats.

KIMMA says only a fraction of 1 percent of its members jumped ship. Well, if KIMMA has 80,000 members as claimed, THAT WOULD MEAN 3.75 PERCENT, not fraction of 1percent.

KIMMA president says the party has not disbanded or merged with others:

“These statements and reports are rejected outright as being unfounded, misleading and baseless. They were obviously (made) with ulterior motives,” said its president Mohd Ali Naina Mohd.

“Kimma has not been disbanded, dissolved or dismembered, nor has it compromised the priciples laid down by its founders by merging with any other political party,” he was quoted as saying by Bernama.

He clarified that an insignificant number of former Kimma members had decided to join a political party but the number did not represent a fraction of one percent of the total membership of Kimma.

Meanwhile, Mohd Ali said Kimma accepted and respected the ex-members’ decision to join another political entity as any democratic party should.

However, he added that the party regarded as mischievous the assumption that its membership could be used to bolster the sagging political influence of certain parties.

Either one or the other is lying. Why is it nowadays we see more leaders lying? Bad upbringing or circumstances?


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