NGOs as tools for politics

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Below is information from an unidentified source from MIC, if we are to believe the news by MK.  While its true that many NGOs are sprouting, especially after Nov 2007 and March 2008, I don’t all are as alleged by the source, funded or aligned to the opposition. And if they are, they should clarify which party/leaders fund them. This must also apply to MIC since it also has some “friendly” NGOs aligned to it. You can’t have two sets of rules, can you?

I don’t agree with the campaign for 12 subjects for SPM being tool for opposition. I think if such protests and outbursts were not done, MIC would have been quiet and let the issue fade away. As it is, the problem is still not solved, what more if no one made some noise.

This problem is not limited to Indian parties only. The other parties also have NGOs aligned to them, ready to make noise when needed.

As for me, I think in name of fairness, NGOs office bearer must not be members of any political party. Then we can see how many are actually sincere in community service. And nope, I’m not a member of any political party, nor interested to join any one of them.

Some opposition political parties are using certain Indian NGOs to do their work of opposing or questioning decisions of the government concerning the Indian community, an MIC source said, adding that the party has devised a strategy to counter this.

The source said that of late, several small Indian NGOs have mushroomed, though not registered, and were being backed “silently and financially” by certain Indian opposition figures, including elected representatives.

“They (the NGOs) are being used to instill hatred among certain sections of the Indian community towards the government and BN while the opposition takes a back seat,” it said.

The source cited the Education Ministry’s ruling to cap to 10 the subjects for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination and said a few people calling themselves “Save the 12 SPM Subjects Committee” have inflamed the issue and created confusion as well as hatred towards the government.

It said the opposition realised that there has been “a change of heart” among the Indian community towards the BN since the last general election after several initiatives announced for them by Prime Minister Najib Razak, including a RM100 million allocation for the edevelopment of Tamil schools.

“There is now a swing to the BN by the Indians and the only way for the opposition to reignite their hatred for the BN was to use these NGOs as decoys or a tool.

“They (the opposition) will feed information to these NGOs and finance their activities, including organising forums and protests in community halls and hotels,” the source said.

It said the MIC has been monitoring the activities and the NGO leaders’ background.

“Some of the NGO leaders are members or hold posts in opposition parties but they do not reveal their identities,” it said.

The source said the MIC was mobilising many of its “friendly” Indian NGOs to counter the opposition’s strategy although he admitted that it was “a bit difficult to identify the rogue NGOs”.

“Meetings will be held behind closed doors with these MIC-friendly NGOs soon,” it said, adding that the move was crucial to maintain Indian support for the BN, especially in the next general election.


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