PPP to sack Murugiah

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Looks like his days are numbered –  involvement in money politics, failing to represent the party or cooperating with the leaders and using his position for self promotion.

The executive council of PPP is gunning for Murugiah’s head.  He has only until June 7 to retain his position in the council. After that goodbye to him. According to Kavyeas, more than “90% of members” had called for Murugiah’s sacking because of mounting complaints against him from within and outside the party.

Party president Datuk M. Kayveas said Murugiah’s sacking would be announced after the AGM which is expected to be opened by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

“I’ve advised the executive council members to delay the sacking so that we will not be accused of denying Murugiah a chance to contest in the party elections,” Kayveas said after chairing the executive council meeting here yesterday.

“We are giving him a chance to contest for the presidency or any other position.”

Murugiah is not able to contest in any seat because his PPP branch is de-registered. So, he will be stuck in limbo unless he gets things sorted out soon.

Murugiah has clarified that he is not contesting and challenged the complainants to report to MACC if there is proof of his alleged crimes.

PPP supreme council member Datuk T. Murugiah has challenged critics to report to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission if they have proof he has been bribing party members to nominate him for the party’s top post.

Murugiah, who is also Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, said he was not eyeing the top post, contrary to speculation.

“I am young and happy to be appointed the PPP’s sole representative in the Government, despite being at number nine in the party hierarchy,” he said when met at the Tafe College here yesterday.

Murugiah, 45, said he would continue to support Datuk M. Kayveas as president, describing the latter as an effective leader.

“I want to make it clear that I will not be contesting the presidency. How am I to contest that post when I am not even a vice-president?”

On Thursday, Kayveas, who has been president since 1993, claimed Murugiah was secretly going around the country seeking support for the top post in party polls to be held on June 7.

Kayveas said he had proof that Murugiah, the party’s Youth wing leader for 13 years, had offered money and contracts to win votes from divisions.

To this, Murugiah said: “I am a deputy minister solely in charge of the Public Complaints Bureau. I don’t get projects, the only income I have is as deputy minister.

Murugiah said some of his critics may be unhappy because he was named the most popular Indian politician by an online portal recently.

Murugiah said there was no fallout with Kayveas and that he would explain his side of the story at the party’s supreme council meeting today.

Another report (NST) says:

Former People’s Progressive Party Youth leader Datuk T. Murugiah yesterday strongly denied any intention to contest the party’s top post and refuted allegations of vote-buying.

Murugiah, 45, said he had no intention of going against his boss Datuk M. Kayveas for the president’s post.

“He is a good leader and I don’t see any reason why we need a change. I will continue to give him my support.

“I am still young… still learning the ropes and I’m not ready nor see myself contesting the post in the near future,” he said at a scholarship presentation ceremony at Tafe College, Sikamat, near here.

Kayveas, who took over the presidency in 1993 and retained the post for three consecutive terms, had earlier claimed that Murugiah was planning to challenge him for the top post even after the party’s supreme council had agreed that there shouldn’t be a contest for the top post.

Murugiah, who is a deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, said he would speak to Kayveas over the weekend to clear the air.

“I have not spoken to him yet as I only learnt of the news but I hope we will be able to settle the matter soon.”

On allegations that he was offering money and contracts for divisional votes, Murugiah said he was shocked by the allegation.

“It’s sad that people would think I would resort to such tactics. I am not rich to be able to give out money freely. I am only a civil servant earning my deputy minister’s salary.

“Furthermore, my duty is only with the public complaints bureau in the Prime Minister’s Department. I only receive complaints and not projects. So what kind of project can I give out to people? These are baseless allegations.”

He added that if there was proof to these allegations, a report could be lodged with the police or the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

“I will give my full cooperation to the agencies. I believe the truth will prevail. Until then, I will just have to be patient and continue serving the people.”

Meanwhile, a close aide to Murugiah said jealous PPP members were “poisoning” Kayveas into believing that the former wanted to contest the party’s top post.

“Murugiah did not say or imply he was going to contest for the party’s presidency. He had even explained to Kayveas two weeks ago during the supreme council meeting that he had no intentions of challenging him.”

The source said the party’s top leadership was feeling threatened by Murugiah’s growing popularity among the grassroots, which had sparked rumours among top party members.

“Murugiah was told by former prime minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to be in charge of the Indian community’s affairs and in line with this, the deputy minister had been organising seminars for small and medium enterprises for the Indians.

“Some 2,500 participants comprising mostly PPP members attend each of the seminars. This is worrying the party’s top leadership because even the party’s AGM (annual general meeting) does not draw that many (attendees),” he said.

The source said that it was widely rumoured Kayveas had also mentioned that he wanted to “finish off” Murugiah’s role as a deputy minister and become a minister himself.

Kavyeas takes up this challenge and mentioned that party members would lodge reports with MACC next week. He said one guy who is an aide to Murugiah was already suspended for bribery case. Meanwhile, Murugiah did not turn up for the meeting.

Kayveas said party members would lodge reports with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission next week against Murugiah for money politics.

“We have suspended one of Murugiah’s aides for negotiating money transactions among division and branch leaders, while a division chairman was suspended for receiving a RM74,000 allocation from Murugiah.”

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